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Friday, 13 March 2015


Ha Long Bay, Northern Vietnam.  This place is so spectacularly beautiful there's no wonder why it's a World Heritage Site.  

Americans are welcome now in Vietnam, where so many people speak English because it's required to learn it in school as a second language.  Vietnamese have embraced capitalism with a vengeance, even while they are ruled by the same Commie Party we fought in the 60s, the Hammer & Sickle flies everywhere and Ho Chi Minh is pictured on their currency.

The days of America being Hanoi's enemy are long gone.  China is the enemy today as it has been for over two thousand years of Vietnamese history, against which Hanoi needs America as an ally.  The tides of history ebb and flow.  America's greatest enemy today is not external but within.

A far more mortal danger to our country than Putin Russia, Chicom China, or Reconquista Mexico is a Hate America White House with the clear goal of creating a Fascist America.  

Government control of all of our major institutions and industries is taking place right before our eyes in broad daylight.  If we have any chance of reversing it, we must begin by identifying exactly what is going on.  The first step is to call what is going on by its accurate name:  fascism.

The Left loves to use the term as a pejorative sneer for anything lefties don't like.  But as an economic theory it has a specific meaning.  

Socialism is government ownership of businesses and industries, with everyone in the economy - workers, managers, executives - being an employee of the State.  In Castro's Cuba until recently, even shoeshine boys had to belong to a state cooperative.

Fascism, by contrast and far more dishonestly, is government control of ostensibly private business and industry, the owners and executives of which can do nothing without bureaucratic regulatory approval.  This is the economy Zero is determined to achieve.  He is doing so with astonishing rapidity - and with Chicago gangsterism and corrupt thuggishness, hallmarks of any fascist regime.

So rapid and thuggishly thorough it leaves the Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt School's "march through the institutions" - both economic and cultural - of the 20th century in the dust.  It is a 21st century blitzkrieg of fascism. Let's itemize it.

*Healthcare.  This is the most obvious.  Obamacare is a fascist federal takeover of the entire scope of health and medical care in the US, from insurance to hospitals to physicians.

*Banking.  Less obvious is the extent to which the Dodd-Frank Act, named after two of the most corrupt crooks ever in Congress, gives federal regulators unlimited arbitrary control over the entire banking industry in the US.

*Communications.  The recent ruling of the FCC now makes the Internet a federally regulated utility, giving Zero's bureaucrats unlimited power for stifling innovation, competition, and websites they disapprove of.  Add to this, of course, Zero's NSA that has unlimited power to spy on the private communications of all Americans. 

*Energy.  The excuse of imaginary man-made global warming as a rationale for Climate Fascism to control energy production has so far failed - thanks to fracking and global cooling.  But not for lack of trying, as climate fascists become ever more hysterical in their demands and hatred for anyone who denies their lies.

*Education.  Common Core is the Department of Education's takeover of local and state education on steroids.  There is no constitutional authority for the very existence of the federal Education Department, much less its Anti-American history propaganda of Common Core or Mrs. Zero's fascist school lunch starvation program.

*Defense.  The combination of the homosexualization of the military, massive defense cuts, and the promotion of officers who are merely politically correct bureaucrats in uniform is reducing the Pentagon to Zero's Poodle.

Add to this the treating allies like Israel with contempt, the refusal to defend America from Moslem barbarianism, and helping Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

*Family and Culture.  Homofascism, same-sex "marriage" now morphing to homopolygamy, the unceasing attempts to racially divide America and demonize whites as racist (witness Zero's latest: "Slaves built the White House").

*Economy and Unemployment.  Crony capitalism, mass unemployment and disability payments to gain mass dependency on government welfare.  People dependent on you vote for you.

*Justice and the Rule of Law.  Two words define the most corrupt federal justice system in US history:  Eric Holder.  Add to this Zero's blizzard of unconstitutional edicts (Executive Orders and Memorandums), and the blackmailing of Chief Justice John Roberts (and how many other judges?) to rule as demanded.

*Democracy.  The purpose of Zero's Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is to enable them to illegally vote to place Democrats in permanent power.

Put this all together, and you see it is a fully comprehensive across-the-board plan to create a Fascist America.  The only way to stop it is to start pulling it out by the roots.

E.g., Dodd-Frank and Obamacare must be repealed, FCC net neutrality reversed, every Zero EO undone, the EPA and the Department of Education must be fully defunded and eliminated, no welfare of any kind for illegals... the list of what must be done is very long. 

