Constitutional Emergency


Can the people turn this country around without unifying in that effort?

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United We Stand - Devided We Fall - Believe me,  our backs are up against the WALL OF ALI-BAMA  If we don't stand together the country will not turn around it'll spin into out of control.

Twana:  "The people" in this Country are the ones, by their actions or inactions, who have effectively brought this Country to the place it frinds itself in now.  "The people" must get back to an understanding and respect for the character trait known as  "personal responsibility".  Until that occurs, and it is doubtful at this point that it will occur, I fear there's really not much that can be done to correct the situation.     

Stingray:  "CAN WE DO IT?  WILL WE DO IT?"  I respectfully answer, not without a sense of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.   That is the foundation which lays the groundwork and supports an understanding of the significance of the values you cite.

Stingray,  agreed, What took place on April 30, 1789...besides the swearing in of our first President?  In there lies the answer, without this ONE act we will never restore sanity.

Agreed well as a commitment to God that we have silently abandoned.

Newt is the only one who can and will fix our country. If you look at his record and check the facts you will find that he did nothing wrong and was run out of office by rinos who had been in office longer and had more connections. Of the 75 charges 74 were thrown out then 3.5 years after he paid the fine for something his attornies had done the investigators decided he had done nothing wrong. Except scare the powers that be that he was going to bring there money pit down. If we give him a conservative House and Senate he will turn this country around very quickly. We must stick together and get behind him with everything we have to save our country!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GOP is rigging primary results to get Mitt on top. 37% of the local tea party survey said they would not only not vote for Obama, but not vote for Romney either.

It will take a Strong United Movement by We The People to do it.

The only way to loose is to Give up!

Absolutely Not... We must be unified or fail

NOPE. The answer given at our beginning serves well-- We must all hang together or we will surly hang separatley." seems sufficient.

Are you serious. 1. We have a G.O.P. Hierarchy that is completely clueless, spineless, and have not made one meaningful tactical and/or strategic step since the historical 2010 Mid Term Congressional sweep.  2. Incoming Tea Party elected Congressional personnel have received more obstruction and resistance from their own GOP Leadership than from the entire Democratic Party and their despicable Leader in Chief. 3. Allegedly (27) job creating bills passed by the House lay dormant and unvoted upon under Harry Reids foot in the Senate and the Republican  Senators cannot even articulate their merits in the open.  4. Nancy Pelosi front loads Obamacare with 400 million and we let Sebilius set up pillar after pillar of Obamacare core foundation elements completely unchallenged and uninhibited..  5. Acorn under another hundred set of names and false identities is breezing along as usual with their Freight Train of Voter Fraud and nobody in the GOP has tracked them for compliance to the removed Funding decision.  5. Five incoherent GOP candidates beat their own brains out debate after debate being made fools of by the corrupt Liberal media.  6. Obama defecates daily on the United States Constitution and Boehner and McConnell  stand idly by.    Boys and girls, we are less than 10 months from oblivion and a question is floated whether we the people need to unify to turn this country around.  UNIFY AROUND WHAT?  The only move that can save this country is if  the Republican Governors join forces and legally challenge the U.S. Government as to the dissolution and abrogation of the states sovereignty at such time the people of those states can communally support that effort.



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