I'm seriously considering attending the rally in Michigan........at some point we need to put boots on the ground. This could be a catalyst that reverberrates across the nation. Friends have had attorney's arguing the case before the Michigan Supreme Court.
Would you please send the message out to your email list, encouraging patriots to consider attending the rally in Michigan.
God bless our nation......we need Him now.

MSC Oral Arguments Special Session
The TNALC arguments against Governor Whitmer and her unconstitutional COVID rules were made in an over 3 hour oral arguments hearing this morning!
Essentially, the lawyers making the TNALC arguments did FANTASTIC, especially Katherine Henry.... and, the Governors lawyers could only argue that the Governor has unbridled dictatorial powers and neither the courts, the people or the legislature have any control over it.
Now, as the Michigan Supreme Court deliberates, the People of Michigan and EVERY OTHER STATE need to get behind these massive undertakings right away!
If you want these fights to be made and be successful, then JOIN US IN THESE EFFORTS. What we are doing in Michigan as our starting point, should be done in every state, right away.
It's OFFICIAL... On August 31st, Michigan citizens signed and sent CEASE & DESIST DEMANDS to Gov. Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Gilchrist.
NOW - We are joining with other groups across Michigan for a FREEDOM RALLY on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol at NOON on SEPTEMBER 29th in support of freedom and liberty for all and the TNALC CEASE & DESIST LETTER delivered to Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Attorney General William Barr this week!
HERE IS THE FINAL MICHIGAN CEASE & DESIST DEMAND and citizens across Michigan are signing it, as their elected officials have once again, failed them!
It's IMPORTANT that everyone sign the exact same form due to critical legal structuring of the document.
A copy of your signed Cease & Desist Demand letters should be mailed to:
ATTN: Attorney General William Barr
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C. 20530-0001

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Thanks for the information, not able to attend the rally, but will forward the message.  Truly hope that each State and all County government citizens initiate the same plans of action before the 2020 Election. 

Continue gathering your food and survival supply/preps, especially extra water. 

Additional links, FYI ~ 

 "Woman Serves Palm Beach County, Florida Government For Treason": 


{F-bomb alert}

"Do Not Send Your Children Back To School, Schools Are Not A Safe Place For Children Anymore": 


"A Coup In The Making": 


Please review, bookmark, and forward this link: 

"Continuity Of Government - 2020": 


The worst thing Americans ever did was elect Barack Obama president, not once but twice. We will undoubtedly pay for that mistake for many decades to come. Perhaps much longer than that. We now are beginning to realize the corruption he brought to our wonderful country. His orchestrated corruption which nearly destroyed this nation, and still may, and yet many so called democrats still cannot see his destructive practices. The followers at his meeting just five days before he took office cheered wildly when he announced his fundamental transformation plan for America. Not one person within that group asked transformation into what? They just cheered wildly at such a thought! Then, in his very next breath he also promised a federal police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US military. I did not hear any questions about that as well. Did you?

Why was such a police force going to be needed? Could it have been because that transformation was going to be into a socialist communist country and he knew that would take force to put in place here in the United States of America? So in essence the duties of such a police force would consist of the same duties as those of the German Brown Shirts who secured Adolph Hitler’s power in 1930's in Germany.

However, Obama taught the democrats a lesson that day. By not explaining either promise which could have cost him followers (votes) he did not explain either and so all his followers put in place their own definition and everyone was happy with it. No discontent what-so-ever! Amazingly even today!

Just because Obama is now out of office does not mean in any way his fundamental transformation is not the goal of these communist now posing as democrats. Their intention is to destroy the constitution, our economic system (free enterprise) and installing a socialist government. Either communist, marxist or fascist!

So far this coup d’etat has been nearly bloodless however that will soon end. The United States of America is an armed nation and no one knows for sure what would or will happen should millions of citizens organize into a well regulated militia as the second amendment states. However, in any case we, the armed citizens of the United States of America, must put down this attempted coup d’etat. At this particular time it appears war is inevitable.

Why would the Democrats pick a looser like Joe Biden?

