Hello OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING...........another glaring example of why an OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is so critical to the longevity of the United States...........

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Hi Harry,  Im one of the 40% of Independents youve read about in the polls.  I was a straight Democrat until I found out what a crook Obama was and about the NSA. On another website, a writer claimed Progressives were the enemy because more Middle Republicans became Independents than Progressives.  A stupid lie. The fact is that Progressives have made huge money contributions to Libertarian presidential candidates and have signed thousands of Libertarian petitions.  Why would they do that? Its because Democratic organizations arent fighting so Libertarian causes are the only game in town.

    Last December, MoveOn issued an invitation to a protest in Beverly Hills at a fund raiser attended by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. What is interesting about that is that MoveOn is a Progressive organization with 8 million members.  MoveOns top leadership are Obama yes men, but the members are completely different, and now they have very little control over what their members are doing.

    You need to court these people every way you can think of.  Ads in Progressive magazines, articles in Progressive websites.

    My daughter and son-in-law are bleeding heart liberals and even they are exchanging Libertarian articles. They are never going to vote Libertarian, but they have a lot of money and can sign lots of petitions. The fact is that hatred of Liars, Crooks, and Thieves is very very very bipartisan

Thank you Catherine McCoy , this only proves my point , you are not stupid just deceived !

Is this really what we want ? Is it not their agenda to move all to the cities so they can be more controlled ? easier to round up and corral !

...."We have begun redeploying returning veterans and unemployed civilians to US cities, while coordinating with city, state and federal governments to create good jobs providing local, fresh food, reduced energy waste and pollution, improved wellness and rebuild infrastructure."... Dylan Ratigan

Ratigan is trying to put his money where his mouth is in a personal life mission to help vets deal with reintegration into society. I do not have the courage to personally critique his mission. But, you may raise an important issue of core focus of American Spring. Many good points are being made here. But the root of the problem is we are entrapped and victims of a shadow government run by powers we are afraid to discuss in public, and until we do start to address the shadow government publicly, most efforts towards change in the direction of freedom, liberty, prosperity, and peace will always be derailed as we lamely flounder around looking for what to correct. All these things matter, they are all good ideas we are putting forward in American Spring movement, but we are not reaching the root. The root is "Shadow Government run by secret societies".  Ratigan I think refers to this in his rant (that I seem to prefer to refer to as a "good speech" delivered with unquestioned conviction).

Ghettos, mass transit, are at the top of agenda 21 list of things to accomplice. Good call Johnny.

We need to move all out of the cities and leave the leeches there to suffer their fate , warn the vets to not go !!!!!!!!

WHY! Should the vets not go!

Why can't they just be sent home?

Because it complies with "their" agenda ! 

What Agenda is that?

The U.N.'s agenda 21.

Johnny is warning the vets not to go to DC. Do you think that they want the Vets to go so they can start an incident which leads to DC Cops shooting at the crowd?

If we take that attitude then nothing will get done. Did the Colonists worry what would happen by their actions. No they didn't. They had reached the point where the consequences of NOT standing their ground outweighed the Consequences of standing their ground. We are at that point now.

If the threat of violence is enough to deter people from protesting. To demand their individual rights and FREEDOM be restored, then maybe we all deserve to live as SLAVES to this Communist Government.



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