By Andrew C. Wallace
August 26, 2016

Most of you do not know, nor want to believe, what I am going to tell you even though most of it is based upon facts gained from more than 80 years of study and experience. What you think you know is mostly wrong because it is the result of Marxist indoctrination in schools and false information reported by the Establishment owned Media and government officials. Because of this propaganda you can be forgiven for being an ignorant Communist supporter of Criminal Traitors to our God Given Constitution provided you will learn the truth and become a patriot. It is an absolute fact that Marxism,( Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism) and Crony Capitalism (not to be confused with Capitalism) has failed, and is failing, in the United States and where ever it has been tried resulting in death and poverty for millions.

At my age I would not be surprised to die soon of natural causes. But, I am also under no illusion that writing the truth about Corrupt Establishment minions could also cause my death much quicker. Even the Media had to report recent assassinations of those reputed to have been associated with released emails that had a negative impact on Hillary.

Now is the time for The Donald to play his Trump Card ending all Income Tax payments by the people resulting in unlimited prosperity from the return of most manufacturing jobs by reversing the progressive action on tariffs. When Donald J. Trump also terminates unconstitutional government departments, such as Education, Health, Transportation et.al. and benefit programs there will be additional funding to reduce the debt. Service of the Public Debt will soon consume one third of all government income leaving little or nothing for anything but National Defense, Social Security and Medicare.

It is impossible for poor and working class people to have any degree of security unless they are armed and as one with the police, while their city is being run by Communists aka Democrats..

When Donald J. Trump wins this Presidential Election you can expect a return to full employment, the Rule of Law and a government ruled by the Constitution for the first time in years. President Trump will end Crony Capitalism aka Pay for Play (Theft from the people with support of the government) and perpetual theft from the people by the Establishment and its Minions in both parties for power and profit.

The Establishment, Democrat and Republican Parties, Universities, Elected Officials, Judges, Media, and their employees know that President Trump will deprive them of their unlawful power and ability to rob the people contrary to the Constitution. Based upon experience I expect Democrats to stir up their low information base with half truths, pay for votes, vote the dead and non-citizens many times, and then cheat on the vote counts. Most of the big money donors in the Establishment support Democrats while the few big donors on the Republican side withhold their backing of Donald Trump because they are afraid to lose their power and money if he is elected.

All benefit programs paid by the Federal Government except Social Security and Medicare (when funded by beneficiaries) are unconstitutional and subject to instant termination. Individual states could fund and continue any of these programs they wish.

We can’t continue to fund public k-12 Schools and Universities to indoctrinate our children in failed economic concepts such as the many variations of Marxism. Faculties refuse to teach Capitalism and our Constitution much less its benefits over Marxism. About half of our people were taught that they are entitled to live off of other people’s money and they plan on voting for Hillary Clinton the most corrupt person in the history of politics who will destroy our country.

Most of our cities are crumbling examples of a failed Communist experiment run by Democrat Officials, who, by the very definition of Communism, can’t support teachings of the Church which are required for Civilization, Families and Constitutional Rule of Law. Very soon the free stuff will end and without Rule of law, the mobs will rape and pillage until the Communist cities are nothing but piles of rubble. Communist Officials want individual attempts at building business to be destroyed by thugs to keep all the people at the same dependant poverty level. For proof see Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md., Milwaukee, WI., et al. In all of these cases the Communist Officials running these cities wrongly threw their police under the bus. There will be no way of ending an uprising once it has started without major loss of life and property.

I blame all of the loss of life and property on the dirty rotten Communists/Democrats who run the cities and the corrupt Federal Justice Department with support of the Establishment and its minions in both parties.

There is only one way to stop these disasters in the near term. You must return to the proven principles of the Constitution, Religion and the Rule of Law. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t know what I am talking about, I was a Peace Officer in the Fifties and lived it. You must return to the Rule of Law where the lawless are shot dead in the streets when attacking people or property and refusing to obey the law. Long term solutions require a father and mother in the home, decent schools, churchs and employment opportunities.

Police can’t protect the people without support of the citizens. Police should arm and train honest residents to help protect themselves and their property from the thugs. From personal experience I can tell you that police officers are not attacked if thugs know for certain that attacking an Officer has one result, being shot dead. I must admit that citizens I protected, unlike today, were armed to the teeth as per the Constitution, many were poor, but none were Communists.

Police Officers in cities run by Communists must have support of the honest citizens because they are the only groups with anything in common. Police must arm and train honest Citizens so that combined they can defend each other. Recent events in Ferguson, Baltimore and Milwaukee, et al. have reinforced historical facts that public officials who are mostly communist will destroy police and citizens for exercising their Constitutional rights. Our Constitution gives us the right to keep and bear arms as a last ditch protection against a corrupt government, like the one run by the usurpers now in office.

