Constitutional Emergency

Mandate For Arabic Language & Culture To Be Taught In [Texas] Public Schools And ...

[Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag was removed from America's classrooms to be replaced with foreign languages and cultures?] 

20 June 2015

The Obama Regime Has Mandated That Arabic Language And Culture Be Taught In Public Schools:  

15 June 2015

The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By U.S. Soldiers (A Muslim Army That Will Slaughter Christians):  

07 May 2015

Globalists Using Muslim Terrorists As Pawns:

PFA Related Discussion: 

08 May 2015 

Is The USA Toast?:  

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If states allow Arabic language and culture to be taught in their schools the people of that state should hold their represenatives responsible. The government has no right to mandate, that's why the 10th amendment nullification process should be used to stop governments overreach. When are state officials going to grow a pair and tell the government to keep the hell
Out of state business? There will be no end to their overreach and userping states authority which outweighs federal authority until the states push back. Until then they show themselves to be the spineless bastards that they are!

23 June 2015

Houston District Opens "Arabic Immersion School" To Create "Global Citizens.":  

Time for impeachment.."does his kids get taught this, oh, never mind?

Barrack Obama and his pals are very sick and twisted..This is EVIL working its way into AMERICA..WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE MEDIA...SORRY BUT I FIND THIS HARD TO BELIEVE IN TEXAS...



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