Hello OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING...........another glaring example of why an OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is so critical to the longevity of the United States...........

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No wrong ! I did not say that at all ! You know what they say about assuming ?

I was referring to the fact that this man is trying to get all the vets to relocate to the inner city when that is exactly what the lefts agenda is all about ! If you had read all my post you would have seen that ! My attitude is someone needs to get rid of that bast*rd no matter what it takes ! Do not question my ethics or my intelligence ! I have the flu so pick on someone else cause I am in a tell it like it is frame of mind !


I just joined this discussion and read that comment  and thought you meant the vets going to this March since Operation Spring is about that. My Bad!

This government would like to get everyone into the cities so they can lock them all down. You can lock down a city while the people are sleeping. Very Easy. That's why all these helicopter drills over our major cities the last 2 years.

I don't know why you thought I was questioning your ethics or intelligence. I don't know you. I was just replying to your comment and I explained that in the beginning of this post.

That said I hope you feel better!

Hell , now "I" am arguing with idiots ! Sorry guys but ............thank you Van !

First of all there is no argument. Second before calling someone an idiot look in the mirror.

God Bless you Dylan.  You have the problem right on the head.  Could not have said it any better myself.   I have said over and over again, FIRE THEM ALL AND REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE, NOW.   The only problem we have is that the current president will never go along with your rhetoric.   It is not in his capacity as a human to think in these terms.   He is being led by an Islamic homosystic group of people in his cabinet and mainly Chief of Staff, that your ideas will not ever win without complete removal of the members of the current administration and Congress in power.   THEY ALL HAVE TO GO. 

Dylan, this is the greatest dialogue I have ever heard form the MSM or Patriotic Americans.    When will you run for office.  Better yet, why don't we conscript you in on May 17th. 

Everyone including returning veterans who are unemployed there is a product offered by a Company that is Launching in January. This product enables you to let go of the past and to reprogram your mind for a better YOU! It will improve your confidence, relationships and at the same time enable you to let go of the past which holds all of us back from achieving our goals and dreams. One of the Founders of this Company Jim Britt was Tony Robbins mentor for his first 5 years. Jim was also a partner of Jim Rohn. If you don't know of these people Google them.

The other Founder of the Company is Jim Lutes. He is a Master Hypnotist and Expert on Reprogramming the Mind and Subconscious in order to let go of past negative experiences.

I read about returning Veterans NOT getting the help they need from our Government. They are left to deal with memories and PTSD on their own. My father was a WW2 Vet and I saw what the effects of War did to him.

If you go to this site  and enter your name and email address I will send you information regarding the Company and Business and also send you a sample of the programs. Jim Britt's "Letting Go" and Jim Lutes " You are Confident" These are just a sampling, the tip of the iceberg so to speak. If this helps just 1 vet or person who is struggling with being Unemployed and/or going through tough emotional times then this post will have done it's job.

If this post offends anyone I apologize for that.


Is this "reprograming" mandatory ? Is FEMA involved?

Van, this has nothing to do with the Government or FEMMA...I'm a full 100% Constitutionalist. All you have to do is click on the link. There is a 6 minute video you can view. If it sounds good then just enter your name and email and Ill send you samplings of the Programs. Sometimes due to the Political climate that we are going through we and myself included tend to get a little paranoid. Paranoia is an emotion that stunts personal growth. If we think Everything is a plot by the Government then THEY have won. Please it's free to check out.

The less we orient Operation American Spring movement with Veterans, the more we orient the movement with a broad and diverse mainstream America, the greater will be the impact on politicians we are trying to influence. 

Rich, I agree. This march is for ALL Citizens. But it's good to have the backing of the Military also.

Vet's portrayed as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore will marginalize the effort and create another encampment scenario that will end up doing something nice for Vets but miss the entire root of dealing with the real problem... a shadow government run by secret societies and a locked in place corporatized congress. I don't think we alienate the military by de-emphasizing the top-down organizational structure of Operational American Spring and emphasize the bottom-up, broad based diversity. In fact I would think the "military" would prefer we de-emphasize the vets and the great number of veterans piling into this organization (myself included).

Agree Rich......we are indeed speaking across the spectrum of American patriots......we leave no one out.  I think every patriot expects are military veterans to be a large measure as a stable, reliable, trustworthy, and determined element of our efforts....which gives us all encouragement to "move to action".  But, we must have every patriot in single group can make happen what we desire happen..........



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