Constitutional Emergency

Most of you are probably familiar with the Bundy's in Nevada and what has taken place out in Nevada lately.  Ammon and Ryan Bundy were put in solitary for over 38 days and just release, and now back in and this time, they targeted Ammon for having a shirt on his bunk and when Ryan stood up for him, They were both put back into solitary and Ammon was left for 12 hours shackled in chains and not provided any food or water!

I am embedding Ammon's wife Lisa's video of her cry for help on this matter:

Also here is the link to the article explaining what happened to them and how you can help...   I am posting the actual numbers to call if anyone can make these calls to help these men it is very much appreciated.....this should not be happening in America.


*****Nevada Department of Corrections, Inspector General*****
P.O. Box 7011
Carson City, NV 89702
Phone: (775) 887-3247

The Inspector General of the Nevada Department of Corrections is authorized to investigate any matter arising from the Department or any person employed, incarcerated, or present in an institution or facility.

State Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-1100
Fax: (775) 684-1108

To Contact the office of Senator Dean Heller
Las Vegas

8930 West Sunset Road
Suite 230
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone: 702-388-6605
Fax: 702-388-6501

Washington, DC

324 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-6244
Fax: 202-228-6753

CCA Corporate Office: Southern Nevada Detention Center


10 Burton Hills Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37215
P: 615-263-3000
P: 1-800-624-2931

DOJ – Ask for Civil Rights Division

Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
TTY/ASCII/TDD: 800-877-8339 (or Federal IP Relay Service (link is external))




After being handcuffed in a 3x3 foot shower for 13 hours, stripped naked and then thrown in the hole. All for refusing to let a guard take his shirt that was hanging off his bed which is against the rules to have anything hanging over the side. Had he let them take his only shirt he would not have been able to come to the morning meal.
So he ended up being tortured, beaten, had both shoulders dislocated HE was forced to put them back in place on his own! He was isolated over night with bloody ankles from the shackles. 
America, This is not our beloved nation any longer. It's been hijacked by tyrants. 
We have to call and tell CCA of Pahrump Nevada that this is NOT OKAY! 
Meet a group of supporters there Friday morning of this week to have a talk with the Warden or Guards who allow this abuse to take place. We are hoping the sheriff and some attorneys will be joining us. 
--Kelli Stewart
INTERVIEW LIVE WITH KELLI STEWART AND AMMON BUNDY STILL IN SOLITARY: (Warning, Ammon does not sound good at all, you can tell he has been treated very badly)
Praying that today on the 4th brings better news!!!! Ammon still in solitary, and we must make sure they don't kill him or let him in there without food and water!

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Patricia... The similarities are frightening. I'm reading a series on Hitler's rise to power and the start of WWll and a lot of tactics Hitler used are being used by our own government. Control of all media, militerizing police, more control put in the leaders hands (Patriot act is just one example).
The spying on citizens. Abortions to dispose of the unwanted. Restricting religious freedoms. Hitler sought to produce a master race and world domination. The left seeks a population who only agrees with them and world domination through a one world government. Hitler was a fascist and a socialist which describes the left to a tee. As in Hitler's Germany antisemitism is on the rise. Crimes against Jews just in America had doubled. The last example I'll make is the indoctrination of our youth and the lack of the free flow of ideas in the halls of education. Teachers in pre war Germany thought hate. The same thing is happening on our campuses. I don't recognize America anymore and I hate to think what it will be in just 20 years from now......

Absolutely frightening when you think of what Hitler did and what is going on here in America!  One thing these tyrants are not thinking of, the ones helping the elite and those trying to take us down....they will be responsible as well for all the deaths of the American people from this.  Look what happened at the Neuremberg Trials.  The reason why we are all experiencing this crap all over again is because a lot of those who did not make it to trial and fled were given free passes to America.  They had children and this is why we are living this nightmare all over again.  I am sure the elites had something to do with that.

The fact that many people in America are asleep doesn't help either...too many times I have heard from someone, that will never happen in America.   I try and tell them, well it is, you just have your eyes closed, but they ignore me.  They think I have a tin foil hat on.

Truly good people cannot comprehend such evil.  We have all been blinded for many years.

