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PFA/OAS Letter from Terry Trussell, He needs your help.

If there is anyone left here on this PFA/OAS forum site Please read this one. Many of you know Mr. Terry Trussell. If you do then you know Terry has been in Prison in Florida for well over a year now.
I have managed to somehow keep in touch with him, as has Col. Riley.
I just received another letter from Terry today. This is the second letter he has written to me in two weeks. This time Terry is asking for our help,,,, Don't panic, he's not asking for blood or money.

Terry is currently incarcerated in what he refers too as “a GOOD UNIT”,,,,,, (If there is such a thing)

Anyone who knows Terry Trussell knows that he is a Christian man. And the “unit” where he is being held has a good Christian program called P.A.L. (Principals And Applications for Life)
This program is based on reducing the recidivism rate of prisoners who eventually end up going back to prison after being released. Without this program and others like it the recidivism rate is somewhere around 83%. Those who succeed in the P.A.L. are showing rates of 5 % –14%. A REAL decrease.
Apparently these programs have a real impact in helping people, so Terry is asking your help in encouraging the Florida penal system and the churches to keep these programs alive and working.

Here's a small quote from Terry's letter;
“Can you help me craft a message to our OAS contacts that will;
#1 Let them know about P.A.L. & Joy and the great impact they have on our prison population, (the largest in the world!) .

#2 Inspire them to write (and email) their officials about what a difference PAL is making. There are a number of prison programs that are based on Christian themes, but this one is actually making a difference.”

Terry also said that prison life is just like we have all seen on TV and in the movies, but much worse, it's Live – 24 hours a day – for years. “There is NO attempt to “rehabilitate” . In fact prison is a very effective “DE-Socialization” process. In the normal prison any redeeming social skills and character traits one might have upon entry are quickly stripped away – replaced by raw brutish survival skills and a broad range of sociopathic Tendencies. Then when their sentences are up, they are released like a plague upon society.”

He did include in his letter a web site URL address where more information can be obtained.
Here is one link;

For those who have and use Facebook, here is a link to that:

And here is the link to the main web site of this program and it's parent organization:

My own observations; Terry has written to me twice in two weeks. In his first letter he sounded up-beat, he expressed hopes in that his new hearings for a retrial and possible release from prison may be working and perhaps getting closer. He even suggested that he might actually get out of there this September. I pray that is right and that he will actually be released. This man does not deserve to be in this hell hole, All he ever did was to try to uphold and defend our Constitution and the country. This whole thing is so wrong, like so many other things in America today.
Terry Trussell is a good man.
If any of you can find the time please write him a letter just to let him know that he still has friends out here. And please try to take some time to help support the P.A.L. and JOY prison programs as he has requested. (The JOY programs are for women).

Terry's address: - - - please note that first set of numbers is a I (eye) 1 -One 5405,, a capital letter I then the number 1 -one.
Terry Trussell – I15405
RMC West H1143s
P.O. Box 628
Lake Butler, Fl. 32054

PFA/OAS – Please help, Terry needs your help and encouragement.

Ron; oldrooster.

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Here is a scan copy of Terry's letter.

Here is a real, upclose look at a believer in who's faith can been clearly seen in his everyday actions for his concern is not just for himself but for others as well. I pray that as Paul and Peters inprisonment turned out to further the spreading of the gospel and increasing others faith Terry's incarceration will produce similar fruit. Let's not forget that it was an angel that opened the prison doors for Peter but it was prayer that sent the angel. "Father, we pray for justice for Terry in this unjust world, turn the hearts of those who have the power to release him to open the doors and set him free. He has been sorely tried and tested and his faith in you has not waivered. Now Father we pray you reward his faithfulness by granting him his freedom which was so wrongly taken from him. Restore him to his family swiftly Father we ask this in Jesus's Name... Amen....

AMEN Michael.
Can you please write to Terry, He needs to know we are still out here supporting him and praying for him.


