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Obama to Shut Down Southern Air Defense Systems: “It Will Be Open Season for Terrorists Flying In With Nukes, Low Altitude Missiles, Or Even Full Scale Invasion of America”


This is huge. Obama has ordered our southern defense systems to be shut down. China is using the exact weapons those systems are meant to stop. War is coming, people.

Kit Lange



Mac Slavo
January 23rd, 2013
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As the U.S. government continues to expand surveillance and monitoring systems to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars within the borders of the United States, a recent announcement regarding the country’s southern air defense systems is raising eyebrows.

Our southern border is, in part, protected by the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS), which utilizes moored balloons hovering at about 15,000 feet to identify low flying aircraft and missiles that may penetrate the border and cross into U.S. airspace.

The system is utilized by the U.S. Air Force, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD),  and U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a number of missions including detection of drug smuggling and preservation of the air sovereignty of the continental United States.

According to Exelis Systems Corporation, the company that built and jointly maintains TARS with the U.S. Air Force, the government has ordered a complete shutdown of Aerostat flight operations:

The government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks.

An Exelis employee close to the TARS project had this to say about the closure of the sites:

“Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas.

These defense radars detect low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders.

Without these defense radars, low flying aircraft will go undetected.

It will be open season for any drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.”

With China actively and openly deploying Russian-made low altitude strategic bombers, designing EMP weapons capable of disabling the country’s power grid infrastructure, and establishing economic zones within the United States, it’s difficult to imagine the motivation behind the move to further weaken U.S. air defenses on the southern border.

If September 11, 2001 was any indication of our air defense capabilities, and considering that any ground invasion of the United States would originate on our southern border, then wouldn’t we want as many early warning systems as possible to be actively protecting our country in these specific areas?

The U.S. government has chosen to shutdown this outward facing surveillance system, and has instead turned the surveillance inward, on the American people.

Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 3,401 people
Date: January 23rd, 2013

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red dawn

There may be a perfectly logical explanation for this that we have NOT been told. I cannot expect this Evil Administration to tell the American people that the weak Prince want to keep disarmed--and divided any thing but LIES more LIES and damned LIES --in short exactly as the Prince ofdarkness has done since the beginning.

listen people, they have made two movies of this........Red Dawn, i believe it's coming

This is the single most frightening thing I've heard of to date.  Turning surveillance inward on us instead of the real crooks and gangs is horrible.  And why the south?  Oh yes, we must change our culture!  Maybe this is how they figure to change our culture.  After all we're for God, guns and country.    Aint gonna happen.

CITIES are the anuses of this country and the numbers in the cities far outnumber the country folk . The country folk hang on to their guns and bibles , The city folk hang on to their EXCITING LIFE of immorality and unatural acts . We who live in the country will have to stop people from cities from running into the country when the SHTF because we can't deal with the numbers trying to escape the world they created by their votes . We got to keep them in the cities or pass them through into REALLY RURAL country like Wyoming or the Dakotas . We can't support them in our small rural towns . WAR IS HELL . Small towns better be organizing militias in a hurry . We got to isolate the cities or we are going to be in DEEP DOODOO .

What you are seeing is a REDIRECTION of ENFORCEMENT (LEO/military assets) from a global posture (military) to enforcement of citizens.  Take away the guns we own and it is easy.  Look for several WACO's to send a message to all gun owners.

We need militias ready to surround and ambush any federal forces or unconstitutional forces trying to take country folks guns . We should be prepared to take them out if it becomes necessary .

He's doing it to make it easy for hundreds maybe thousands of muslim terrorists to move from central , south america and mexico into the US . He's trying very hard to get as many islamist fighters into america as possible during the next four years .

We need to get as many riflemen volunteers as possible to join the border sheriffs as snipers to unquestionably close the border .

Joel, it an't going to take 4 more years, he will have it done by the end of the Summer, if he allows it to go that long. I see a possible "Red Dawn" and execution of "Martial Law" to resist an invasion he masterminded....By the way, he also gets the guns this way too........Staggering on the mind. Bastard thinks he has it made.....they will be pulling my gun from my cold dead hand, if they try.

I am not convinced he will use Martial Law.  This requires calling up the military/reserves/Nat Guard.  Too many right wingers in the fold.

So what will he do?  He has his bases covered in a EO that was published in March of last year IIRC.  It gives Bammy the right to bring in outside civilians!  Who would that be?  Unions, Black Panthers, extreme left wing radicals and ANY ONE he CHOSES...smellin the coffee?

he has his own civilian military remember. as well funded, as strong as our real military...



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