Constitutional Emergency


Can the people turn this country around without unifying in that effort?

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Thats easy, No


William I don't know how to post but if u like u can.

Rally in DC March 24  ROAD TO REPEAL    (Supreme courts decission on Obamacare)

For those interested, the following link might be of help in candidate selection and thoughts about what is or isn't happening within the Republican Party.  It looks to be a strong effort and those interested can sign up for email updates as well as text messages.

I am not saying it is the end all to end all, or suggesting candidates,  but it is worth a try

It is up to the people of our country.  We must be strong and willing.  We simply cannot stand idly by and let O. plow his way through to another four years.   It's now or never...

Twana, thank you for your efforts--as always.  It means so much.

@Clarence E DeBarrows. You have given me my answer. I realize that the DemocRATS had come up with a new word that was polled I'm sure "FAIR SHARE. I for days was trying to come up with a quick word to add to our cause. YES Clarence everytime I hear Fair Share my answer back will be Where's everybodies PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY"? I'm not going to poll that word but it really fits our cause. Let's stop bickering over who will win the Republican nomination, just vote in ur primary and let it go!!!!  We look so un-united by bickering and we can make up our only mine CAN'T WE?.

You said that right, Old Glory!! We do look un-united .  One person wants so and so and another wants a different so and so!!! We just need to vote in our Primaries, then in Nov -- IF we get that far, and NOT GO OFF AN VOTE FOR A 3RD PARTY OR NOT AT ALL CAUSE YOU'RE CANDIDATE DIDN'T GET ON THE BALLOT!!! I'm afraid that will happen with a lot of people and, if it does, then they've given the election to bummer !!

I'm one who doesn't think we'll get to election day, I hope I'm wrong!  I'm also one who believes, IF we get there, and IF bummer loses, that he won't leave willingly, and has time (and probably a back up plan) for him to attempt to implement between Nov 2012 and Jan 2013!! That's just my opinion!! That's why I feel we need to UNIFY and BE READY!!!

I think the people WILL STAND TOGETHER once we hit the days of no return. It's been a long nearly 4 years and while I talk with many tired people across this nation and argue with many others over choice of candidates, several things are obvious. While people fight for their preferred candidate, many have pledge that no matter who wins, they will hold their noses and vote against obummer. And as many are fighting over the presidential candidate, they are busy involve in their local, county and state election processes. So unless I'm proved wrong at the most important election of our time, I truly believe Americans (at least those of us awake) are still standing strong and doing whatever has to be done to keep this ball rolling in the "right" direction. It's those who are asleep that frighten me.

I read the comments often, and I am still amazed by the simple fact that, with all the information put forth here,that there is still the propensity of folks to wail, gnash their teeth and bemoan the extremity of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  It is an extremity of condition we are responsible for, and that's a BIG "WE", because most folks here are dedicated to solving those problems.  Now, until y'all decide to really start paying attention, and make an aggressive effort to promote the initiatives that spring forward like  mountain dew within the confines of this site and Patriots' Union, I really am quite tired of hearing the bitching.  A little more "on-board" will go a lot further than "on-hold...until somebody else makes something happen."  

"A nation divided cannot stand" is more than just a little apt.  It has historical relevance, going back to, oh...I don't know...the dawn of human history.  Let's face it....Obama is a criminal usurper, a Marxist and Islamic ideologue, and that just for starters.  We are up against the most egregious usurpation of human rights and dignity ever witnessed in the history of the world, and we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that is the longest-standing Constitution ever devised by the mind of Man, dedicated to the sacred notion of the Laws of Nature and Natures' God, that ever graced the face of this earth.  So come on, get over this BS, and get behind the initiatives right here!  Having spent an inordinate amount of time in the years past searching for the TRUTH, I found it here some time ago.  LET'S GET BUSY!!!!


Then MOBILIZE damn it! Everyone talks,and few do it. Read Project Shining City - Front Page in order to figure out your role.

Couldn't figure out anything from them. Just talk and the forums haven't been written it at all in 2012.


The "United States of America" is an invention of the federal government. To get "our country" back, we're going to have to do it one Sovereign State at a time.

Sorry, but I don't buy this "one nation indivisible" stuff any more. That, too, is a modern reinterpretation on the original design and purpose of these United States, meaning separate, independent “nation states" in their own right.

With all due respect, it is my personal opinion that the "USA" is a collectivist mindset and has done much to undermine the true nature of our Constitutional Republic. What do the needs, wants, and desires of New Yorkers have to do with, say, Missourians? Very little. What should California have to say about the traditions, values, culture, and ideals of, say, Iowa? Nothing.

Then how can a general government possibly work when we are essentially forced by way of political compromise to sacrifice the unique principles of our respective states, in favor of laws designed to serve all? Simple, it doesn't work.

And please, before anyone calls me out as being disrespectful to the Pledge of Allegiance, kindly acknowledge that it was written by a socialist in the late 19th century, a time when the progressives were making their first move to power. It was made the "official" pledge in the 1940s during the term of arguably the most progressive president this country has seen prior to Obama: FDR.

Yes, I believe in This Nation per se, and indeed we all unite together in times of crisis, each and every time. That is as it was intended, too. The rest of the time? We need 50 individual states (read: nation states) doing their own thing as per the values that they each hold dear. Not a bunch of Washington wheeler-dealers making decisions for all of us via earmark horse-trading.

The answer is reclaiming sovereign status for the States, one at a time. And that starts with state legislatures and the nullification of federal laws that are not applicable or desired by their residents. 

We should also recall our U.S. Senators. The seventeenth amendment (direct election of Senators) is another progressive tactic. And by the way, it's not mandatory to do it that way. But it certainly has worked for the collectivists. Consider: 

US Senators originally were appointed by their own state legislatures and/or governor to carry out the business of the state (read: the People) in Washington. It was only the governors and state legislatures that were directly elected by the people, along with your House Rep. Right? That was the balance of power that favored the People.

As it stands now, Senators are nothing more than representatives of the federal government to the People. Oh yeah, and  representatives for the special money interests that secure their reelections. Again, it doesn't work. I know most of you know this, but it seems we lose sight of this in lieu of a national electoral focus. It’s easy to do.

The tenth amendment, my friends. And the ninth. Unless we give those meaning, all will be lost. Yes, the country can be turned around, but one state at a time. That's how it was intended. That's how we organize. That’s how the TEA Parties did it and why they were so effective.

The founders thought this was the absolute best way 13 colonies organize and maintain a nation in Liberty.  What leads us to believe that a coalition of 50 states should be conducted any differently now?

Only ignorance of our own history, or worse, arrogance in the face of it.

Thanks for your time.



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