Obama vows to allow America becoming a second-rate military power


Twana Blevins shared a link.


‎"Our smallest ground force since 1940..."   With the failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, popularly known the Congressional "Super C



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What the hell is it going to take to wake up the rest of the people, if we can't wake them up our Republic will be lost.


Obama Is A Fraud!


... Say it over and over... Spread the word to everybody!

This is insanity in regards to the cuts from the defense budget....This is destroying our Military and  THAT is a matter of National Security!

I don't know what it will take, but some of us have been reporting that Obama was turning our Military in to that o

of a 3rd World Nation at least once a month for close to two years. With almost every post I and others have strongly urged everyone to take action if only to create a berrage of E-mail, FAX, etc to every member of the Armed Forces Committees in both Houses, I even provieded the E-Mail address' at times - 


TSGT Clough

.....What cuts are being proposed will weaken our military considerably....Again, this is a matter of national Security and needs to be met with boots on the ground...................

They are out camping in WalMart parking lots to get the next day's bargain now and at home playng with their XBox that mommy bought for them last year.  

Face it Sarge, America has sold itself out in order to feel good and never seriously consider anything or anyone else but themselves.

Those that vote will happily vote for the non citizen Mulatto in the White House...again!!

Our country is gone, my friend.  

It is way too late to fix it now.

It seems to me that we can't wait, somehow we must get our "Speaker of the House" to bring Impeachment proceedings against him NOW. It seems that since he has gotten the job, he has lost his backbone. Everyone knows he has commited several Impeachable Offences. What are they waiting for?

They have to know more than they are telling us, that's for sure...what are they waiting for, is a good question and I don't know if they even know what they are waiting for.  I had great hope in the Speaker of the House, but will he step up and Speak?  I have my doubts

I to thought we had a real leader in the Speaker's office. Then he began to negotiate with the wh and I discovered that OH has nothing to be proud of here. I wonder when that infamous golf game took place, WHAT BOEHNER & CANTOR WERE TOLD!  Whatever it was from that time on, it didn't seem to matter how many phone calls or e-mails they got, they totally ignored them, and even the Tea Party showing up. In some instances we've had representatives claiming their phones were out of order, and shutting down their email servers! It's like they've been told, that they're surrounded by Communists and now they'd better shut up and let the destruction continue or they're going to have their families rounded up!  God alone can get them to move because we can't.


No reason for "foreign" islam to attack US now...

...We've been kept "safe", they (muslims) are shoo-ins for re-election now!

They probably don't have the pin-point accuracy down yet, but DC will let them keep working on it, depend on it!



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