PFA Discussion for All Members - What are your thoughts/PLANS on what we can do to restore our country - HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT BE PETITITON ANY GOVERNMENT SEAT NOR GO TO A RALLY

I'm asking all of PFA members to get in on this discussion. If you are truly linking arms with us, it is time to step up and engage with us.

This is a very important question and with a very important catch to it................We need everything laid on the table to see what we have, the catch is, we cannot throw on the table two plans of action: We cannot put on the table petitioning any government department, agency, or seat and we also cannot put on the table - to hold a rally or sit in.

We must acknowledge the truths of the environment in our country. We are now in a socialist country, it doesn't matter if you like that fact or not....we're there. We must also acknowledge that trying to work with a socialist government by pretending that we can use tools of liberty is dishonest and discouraging.

So, what do you got?


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What each of us must do, that is to link up with other people in out own communities and clean the corruption out in out own towns and cities first. That means being ready to run for local political offices, becoming active by going to city council meetings and getting control of your local school boards.  Every movement has started as a local event, write in to your local news paper posting letters to the editor. Try to find young people and attempt to educate them about what is going on and see if you can get them to organize with some of their friends to back you and or others  to take back the local government.

Agreed Wiccanwolf.That seems to be the only real option,starting in your own communites and growing from there.

I wish you lived closer.

Reforming the education system is long term but needs to be done!!

Like others I’m tiered of the petitions and trying to get the politicians to do something.

In the end there is not much difference between the two party’s.

I think in the end we have to just start over from the ground up in our communities and at home.

It’s long term but in the mean time prepare our self’s for the worst.

Yes Mercy, I posted this on my facebook page yesterday and those who watched were thrilled with it. This is the kind of man we need in this Country. I hope we can find his passion and carry it to all our communities.It's the first thing i said after we lost this election. We have lost our way because we do not tell the truth. I agree everyone should watch it. When i say we, i am not speaking to the immediate audience. We  are America !!!

Every one needs to get involved in their local governments. They are closer to each and every one of you and can be controlled, or should I say made do what you elected them to do. If not recall efforts are much eraser at the local level. So get to know your city council and your county board of commissioners. Then learn who your state representatives are. Get acquainted and talk to them just as you would your friends and neighbors.

These people have not had the opportunity to the corruption that come into play in the national arena. Many politicians go to Washington with the noble idea that they are going to change the world but find out that the money and perks from lobbyist carry a lot of weight and persuasion.

start (re)building locally ... remove powers from the higher-ups, that does not belong to them, and return it to states or the people

do something about crooked judges

one big thing that kept on coming back to me is that maybe the writers of Constitution did not realize how USA will be so big, stretching from coast to coast, and include places way out there in the world, like Hawaii, territories like Guam, Palau, etc ... and number more than 300 million ... due to this, the representatives are becoming more and more isolated from the real people ...

We should think of the advice of a pagan Midianite high priest, that Moses thought was good and found to be a blessing, written in the scriptures ... Ex 18:13 - 26 ... the thing I noticed was that each level was responsible for a small number ... at least ten or so ... today ... one man may speak for millions ... where's their connection to the commonfolk?

Why is the House still made up of only a few hundred? It may be good for the number of the people back then but with a huge increase of population since then ... they are becoming less and less representative

Not much left, but the most important: Study Constitution and ACT ACCORDINGLY  Does people have guts to do that?.

Twana -- you asked for ideas - here are mine: (1) Get the Red States together and use the process of nullification to legally stop the encroachment upon States Rights by the Federal Government.  (2)  Support the Red States in standing solid in educating our K-12, and students attending Land Grant Colleges/Universities, on the U.S. Constitution in the traditions of the founding fathers, and do so at the exclusion of all Marxist/Socialistic principles and values until students get into their third year in college.  At that time, teach them the differences and what history has shown to be the results of both.  (3) The education arena should teach the moral foundations of the founding fathers, and what the basis of that moral foundation was.  (Note: By doing it this way, you avoid teaching Christianity directly, which in turn avoids the fight with the disoriented, misguided, and corrupt "civil liberties" advocates.)  (4) Continue to expose the unconstitutional and dangerous activities of POTUS, SCOTUS, and Congress.  Doesn't this constitute 545 men?  (5) Continue to expose and teach the research results of guys like Glenn Beck and other insightful conservatives.  (6) Provide at least one daily quote from the founding fathers that counters explicit examples of the way government is currently operating.  (7) Don't be afraid of tying the larger, global picture into scriptures of any and all religions -- where all people can have a chance to see the "signs of the times" as written in their own scriptures.  (Atheists will just have to go it alone on this one, or become a God unto themselves.)  (7) Continue to support our troops, and the role that they can play once out of the military.  Retired, higher ranking officers should be working with State Government officials in defending and upholding the U.S. Constitution in the traditions of the founding fathers.  (8) Reach out to current military men reminding them of the Oath they took upon entering the military, and what that oath means, while always encouraging them to hold true to it.  (9) Keep up with what you are doing.  It is unbelievable all the information that you gather and make available.  (10)  Begin keeping an ever growing list of the best ideas that come across your screen.  I have been trying to do this for four years now.  (11)  Encourage everyone to find conservative Constitutional scholars that have written about the U.S. Constitution and study.  I began taking classes offered by Scott Bradley, eventually purchasing his book and software, while simultaneously studying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Everyone should take time every week to learn something new, or review these documents.  (12) Have faith and pray, and encourage others to do the same.  God has a plan, and it will be better for us to serve Him in protecting and preserving our Constitution, which he has put His stamp of approval on, and has indicated that those who drafted it and put it into place, were raised up by Him for that very purpose.  (13) Exercise patience and long-suffering in continuing the fight against tyranny.  As it says on the inside of the Thomas Jefferson Monument in Washington D.C., 

"I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

May we all do likewise.  I have faith the Constitution will be upheld and preserved by those that survive the holocaust that is coming.  Be prepared, do good things, keep the faith, and hold fast to those who will do likewise.  There are more on our side than on the side of the opposition -- you may just have to look beyond the veil to see them and know that they are there.

stop feeding the beast, it`s about the money

That phrase needs to be yelled from every rooftop.


I'm hanging on to all my little nickels and I'm researching who owns what before I buy...

I will only support American made and Conservative companies...

I am in a Michigan county (Eaton) where the tea party has mostly taken over the county GOP.  We are precinct delegates and attempting to get ourselves elected to GOP positions and offices.  This is happening all over Michigan and we are having results at the state level.  We, also, are uniting to lobby our state Senate and House.  This, too, is having results.  We go to meetings and Townhalls and talk to our U.S. Rep (who does show up for things).  My local TP is fighting Agenda 21.  This takes time and sometimes money.  We seem to coordinate well so that maybe somone with a demanding job will pay for flyers that someone with more time can put out.

I will still go to rallies, but much more time is being spent on actual projects.  I am trying to do more 'non-political' educating by writing to left-leaning papers.  I am spending more time studing the Constitution myself.  I will no longer waste time discussing third party schemes.

"...Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?"

2 Corinthians 6:14-15

Darlene, as the Bible states, sadly you are wasting your time with the liberal media, just in the same way a Libritard tries to sway us from the TRUTH.  Thank you for all your other work that is being done; after November 6th we all took a "Thumping"......even if we think we have the ears of our local leaders regarding Agenda 21, we must stay ever is being implemented behind our backs......


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis 



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