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This is a very important link to have. If you have a gun and you don't have a manual for it, it would be a good idea to print the manual or save the manual to a memory stick or external hard drive. It's also a good idea to save the manual for other common guns, as you never know when you are going to need to know how to use it and clean it.

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Thanks Ari !

Interesting page for sure and a LOT of manuals on there. So if you need one go there and look for yours and save it. You might print it out as well just in case..... Good site Ari thanks for posting this.

It would be a good idea to download this from a different location other than your home like Mc Donalds with Wi-Fi or something of the sort in case the gov. acquires the info on who or what ip address downloaded the info it wouild lead thm directly to your house if done @ home


just a thought

I already have a place to go if the shtf listed as a vacant farm property no phone, mail box, or utilities all self contained (actually in the mountains) and have nothing registered to me that might get their attention. Until then we must live our normal lives.

   If gun control legislation passes they will be possibly be coming for the guns that get banned that they know of. my point was if they get hold of the list of those that downloaded certain gun manuals linking them to an i.p. address that is linked to a physical house address it might not be a good thing.

" get rid of your car registration and tag." sounds like this would draw unnecessary attention (no tags is guaranteed traffic stop) that could be avoided for $28/yr by just listing your last address and fixing it if you do get a ticket.  oh I forgot to get it changed will usually get you instructions that you need to get it corrected

I was looking it up for a guy who asked me if I could find the manual for his and he knows I use the computer -- he moved and I don't have his new address.

: > O 


Just color me stupid but if you were alloed to buy a gun, hand gun, rifle, shot gun, or even a damn flare gun and don't have enough common sense to look at it and tinker and figure out how to tear it down and clean it and put it back together Then you may want to reevaluate if you have the stones to pull the trigger and blow a man's brains all over your front door or not ? May be a little graphic but guns are not toys and guns do not kill people people with guns kill people and your gun / firearm/ weapon should be as much a part of your daily life as putting on your shoes ! If you have bought a gun and thought now I am a Patriot well I would not ask you how many times have you been to th firing range but rather how many times have you cleaned you life support system !


A basic 17 yr old Marine recruit is taught the rifles creed and every patriot that plans to be of any use to the new nation should learn this ! Creed !


Also it was said 30 yrs ago when wow 35 years ago when I was a Marine Recruit at Paris Island that the most powerful weapon the the arsonel of the US military is 1 single Marine and his rifle ! Think about this and go clean you firearm ! It is not a weapon until you are a weapon also ! 

Just don't go crazy on the downloads. Steve has shut the page down in the past when people go nuts due to bandwidth limitations. At this link you can get to the link above as well as some other useful stuff.

WOW, Somebody put a lot of work into creating that database and pages. Thanks.


Thanks I needed this.



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