Constitutional Emergency

Obama’s Refusal To Acknowledge Threat Of Radical Islam
By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.
A few weeks ago my wife and I traveled to from Florida to Nevada,   but when we picked up our suitcases at the baggage claim,   I noticed the combination lock on our main piece of luggage was broken and the latch would not function.   A second latch irrelevant to entering that suitcase was also broken.   I inquired of the airline and they denied any responsibility for damage and blamed TSA.  Our luggage was unlocked when we checked it at the ticket counter.   Neither my wife nor I are on any terrorist watch lists and have been loyal law-abiding loyal Americans for more than 50 years.  Why would TSA target our suitcase?   Why did TSA elect to damage an expensive piece of luggage when it was checked in unlocked to begin with?   The concise answer is that Obama and those in charge of Homeland Security and TSA have at the very least a misguided approach to prevention of terrorism based upon political correctness which prevents the only proven successful solution---profiling those individuals most likely to be terrorists.  Diehard liberals like Obama, Napolitano and TSA Director John Pistole don’t learn by watching those who already know how to do something---like Israeli airport security teams who are crack experts at spotting would-be terrorists primarily by watching human interactions, mannerisms and targeting those who are most likely to promulgate terrorism based upon past history.  Instead, liberals have to reinvent a politically correct way to do everything even if it abuses our constitutional rights.
Damage to our luggage was an intentional harmful act without cause for which our government is responsible.  I could care less that they were only doing their job by ‘randomly selecting our luggage for screening’ as was written on a card inserted into that suitcase by TSA. They had no reason to enter it or to destroy the locking mechanism.   TSA can claim that the luggage was not unlocked but either they are wrong or some baggage handler accidentally spun the combination and locked it prior to some robotic TSA employee selecting our bag for open search.   Meantime, Islamic terrorists think far ahead of TSA which merely reacts. Ironically, Islamic terrorists have only been stopped while already aboard flights by fast-acting passengers who overpower them.   They board flights because TSA ignores the reality that both physical and psychological profiling are the key to prevention, whether in an airport or at Fort Hood.  Whether you are from Yemen or Pakistan does not matter to the TSA or to Obama and his czars.  In fact, some of the top positions at Homeland Security are Muslims appointed by Obama.  Could illegal search and seizure of citizens at airports be the first test of this Administration as to whether Americans will complacently surrender their constitutional rights?   What next?     

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This is Obama's promise to the unions, soon there will be all union employees within the government and its agencies, so if one is good a dozen would be better. At least there will be enough to rotate their coffee brakes with out interruption.
Of course, they are testing to see what we will do, how much we will "put up with." Even our children are getting molested! We should be ashamed for even thinking this is a LITTLE BIT ok!

As long as we have a Muslim sympathizer whose campaign for presidency was financed by wealthy muslim sheiks, and his inability to qualify to legally run for that seat, we will have this ongoing problem and it will get worse.

Did you know that Obama and some of his financiers have been named in several lawsuits, for very serious crimes, including planned human population genocide!

This man is evil's right hand. He is propped up with all this power, to do exactly as he is told, and I am sure he has been promised MUCH by satan's favorite sons.
We're much like wild animals...don't want to fight, most will shrink from confrontation, but when cornered an animal fights! Folks, the self-serving, socialist/communist in Washington has me feeling cornered...there seems to be no way out short of fighting........someone tell me what the escape route is??

I have a small ray of hope in the new US House but it's not very bright.....
And I thought I was the only one feeling that way! Silly me! But I think the best non-violent solution left to us now is actually secession of states and maybe forming a new nation of those that do so, to hold onto the Constitution and values that go along with it, to be honest. I might be wrong; that might not work either, but it's all I can see left to us, without grabbing the bullet box now.



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