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I need to know who all in (your state here) knows the true condition of our country... speaking specifically about being through with all things DC and I don't even think states governments truly know the fall our country is in. I'm looking for leaders. There is a team that will vet leaders out of folks who step forward. We will do our very best to give you great leaders that will lead your state and counties in the right and productive ways and not waste your time, resources and energies. If you are interested, please let me know. We also would like to do face to face meetings with those of you who want to be leaders.

Basically I'm looking for folks that are prepping, and training in survival combat and emergency first aide, and the such. What I am wanting for PFA is to build teams of folks in your communities. Every PFA members job right now is to recruit in your offline communities. It will be a plus for you to let them know we won't flood them with fund raising nor will we waste their time on here with works that won't work.

There will still be news posted on here but that is not the main focus.  I'm also not interested in all the rallies that folks are attending. We've done the rallies, that work should be done! It's time to go inside to meetings with those in elected and appointed offices in your counties and states NOT DC. That is the 'group crowds' I'm wanting. The other is just talking with the choir, patting each other on the back and holding signs with bumper sticker slogans on them....YOUR legislators don't care! They don't have to deal with rally

What I am not looking for are folks who will electioneer and call, fax, email DC even though they know it's a waste of valuable time. I'm not looking for folks who will busy themselves with unproductive works. There are other groups those folks can go to for that work. But it's not going to be done here anymore.

Remember I am looking for you to also recruit in your communities....not online, usually online folks brought in are in many other different groups already and they are pushing works that do not work. I'm tired of having to constantly counter with those type folks. It's a waste of my/our time.


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I hear what you are saying and would love to connect with you face to face.  I will contact Twana to get your contact info later this week.

Let me modify my response a bit...actually, I have been told that I am a great leader....but demanding of total commitment and integrity.  I am just leery of volunteering for leadership positions, since it frequently involves huge hassles.  However, with that said, I will step up and volunteer for a leadership position in my state since apparently, nobody else has done so.  I have been watching the situation and prepping for many years....I'm not military in any way shape or form, so will need to join with a military person for defense training purposes. 

But....I'm logical, clear-headed, unafraid, not easily intimidated, able to think quickly on my feet, knowledgeable in my local county politics, topography and press-related communications. I am fair, intolerant of self-induced stupidity....but will be compassionate to those who really need help. I just don't like syncophants....been there, done that for too long.  My husband, son and I have all the skills we need to survive on our own, however we live in a small town close neighborhood with libtard neighbors, we are working on getting out permanently, but until we do so,  need to connect with others further out of town who share our concerns and are making similar preparations.  I share the understanding that we need small bands of likeminded souls to work towards our goals.

Let me know the qualities you need in a leader and if you see them in me, I'm happy to move forward in a leadership position.


No offence ! But finally a Thread not about impeaching Obama . One that should resinate through the hearts minds and souls of the real boots on the ground of the New Amercia and we got to have our current Military leaders on our side or we will never be able to form the New Amercia .


Finally a thread that address medical supplies and the need for trauma Docs !


Well done !

I know a Patriot/Vet that I went to school with in LaPorte who would probably be interested. He is active on FB, has been for awhile educating people.

Good article.  I'm in for as far as I am able to do.  At 73 I don't think I will be of much use in hand to hand combat, but I can do supportive tasks to alleviate the burden of leaders in my area.

I live way out of town and have been prepping since I got here.  The very fact that I have moved to this location, up in the foothills of Apalachia is a committment to that.  I stock staples in my spare room and try to rotate my stock.

I can start hanging around the courthouse and see who the movers and shakers are and I already have a good rapport with several workers there.  I may just have to go and sit in the back row at some of the court sessions to see what is going down and how it is being handled and to get a good feel for local government's attitude.

If you can suggest other things, let me know.


Attend your town council and/or county commissioner meetings! Get to know your local sheriff! There's many out and around that won't announce their politics on-line, but are just as determined as we are, just don't have the answers yet. You can help them!

OOPS............ I forgot to add a few of my skills which are mostly clerical and accounting as I worked for Federal Civil Service for 20 years  at Military Disbursing, also, for Public Works on base doing the initial paperwork to submit to the Planners and Estimator Board for fundable estimates and engineering services.  ( a little teletype for minor work authorizations out to outlying PWC repair shops at 3 outlying fields as well as main shop.)   

Another stint at PWC telephone/communications office writing up standard contract/requests for AT&T and Southern Bell services, as well as general office work.

Hotel experience as Front Desk Clerk doing check-ins and some billing.

Eight years experience with accounting and clerical billing for DeCA (commissary store) overseeing 8 store clerks who managed all electronic input for billing, sales, and subsidiary accts. and monthly   statements (auditing) and end of year closeout of store books.

Doesn't sound like much, does it? 

I am in the northern Alabama area and sit between two counties..can access both county seats.


My goodness.  All of you sound ready.  I can't hold a candle to many of the credentials here. Bravo to all of you!!!  Kinda looks like I have lots to learn. Crap!! I'm behind already.   

I am not leader material, so I will be a "waterboy" on the team.


I'm in.  retired law enforcement middle Tennessee      615-545-6586

I would like to help. Not sure what I could do, but willing to try.




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