Patricia....You hit on a very important point I think at the end of your text. People think it can never happen here. Austria continued to appease and make concessions with Hitler to the point where he went in and took over the country without "1" lost life! America was only concerned with their own economic woes (The Great Depression) The spineless coward Neville Chamberlin became fast friends with Hitler and continually told England what Hitler's was doing was none of Europes business. Stain was fearing Germany would invade them after the took over Czechoslovakia. Stalin was lining up with Hitler. The only one who saw the coming world war was Winston Churchill and Chamberlain wouldn't give him the time a day. Point is like people here, all these leaders (save Churchill) thought what Hitler is doing is no concern of theirs as long as it's not in their back yard, while other leaders sought to appease Hitler (to their peril). Most of the people in this country are oblivious to the danger that's right under their noses. They like the German people have drank the kool aide. The Germans looked to Hitler as their God and redeemer. Confirmed by many of the songs of the Reich. Alot of Americans are following these far left fascists the same way the Germans followed Hitler. What is fascinating to me (if you can call it that) is how people who have lived and experienced all the benifits and freedoms we have based on free market capitolisum think that socialism would somehow be better. Our corrupt leaders and our enemies are laughing at us behind our backs at how easily we are deceived. I'll leave you with this: "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it". Adolf Hitler............

Like so many other people around the country I've been trying to contact my congressional representatives here in Texas.
Back in 2012 I was fortunate enough to get a seat in the Texas Republican party convention. During that time I made an acquaintance with a person who is friends with Ryan Zinke, the new head of the department of the Interior. Being the new Secretary of the department of the interior Zinke is now the head boss over the BLM. So I've been trying to contact some of these people in hopes that someone will pass this information along to the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So far my local D.C. Representative (Bill Flores – R-Texas), has banned me from contacting him on Twitter and wont accept my phone calls or Facebook posts. Ryan Zenke has replied to my friend on the Texas republican party by saying the Bundy case has now been passed over to the justice department and is now out-of his hands. There is nothing he can do about it. Everyone along the line seems to have the same opinion and attitude. The narrative goes something like this; “They pointed guns at federal officers, they belong in prison”. So with that I've been trying to get these people, (and anyone else that will listen), to step back from the Prosecutions claims and accusations and take another look at the bigger picture. I've been trying to tell them not to simply regurgitate the prosecutors complaints because doing so is an automatic guilty by accusation. Guilty as charged because they have been charged, who needs a trial by jury?

Of course they pointed guns at federal agents. Have you ever heard of Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge? Have any of you ever heard of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians and the Waco Massacre? The federal government decided that all these people were guilty simply because they were charged and accused of crimes against the government. Who needs a trial? The federal government certainly gave the David Koresh of the Branch Davidians a trial, guilty as charged and then executed, along with 85 men women and children. You say the men at the Bundy ranch standoff pointed guns at federal agents, of course they did, these men were all familiar with Randy Weaver and David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. And they knew what was about to happen in Nevada, (and also at the Burns Oregon standoff). Just because some body in the federal government, like AG Janet Reno, makes an accusation does not make these people guilty. Being found guilty because of the accusation does not constitute justice.
The jury on the trial of the first six defendants in the Nevada Bundy trials never heard any of that. The defence attorneys were barred from presenting any of type that testimony. Mister Cliven Bundy is guilty because he refused to pay over one million dollars in federal (BLM) grazing fees. Once again guilt by accusation. No jury will ever hear about the fact that Bundy stated that he would pay the State of Nevada, but would not pay the federal government because they were using his money to confiscate his ranch. No jury will ever hear the side of the story about Senator Harry Reid and how he was using the BLM and his office to confiscate all of the Bunkerville ranch lands for his own benefit. Cliven Bundy must be guilty – he was charged, and therefore he must be guilty. Who needs a trial?

Branch Davidians – Waco

Randy Weaver – Ruby Ridge

AG Janet Reno -;_ylt=AwrTcdPK0g1ZM9EAZ9AP...

Ryan Zenke; Secretary of the Interior;

Now remember friends, when the federal government comes to confiscate your lands - you're supposed to just pack up, give them the keys and leave.
And when the federal government comes to kill you and your family and friends, you're NOT supposed to stand up and defend yourselves or your family, You're not allowed to fight back (to any extent or to any level). You're just simply supposed to stand there and let them shoot you. Self defence against the federal government has become illegal,,, Guess we can forget about that Second Amendment then.