None of this can be done, however, without achieving the first priority:  explaining exactly why Zero is a fascist, why Dems are fascist, why the Left is fascist - and refusing to support, donate money to or vote for any Pub politician who won't do so.

Zero, the Dems, the Left's Grievance  Industry, and their propagandists pretending to call themselves "journalists" have got to be put on the defensive.  They have to be labeled for what they in fact are:  fascists advocating smothering (and unconstitutional) national government control over every major business and institution in America.

Thus the most critical issue of our day is Freedom vs. Fascism.  The 2016 contest for Congress and the White House must be framed in this context.  

"Are you for freedom or are you for fascism?" is the question to ask any politician.  "Are you for liberating America's businesses and institutions from Obama's fascist controls or not?"  

Freedom in America is dying, but it is not dead yet.  It can still be rescued and revived - but not unless we correctly diagnose what is killing it.  Only then can radical surgery be performed to remove the cancerous tumor of Obama Fascism causing its impending demise.

Exposing Obama's Plan for a Fascist America is where we must start.  Let's get started.   

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I get an email newsletter called Intellihub. Here is an article from it (hopefully the link comes through) it says that in Texarkana there were military men in combat gear doing an exercise in public view at an airport:


Anybody know anything about this?

This is interesting.. A bit scary!

Is it possible that Obama can declare marshall law right before the new election, to stay in ofice?

Read the same article through BeforeItsNews website - everyone should keep an eye on this website, although with a skeptical mind.  Something apparently may be happening in Russia as well - I posted links to articles regarding the build-up of Russian troops in the Arctic here before; Russian subs have also been seen off the coast of Alaska; many Russians seen in many towns and cities in Alaska as well, including in Wasilla.  There is also an article on BeforeItsNews that states all the Russian personnel have left their embassy in the UK.  Russian tanks are lined up around the Moscow Mayor's office building.  Putin has not been seen in over a week now.  It is possible, however, that this could all be indicative of an internal fight between Putin and the leader of Chechnya (who is Muslim) who supposedly pledged his support to Putin.  However, all Muslims are enjoined to lie, if necessary, to further Islam.  WATCH RUSSIA!  Anyone remember the Muslim-in-Chief telling the Russian President Medvedev (when he thought the mic was off) "I will have more flexibility after the election" in 2012?


Thank you, Paul

You are welcome!  Yes, there is the possibility that martial Law could be declared before the next election...A false flag event will bring it on......Don't put ANYTHING past this administration to usher in a full-fledge Dictatorship...

I can just add. I was just a kid when fascism swept my country. But what I  experienced by myself, was the communism. I do not think about any difference between those two. Anyway, why would US even consider that any presidential order has any value, if there is not even constitutional president? Or is the rule of the law already discarded that anybody can write presidential orders?

Here is a new twist, one that could actually bring an end to O's regime. If this is proven out it is enough to boot his butt out and try him for Treason. Why Treason ? How? Because it's against the US law to interfere with another nation's elections and processes. (Like they haven't done that already ! ) This time the American people are awake, and they like Netanyahu.


It is obvious everyone here is in agreement as to what Obama is and what "he" (administration) is doing. It is therefore not necessary to be any more redundant than is already established. The cry that Obama must go, be impeached, be removed and tried for the traitor he is is clearly understood, so, let's move on to the bigger problem of  finding a way to just do it! It seems old rooster, no matter what crime the Ostupid commits, he continues to get away with it. I may be wrong, but isn't it also a crime to aid and abet a criminal? That makes everyone who has assisted Obozo also guilty and therefore the real issue is WHAT CAN BE DONE, by WHOM and WHEN? No further need to summarize what he has done or is doing, and that is where we are. We need answers not more frivolous debating. Thank you. 

What can be done?  As long as he has a firewall in the DOJ, and as long as boehner and McConnell continue to rubber stamp his agenda, America will continue to be squandered away on enabling the moslem brotherhood, illegal aliens, and Obama family vacations!  There is no traditional remedy to this blight. What must be done then?  We know the answer, I don't need to say it. And we know who must act.  The only question left is when? ASAP

Here's a take on Obama............I believe she nailed it....Dear Black America........ http://www.newswithviews.com/Wasson/donna104.htm



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