Many will take exception to my comments and some will be Communist indoctrinated Police Officers. But my words come from experience as a Peace Officer in the fifties when I was taught to kill people with kindness or if required to kill them by gunshot, not by fighting, not by beating. I never cursed anyone and the people had my back if required. I am giving you a glance at police work under Common Law and the Constitution. I think you can see the result of today’s failure to follow the Rule of Law and our Constitution.

All failures in the Communist cities are due to the guaranteed failures of Communism and can’t be corrected by the police while under control of Marxist officials or others with no loyalty to our Constitution. Based upon unlawful orders given to police by superiors in rioting cities it is surprising that police did not arrest their own officials for Treason.

You must accept that, everything is controlled by the ESTABLISHMENT (also known as the Rulers), which is composed of the elite super rich families, and they control BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES, educational institutions, media, major corporations, elected officials, and judges. With few exceptions they comprise a criminal gang of thugs who control and steal everything for their own benefit while the people live in fear, suffer and die on the leftovers. Dreadful economic moves have been made by the Establishment to further line their pockets which will cause terrible hardship of the people igniting deadly retribution.

Both parties are a criminal part of the Ruling Establishment, but the Democrats are Crony Capitalists, Progressives, Liberals, and Marxists, with most of the money. Republicans are gutless Crony Capitalists with much less money. Anyone who opposes either party will be destroyed or killed, there is no Rule of Law for the Establishment, none, they do as they please.

After the first 13 states, all new states that were formed were given the public lands within their borders and if the Federal government wanted any of it they had to pay for it (see Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of Constitution). This would deprive the Establishment of ongoing profits and power of 840 million acres ( ¼ of land in 12 Western States) so they established unconstitutional government bureaucracies with dictatorial powers to control the State’s rights and those of ranchers, miners and lumbermen et. al. to make a living. As justification for Treason, the Self Ruling Bureaucratic Traitors pretend that the States were not Constitutionally given the land within their borders, and that the Supremacy Clause, Property Clause, and Government Authority over Public Lands still applies to lands now within a States boundaries. That is not what the Constitution says, but the corrupt lawyers and judges do not agree with me. Of course they also support their position with a lot of double talk. But, not once do they mention the Equal Footing Doctrine that mandates that all new states be treated the same as the original states. All of this is important because honest hardworking people (excepting some communist residents in cities) in the Western States are serial victims of framing and murder by the Federal Government. This is critical because people in the Western states hate those who are causing them so much pain.

These traitors have replaced our Constitution with so called Administrative Law based upon unlawful concepts from Progressivism, Liberalism, Marxism and Sharia. A majority of government departments, agencies and programs are unconstitutional, and all of them function contrary to the Constitution.

Elected Officials in Congress must continue to honor and fund constitutionally specified departments such as Departments of Defense, Justice, Treasury and State. But unconstitutional departments and activities without Constitutional authorization must be terminated. The people must be given back their ability to make presentments directly to Grand juries for indictments of criminal officials without intervention by criminal prosecutors or judges.

It has been starkly demonstrated repeatedly, and for years, that there is no way for lawful citizens to obtain justice in this country at the federal level. Donald J. Trump has promised justice for all when he is elected. If he can’t keep his promise I would expect the people to exercise their Constitutional rights to obtain justice.

It should now be obvious to everyone that the Establishment, both of its political parties, the media, and everything else it controls is out to stop Donald J. Trump from winning the election at any cost. As an Economist I can tell you that if Trump wins there will be unlimited prosperity and freedom growing to maximum proportions if Congress supports Trump.. If Trump is defeated we will have an Economic decline of major proportions and elected officials will suffer the ire of the people.

There is no Constitutional Rule of Law now in this country. There is no way to convict a member of the establishment, you can’t take a case before a Grand Jury or ask for help from the Militia of the Several States. Our Constitution has been replaced with an Unconstitutional Administrative Law Procedure and a majority of Federal Departments are unconstitutional and all of them are functioning in an unlawful manner. How can half or more of the Supreme court function contrary to their oath to the Constitution?

In a few words, the Establishment is using progressive, liberal, Marxist, and Sharia concepts to run our Republic which is nothing less than treason.

I must give you a strong warning. These Establishment members of both parties have everything to lose if you force them to return to the rule of law. There is nothing terrible that they won’t do to you to prevent losing trillions of dollars.