The Presidential elections are now only 50 days away. Both the republican and Democratic conventions have selected their nominees. It’s Trump versus Joe Biden.
Donald Trump is still very popular among his supporters even though there are hundreds of people, including some in our own government, that hate him.
Joe Biden on the other hand has already been in Congress and as Vice President for 50 years and he’s accomplished virtually nothing for the American people. Biden is on the verge of being senile and many times can’t even remember where he is or what race he is running for. Kamala Harris came in dead last in the Democrats polling and dropped out of the race early only to turn her support over to Joe Biden.
So why would the Democrats pick these two losers to run for President against Donald Trump?

Because it doesn’t matter. Remember not long ago when Barack Obama told Joe, “You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t”? Obama wasn’t kidding, he wasn’t trying to be funny. It really doesn’t matter. And Joe Biden doesn’t even have to win. The Democrats could have just as easily picked Daffy Duck and Mini Mouse and they will still get what they want.
All they have to do is throw the November elections into a state of confusion, a state of question as to who actually won.
If there is no clear winner by the end of November then the elections will be decided by the Congress. By forcing the States into using Vote-by-Mail, mail in ballots, the Democrats, (Communists) will claim there can not be any clear winner until all ballots are counted. And everyone knows that will never happen. Instead there will be a never-ending stream of law suites and challenges one right on top of another.
President Donald J. Trump’s first term in office ends on January 20th, 2021 no matter what happens in November 2020. If he is reelected then he will be sworn in again. But if the election is contested, (which it will be), then it goes to the new congress to decide who will be the President and Vice President.

If the new congress goes to the Democrats then we could very easily end up with Nancy Pelosi or even Hillary Clinton as President. And YES, they could select Joe Biden or Kamala Harris if they decided too.

And also remember that the new Congress is also being elected by those same mail-in ballots.

It’s just like Obama said, “You don’t have to do this Joe – you really don't”.

I keep hoping I'm wrong on these things but the more I see and read the worse things appear.
My question is HOW many people are actually behind all this?
We know George Soros and his clan are helping to fund it all. And we know Barack Obama and Valarie Jerrett and Van Jones are devout Communists. We know the American Communist party is behind it.
But that only accounts for around 5,000 people or less.
ANTIFA and BLM have a well organized Army but they are all too stupid to start and pull off something like this.
So who in the hell is behind this?

Yes we know China and Russia are helping push it, but there has to be a small group of coordinators and organizers that have come up with this plan and are driving it.

Who and where are they?

OMG. So glad someone is doing something. So many "patriots" are simply sitting on their hands hoping others will pull the irons out of the fire for them. Tedious. I formed a local Patriot Assembly in Rochester NY, an activist conservative tri-county assembly of genuine patriots committed to an activist agenda. The primary mission is to provide mutual support and assistance (and all that may entail) to all members, their families and businesses. Unfortunately, we are gearing up for local initiatives and cannot possibly make it to Michigan. Will monitor developments on your end and wish you every success. I remember meeting you at the flag poles on the Mall in DC during our demonstration. You may recall I sent you a cy of my book. All the best. sir. 

Jim, I'm glad to hear you are getting a group together.
Something we should all be working on.
Also thanks for being up there in DC with us. I wish that OAS had succeeded perhaps we could have avoided all this mess we're seeing now if Obama had been removed back then.
I've got some contacts up in NY State, but not in your area.
I've sent you a message with his email and name in it. This guy is in Eastern part of the state, but well worth knowing.

Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet him some day. Again, good luck with Michigan action. All the best.

I got the msg from Col Riely and sorry I cannot go to MI .  I agree it is time we put boots on the ground.  Time we the people opened our private businesses; got bk to work and told off the officials we elected.  Time to let them know WE VOTE FOR THEM AND CAN UN-ELECT THEM.  THEY DO NOT ELECT US.

The war against America is and has been on since Obama got elected and now the hate toward Trump and his supporters is just vile and disgraceful and the hate toward America is well disgusting.  To say the least.

I know all on this site are in this and we must make it clear we too wont' stop to save the nation.

Time we stand up and be heard.  Let me know if there are closer events.



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