Old Rooster just saw your post asking if I will write Terry (been caught up in other things past few days). Most certainly I'll write him in Sunday. And for any Christians reading...
remember "When I was in Prison you visited me". We can visit via correspondence. Remember Terry is a Believer filled with the Spirit of God so theoretically God is in prison with Terry, hence, the statement "as you've done unti him you've done unto me".
Old Rooster. My letter to Terry is in the mail. Praying that God opens the prison doors as he did for Peter and the others.
To the mind of the unregenerated man this scripture is foolishness and makes no sense but to those who believe it is the power of God and allows us to persevere through our trials and struggles:
"And we know that all things work for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes
Romans 8:28
Old Rooster and Patriots still here:
Received a reply from Terry Trussel yesterday. He was so appreciative of Old Rooster introducing him to people here at PFA and OAS, he enjoys hearing from people he's never met!! He says he's in a "faith based Dorm" and is spending a lot of time studying and reading various biblical texts. He is asking us to continue to pray for Col. Riley, the loss of our life's partner is one of the grievest losses we will experience in this life. He's is very upbeat and says when we mount up to go back to D.C. Wait til he gets out first!!! Terry is one of the first to be put on the alter of sacrifice for speaking up against the corrupt leaders that have weaseled their way into positions of power and influence and it won't end with him. Trump is being crucified from all angles by the left who have lost their mind over their lust for power, money and control. I'm fed up with these lunatics blaming Trump and his supporters for these hurricanes. The vitriol has reached a level I've not seen in my lifetime. Let me just end with this... on the 21st of this month starts a jubilee year biblically. Every fifty years God proclaimed it a year of jubilee when property was returned to its rightful owner, debts were forgiven, slaves were free and right after was the 10 days of awe and the day of attonenent was celebrated where people confessed their sins and God forgave them. My point is if you study all the jubilee years throughout history something always happened that was of significance which effected the world. It's too much to list here but you can take this to the bank, since God is the same yesterday, today and forever we are about to see events take place which will have world wide consequences. One last thought: we are in the final hours before the culmination of all things comes to and end as we now know it.... what's your relation with the Creator like? Do you know him or do you just know about him? Do you know the God of the Doctrine or do you just know the Doctrine of God? Is He your first priority or is he just someone you go to when things get tough? Don't tell him you love him if your not spending time with him each day because If you do you just might hear him say "depart from me I never knew you". If you don't know him.... how much worse do things have to get before you consider the possibility that he exists and he has a purpose for all this madness? Consider this nothing ever exploded (the Big Bang) and perfect uniformity and order came about. Just the opposite happens when something is in order and it explodes the end result is disorder and chaos.
Order proclaims the existence of a maker with a predetermined plan which is the reason for what is created. The mathematical possibilities of the order we see in ourselves, the world and the universe, the mathematical possibilities that it evolved from a single cell or from chaos is beyond any mathematical possibilities and according to the laws of mathematics it is an impossibility. If you don't know him, I encourage you to seek him, Our brother Terry would tell you the same thing. Time is running out, the hour is late. "If you seek him you will find him, if you seek him with all your heart".
One thing I forgot to add. Do not lose hope. When all hope is gone, when your facing the Red Sea to the front of you and the Egyptians who seek to kill you are at your back is when God moves! He waits til there is no other hope but Him. I meet every day at 9:00 am on a conference call prayer line and all of you Terry, Old Rooster, Col. Riley
All of you are being prayed for that your strength and hope does not fail. Too much blood has been shed, too much life has been lost to just stand by or give up and watch the nation go into the abyss with out standing up for our inalienable rights which no king or government can take from us.
Take courage for as surly as night comes so does the light of day. Remember, it took walking around Jericho seven days and seven times on the seventh day before the walls fell. If they had not percervered they would of not achieved victory. "If not now, when?. Keep walking!

Just a brief reminder here folks, Terry Trussell still needs your support and prayers.
I have not hears anything from Terry in about two weeks. He was supposed to have a scheduled hearing on his appeals for a  mistrial. But I haven't heard anything on that yet.

Please if you can take a few minutes to write to him and let him know that he still has friends out here.

Old Rooster. I've contacted Inst. in basic life principles Terry mentioned to seek their counsel and advice on how to proceed before I begin. I'm sure there in touch with many who we need to contact or guide us to specific people and departments. I'll let you know when they respond.



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