Constitutional Emergency

The folly of a bomb here, a bomb there, dealing with a barbaric, blood-thirsty bunch of Islamic State (ISIS) cave dwellers that have overtaken large portions of Syria and Iraq? Nothing short of massive, widespread, destruction and elimination of ISIS forces is acceptable. Can it be that America still does not see through the empty suit in the White House?

Barack Obama has no personal appreciation of the threat the blood-thirsty ISIS butchers represent(or does he?), he is surrounded with civilian advisers that could care less about human life or stability “over there”, is oblivious to the threat posed to the entire Middle East, and military advisers that are sold out to the political security of “yes” regardless of the impact on reality, to include the threat to the United States of America.

The ISIS distraction should be the straw that breaks the back of the Obama Administration.  Obama has been able to survive Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals, attacks on first amendment rights of conservative groups, NSA treachery reading every piece of personal communication, economic debt, lawlessness against the US Constitution, Ukrainian debacle, vacationing and golf during major crisis conditions, on and on. 

However, ISIS reflects the savagery of animalistic carnage which will cause the world, even though the U.S. Congress won’t, to rise up against the Obama Administration “pin pricks”, and call for drastic changes in the United States behavior.  Nearly every success attained during in the Iraqi War, through the blood, lives, body parts, family destruction's of American men and women and now lost, should be enough to clearly confirm the incompetence of the Obama Administration and result in Obama’s removal from office.

The drastic change, because U.S constitutional government oversight by “three equal branches of government “has broken down, may come in the form of a military coup to force the Obama Administration to pursue drastic, massive action against the ISIS threat…or force Obama’s resignation to regain some measure of credibility and stability in the US government, a call which is not new, and is supported by low performance poll numbers based on a continual string of failures.

It’s beyond discussion, the puppet strings of Obama must be cut now, before America destructs.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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The Jews are no worse than any other culture/race.   All have their evil and all have their good.   Satan has no particular interest in what color a man's skin is, nor his ancestry.   He just wishes to impose his will on those who are weak of moral spirit.  

Why are we attacking the Jews all of a sudden?  Its probably the Americanized Jew, the Hollywood crazies...:O)   Many of us lose our way.. but back on topic please.

Did someone's comments get deleted? I ask because of rocquedog suddenly bringing 'Jews' into this particular conversation. It would be sad if any of the good people here on this forum blame Jews for the worlds problems. I personally support the Jewish people and their right to exist peacefully in their homeland. Here's hoping more of you share the same attitude.

I will bless those that  bless you, and curse those that curse you, and in you ALL NATIONS shall be blessed. Genesis 12:3...  And, speaking of the ACLJ....Jay Sekulow is a messianic Jew!

What is the importance of knowing that Jay Sekulow is a Messianic Jew?

Debrajoe,   the importance is in the last sentence of Genesis 12:3. ....and in you ALL NATIONS shall be blessed.  The LORD blessed all families of the earth, with His people, including Jay!

They are the best Doctor's, Laywers, Scientists, Technology, etc. 

The LORD is using Jay in a miraculous way, for all our benefit, fighting in the courts, for us.


Because it is still yet another sign of the times when Jews are returning to the true Messiah: you know that Truth is found in him!

My understanding is that Messianic Jews are those who believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah spoken of in their literature.  Other Jews believe the Messiah is still to come.  Other than that, I'm not sure what the difference is, if any.  Actually, I'm not sure what the difference is between Messianic Jews and Christians.

A Messianic Jew is a Christian!!!!    Jews do believe their messiah is still to come....they are not messianic Jews!  But, the "end times" is revealing/will reveal TO THEM who their true messiah really is!!!  So, the difference is prophecy according to the Bible is being fulfilled!  Hope this helps! :)


I think you are both right. I see both Jews and Christians doing the same thing, but as LadyFloridaCracker says, more Christians do this than Jews. For me I am a Jew who has met Messiah. He actually found me. It's a real long story. In Romans 11 you will see that All Israel will be saved~ It's very hard for a Jew to believe as we are told not to. Most of history speaks of Jews being slaughtered by Christians, Romans etc. Example, Hitler and the Roman Church at that time said they conquered in the name of JC. We are taught that the NT is a book of lies, and that is why Jews have such a difficult time believing, but when the time is right that will all change. His root will be restored~

Yes David.........the post rocquedog responded to is gone...............

Good catch. Col.   I was starting to wonder if that 2nd. glass of wine had put me over the top and imagined what I thought that I read and responded to!!!  



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