Constitutional Emergency

    Has anyone seen this and where can it be found.

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It's at Amazon online:

Behold A Pale Horse, America's Last Chance Part One 

4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (19 customer reviews)

Looming world government, a world "elite", the United Nations...loss of American Sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on a hill" dims. Dissecting America under judgement, country music legend Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated explains The New World Order, with Biblical perspective. We were born for such ...
  • Starring: Charlie Daniels
  • Directed by: Chuck Untersee
  • Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
  • Studio: Unavailable


   The over 2 hour book online. read by the author William cooper

Charlie Daniels.........



The information was sent to me over a month and a half ago about this film Behold A Pale Horse.. At that time they were seeking a Distributor (I think) as well as funds. I was hoping it would get out and voters could see it before the elections but it didn't happen. This is just a trailer is the film now available? Will it be shown in theaters ?


     You know this has already happened, Katrina truth, but most people have their heads in the sand, and you know what is exposed in the air then....... a big fat kick and you are gone. I couldn't believe 4 big honking cops/etc knocking that little old lady to the floor and giving her a black eye....... she should have sued them....  

Thanks Milt. I heard about the Katrina gun grab before but never saw this one. This video is an absolute must see for everyone. It's coming again. I copied the video url to send to everyone on my list and I hope others here do the same. Some sheeple are slowly waking up and need to see this!

I purchased the video, it is pretty good.  Just google the title with Charlie Daniels after and it will bring you to the site to purchase the DVD.


Behold a Pale Horse, America's Last Chance (2012) starring Charlie Daniels, et. al.

$19.95 + shipping



Posted by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole

The Constitution of These United States Of America: "The united States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a "{REPUBLICAN}" form off Government................" Article IV Section 4. The rejection of our Christian Constitutional Republic, and placing a Democracy in its place; has led to National Suicide! The dictatorship of the majority rules under the Obama administration. Unless the Churches of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ""{{REPENT}}"" "the home of the Brave-Free" shall cease to exist. II Chronicles 7 : 14


After the trailer you should have parused the YouTube board for this one:

It is applicable to what we've been talking about on about three concurrent Forums here the past two days......with regards to survival, gun grab, and Militias. It also links to an earlier posting from Twana about Troops training for domestic insurrections. Personally, I thought a 2 Million Man Jerico March around the Capitol would "WAKE UP" (sorry Twana) Congress......after viewing this......I don't see that as a viable option.......especially with this Administration.

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Thanks for posting,led to a good search.Sounds like it has a lot to do with Agenda 21.

I found this in my search and am listing to it now.

Joel Skousen August 16 2012 World Affairs Brief with Dr. Stan Monteith

Laern all you can about Agenda 21.

There is a FB page to start with.Expose Agenda 21


My question is ? NO ! I agree but have we let it go to far already ? I never thought w would have the same president for 4 more years .


Thomas Jefferson said it is healty for this country to have a revolution every few years to matain the Republic ! SO I wonder what do we do now if we want to ?


Dwight Bearden Vet Sgt. USMC !



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