If Donald J. Trump is elected President he can return the country to prosperity and full employment with no income tax or Private Federal Reserve Bank within 18 months by using tariffs. Contrary to the Communists, tariffs did not put us into the Great Depression, that was done by the private Federal Reserve Bank (according to the Chairman).

There are many federal benefit programs payable to individuals who did not pay or perform service for the benefits. These programs should be sent to the States for termination or to be continued.

Social Security and Medicare should only be paid to those who paid into the funds.

I proudly served in the Military during the Korean War. The Military was never perfect, but it was honorable and I was proud that other members of my family served. That is not true today, there is no honor in the Officer Corps. You need only look at what the political ass kissers did to those at Centcom who refused to support the Obama lie about the war. They allow their troops to go to war with improper rules of engagement and poor equipment. Anyone who uses proper procedures to question actions that are not legal will be court martialed in a corrupt military court and put in prison.

Mr. Robert Quinn has reported at length how Army Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin was put on military trial and was denied due process by not being allowed to introduce evidence that might embarrass Obama. about his qualifications. After 18 years of service Lt. Col. Lakin received a dishonorable discharge and time in prison. This is a Military that does not protect its people.

They allow the politicians to load up the Military with Sodomites who are subject to dangerous costly physical and mental illnesses. Sodomites make up less than 2% of the population but over time they will concentrate in the Military causing a major breakdown in recruiting and morale. Ask the Catholic Church. I woke up to an attack by a predatory Sodomite in the fifties when I was in the service, primal instincts instantly kicked in without any thought, and I tried to kill the SOB. I feel sorry for the Sodomites, I wish them no harm but I want no part of their sickness.

They have put women in combat, whether they want it or not and can survive or not, .most can’t, except for a few who can compete with men. Men don’t want women in combat and neither do their parents, only the communists and Femi- Nazis want women in combat. If women had the upper body strength of men weighing twice as much they would be on men’s sports teams. The military tested women and all but a hand- picked few failed, the military is putting them in combat for political reasons. Most men love women and know these actions by perverts of both genders is wrong and will result in the killing of even more men and women.

It is estimated that approximately thirty million illegals are in our country raping, killing, robbing, molesting and taking jobs from our own people while we pay for everything they need.. Several Presidents deported them, and so can we. Our corrupt politicians in both parties know the people want the wall built and the illegals deported but they won’t do it. The illegals are bringing all kinds of dangerous diseases into the country. There is one simple solution, deport all illegals and allow no further immigration of any kind for 25 years.


They take an estimated $ 50 Billion out of our economy and send it to their Home Countries. About one third of our prison population is illegal. The Medical and Education costs of illegals is unbearable. Contrary to popular opinion unless one parent is legal the baby is not a citizen. Democrats want the illegals for votes and Republicans want them for cheap labor. Legal minorities want the illegals deported.

Black Lives Matter has replaced the KKK as the strong arm of the Democrat party and after recent meetings with Obama has been given millions of dollars. From past experience you should expect them to use all manner of violence to disrupt the election process with full support of the communists in government.

All citizens must exercise their Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms in a lawful manner. Do it right now before it is too late. Always let the criminals and traitors shoot first before you shoot them dead in self defense.

© 2016 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved.

Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.

E-Mail: natlmktg@gte.net

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Sounds to me that Mr. Wallace knows what he's talking about. The problem we have right now is in trying to Get D.J. Trump elected in November. The Communists and Hillary Clinton have over $2 Billion dollars to spend in their efforts to destroy him.  Just as Mitt Romney said, 47% of Americans are on some kind of Government payroll and will always vote to maintain that status quo. If Hillary Clinton is declared the winner this November and then installed as President in January 2017, then America will be finished as a free and sovereign nation.
This is not an election of just another president,,,,,, This is THE election that will determine the future existence of America.
In this election we will have two choices, Donald J. Trump, or the elimination and complete abolishment of America.
Better ask yourselves just how much do you hate Donald Trump. ?? Do you hate him enough to destroy this country?

Do you hate Donald Trump enough to allow the final completion of the "Fundamental Transformation of America" into a United Nations controlled dictatorship.??

Well said Rooster.........

