Constitutional Emergency

MILITARY HEALTH CARE AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS are on the table in Obama's $4.4 trillion deficit reduction plan


Thanks to Iggymom for this:


MILITARY HEALTH CARE AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS are on the table in Obama's $4.4 trillion deficit reduction plan, which calls for a commission to examine the current retirement system, TRICARE annual fees for retirees and a restructuring of copayments. You can see the plan here:

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It figures he would want to cut our military who have put their lives on the line, while the deadbeats on welfare remain untouched.  Go figure.

yep same old shit screw the military! obama has to go before we lose our whole country! hey obama what happended to that billions dollars that whent to that f---ing solor co. ?     steve   c. usn ret.


As Greg says, not mincing any words; plain and simple, BHO is the Enemy.  How many people in a population are willing to admit that.  Before Hitler really got rolling; miraculously some 100, 000 Jews escaped.  I believe some 450,000 were sent to their deaths in the ovens.  We are the klaxon and the warning bell in this population; but it doesn't seem like advanced, instant and widespread communication overcomes our apparent inherant defects as a specie.  I'll keep praying and trying to remember that FAITH Without WORKS is DEAD.
Well said.
BO is our mortal enemy. When is everyone going to wake up?
i am in the military and it pisses me off that Congress would(excuse the cussing) F*** us like that
We all know if BHO would allow a snail darter to live while strangling the "Jolly Green Giant" , if he'd regulate our gardens, our vitamins and pharmeceuticals, allow businesses to sell hallal meat; none of which are beneficial for our health why would he do anything else that would be out of step with his plan to destroy the health of Our Constitutional Republic. We the veterans are the very most "Illegal Aliens" in his scheme of hope and change.  The mask is off long before another Halloween; he is a Proud Prince of Predators and Parasites.

This is oh so simple - BO is a plant for sorry excuse for a human Soros and his plan to undo our Constitution.


When are enough going to wake up - he's admitted it publicly many times.


And, he's supported by all the leftovers from WWII that are still pissed.


   I fully agree.   I am amazed that there are not thousands in the streets right now raising hell.   But, I don't see any of that.   Where are the patriots? 

Sandy, self control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. I'm not talking lack of action from fear. We have A LOT of people asking for wisdom daily.


If we take to the streets there is no going back. The left is enticing us to start something. Do not!!!


Instead, let's be like the men of God of old and totally outsmart them at their own game.

What makes you think I do not?


Practically wrestled a guy to the ground today... ;-) REALLY


Hmmm. Just realized some here may think I was talking about them. Not at all. Spoke in frustration due to meeting so many in my travels who have no clue.


Be very sure - I badger them.

     Even after Russia crashed, they still took care of their military folks better than this rogue government is. 

     When I was in the military, we understood that our health care would be free for life.   They started backing off on that promise years ago.   Now, our service is appreciated less, and less, and less as shown by the gov's neglect to take care of those responsible for preserving the existence of this country.   All I can to that is,  let the government crash.   We don't need this kind of "government";  a government of predators, preying on their own.  I guess we too are "collateral damage".  



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