Old Rooster. I believe you are correct. And the fact that Hillary has raise this Hugh amount of cash should give us all concern. Let's look at this mathematically or better yet, from a Stock purchase perspective. When someone or some group invests in a stock they do it because they feel good about the company and their chances for a return on their investment. The fact that Hillary has raised this much money shows that they are investing because they feel they can enrich themselves. They arnt investing in her out of the goodness of their heart, their investing out of greed for self enrichment, in whatever form that enrichment comes in. And since we have proof of prior election fraud don't think for a minute they won't use every means possible to make the return on their investment a reality. If she was a stock and this much money was put into "buys" of that stock , ts purchase price would skyrocket. These facts along give me an even greater cause for concern that those who have "invested" in Hillary will do ABSOLUTLY anything to see her elected. Ask yourself why did the left choose Hillary and not Bernie? The left wants to turn the country Socialistic and that's what Bernie was espousing. People who were supporting Bernie were "fired up", not so with Hillarys supporters. He had high crowds turn out, not so with Hillary. He took in millions from the grass roots, not so with Hillary. Yet Hillary not Bernie got the nod, raised billions as a better "investment". She is the most sold out, the most corrupt, carries the power brokers agenda, has made all the back door deals selling our land and mineral rights to foriegn governments. They've protected her and given her a get out of jail card so many times I've lost count. She is the stock the left has invested in and they are investing in record amounts. Personally I hope her health becomes such an issue that investors have to "Sell". As You said Rooster the results of this election will have monumental effects on America and will ultimatly determine her future.

Excellent observation Michael!

Yes, well said Rooster...

He will win the popular vote...the electoral college, as it did many years ago now, did not honor our vote and put in the pundit.



Anyone but me seen the thing, good things that is, happening in TX as three counties return to living under the "organic" flag?  Then, how about the Sheriffs in CA...it appears they are about to make a big push against this phony baloney government...

 An example of public education. I had a conversation with my grandson who will be 23 soon. He stated that he was taught in school that the 1st Amendment has restrictions & one isn't allowed to use offensive language that may hurt anther's feelings. He knows better but a lot of young people do not. We are in trouble America !!! Our young people is our future & the Marxist,Communist  have indoctrinated them well !!

My grandson is an awesome young man, he is cognitively hampered, not a great lot, but some; yet, as I am an activist and was preparing to run for US House, he heard and read a lot...one day, after we moved to Cody, WY, he was speaking that Obama was ruining the country, he was illegal to serve, etc., he got reprimanded and suspended, told to be quiet and NOT TO UTTER anything regards the queer ilk in DC!  Now that was in 2012-13.

Mr. Wallace has certainly and precisely stated the most sincere analysis of what is currently the state of the union and made his point without hesitating to call it as it is. It is no secret to those who can understand as well as comprehend what is and has happened to this once proud and powerful nation. Nor can the fervor at which the agenda has increased since the onset of the corrupt United Nations was formed under the guise of a benefit to all counties who joined be denied. Additionally, Mr. Wallace was correct in his assessment of both political parties being in cahoots with the establishment in the complete takeover and redefinition of the Republic as it was founded and intended. The option that we now are relying on to remedy the present situation is in a serious position to be manipulated by fraud at every turn to prevent any chance of the Marxist regime losing what they have been able to establish thus far. More than once during this election the Democrats have been heard saying we have come to far to be denied now. That should stand as a huge warning that they will stop at nothing to gain the victory they need to continue to advance their agenda.

While little can be done to change the minds of the uneducated that want a Clinton victory, the rest of us have no other alternative than to make ready for what is eminently ahead of us should Donald J. Trump be denied the will of the people and be made to lose. It is like fighting a losing battle in trying to educate the fully indoctrinated voters to what a Clinton Supreme Court will mean even though they themselves will be deeply affected by such. A wise man once said that ignorant people are only to willing to prove it ain't no fun in being ignorant if they can't show it. No amount of factual proof will sway them from believing what the media has convinced them to believe. Sadly, we are up against people who have been seduced by the dark side and fail to see and understand that the poor have voted for Democrats for decades and are still poor. Obama said, "if you don't have a record to run on then paint your opponent as someone you should run from". Trump is being painted as such and the media is replaying that message. The forth coming days will be filled with negative advertisements against Trump and the results will play a major roll in the minds of the people who are against him. The majority of the voters have already made up their minds and the more negative the news the more rigid they stand. For any on this site who want Clinton in the White House need to review What a Clinton Supreme Court would mean for America here:


As patriots it goes without saying we must remain strong in our resolve to do whatever our nation requires of us to bring about restoration that will cleanse the filthy and corrupt from their roosts within. Let every heart be filled with the faith necessary to empower our will to glorify God and sacrifice what we must to defeat the evil that now prevails and seeks to destroy us. Stand tall and let the result of what we want to happen be our reason for doing it. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. Our numbers are great and together we shall not be denied what we hold to be true for the benefit and the good of all concerned. As our forefathers blood testifies, we, the people are the resistance and as the brave who fought before us, we too shall deny the treasonous tyrants their quest to take from us our freedom and our rights and our land. Be ready. Be vigilant. Be prepared. God Bless America. 



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