In case anyone doubts that the BLM and Federal agents weren't armed and ready to shoot civilians at the Bundy Ranch in April 2014, take a good look at this page.

The photos and images were taken that day at the stand off at the Bundy ranch.

The men who are now on trial in Nevada were not trying to kill anyone, they were merely trying to defend themselves and the Bundy family.

ABSOLUTELY WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING that I hear....anyway.   That is so stupid when you think about it, as the Second Amendment is for protection from a tyrannical government and to protect yourself from someone trying to harm you or your family.   Today out there at the Nevada Detention Center they were peacefully standing up protesting and not on the property of the prison, but at the end of the road to the prison.  Someone told them they have to leave, and should leave because they are putting the prisoners in danger by being there.   Kelli Stewart, the same great gal that took Ammon's statement after his torture, told everyone, wait a minute, because they were going to pack up and leave.   She said, that is what they want,we don't and should not leave.    I was so glad that they decided not to listen to the officials and stay right there and do the right thing.  Those men I was told by Susan Delemus, who's husband Jerry Delemus and in prison as well, said that the men would be able to see you out there waving the flags and on the Horn.   This will help them get through this that is for sure. 

I think I might have seen this one, and it is good.  Cannot even bring it up though as last night while trying to revive my other laptop, I reset it back to factory and the darn thing downloaded many Windows Updates and used up all my GB's.  Now I am on limited, very limited internet....GRRRRRR.   This page took over 2 minutes to come up.

Praying that someone get a hold of someone who can make a difference, but I kind of figured out what possibly caused this torture and then the lock down yesterday.   I saw on "The Freedom Coalition" headed up by Sheriff Mack a post dated 5/3/17 and this is what he said on the post:  

"Today I arrived in DC after some long hard work finally paid off from some of our members, namely Curt and Sam, who arranged a vital meeting for me with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. (If there was ever a cause or time for "Oversight and Gov't Reform" it is this cause of freeing innocents and it is, now!

On my "Red Eye" flight from Phoenix I ran into an old friend and AZ Congressman, Trent Franks. He and I spent some valuable time discussing our Freedom Coalition work and his possible involvement to help us. We concluded with his invitation for me to stop by his office today, which I actually did twice.

I stopped by KY Congressman Brett Guthrie's office and spoke to his staff about helping us with the horrible injustice that had befallen one of his fellow Kentuckians, Sam Girod. I left the TFC letter and the letter to President Trump from KS Governor Brownback. I also did the same in several other congressional offices. Then I met once again with Andy Biggs, my congressman, and then finally Congressman Chaffetz. This meeting with him went very well! I believe that Chaffetz, Biggs, and Franks are totally on board and will do something to get this cause in front of President Trump!

The staff for all three were fantastic!

More tomorrow ! We are making headway!

Sheriff Mack"


Do you think that this isn't just a coincidence that Ammon was tortured and beaten on the same day?  Then once they did this dirty deed and got everyone upset and people came out to stand shoulder and shoulder at the prison they locked it down.   I did hear just now though that they are letting the men in the prison call out to their families.   Still have not heard from Ammon though...awaiting for Lisa to have a video or someone else.

You stated above that people are saying well they pointed guns at the Feds....Not one of these Bundy's in prison pointed any gun, neither did Pete Santilli, neither did Dwyane Elmer, nor David Fry, nor Sandy Anderson, nor Sean Anderson, nor even LaVoy Finicum, although they said that LaVoy was going for a gun, which is a bunch of bull crap.   In fact the only ones pointing guns at people were the Government.  But they don't really care about that, just if they can persuade everyone else that is what happened they are good with the lies.

Your picture above pretty much shows who was armed to the teeth...I love those pictures as they show a lot, but a lot of those pictures were not allow in court at the recent hung jury trial where the Judge tampered with the jury's verdict and made sure their NOT GUILTY on two of the charges that would have extinguished the rest of the charges never got pushed forward.   Attorney's finally got their hands on the Jury's Verdict pages and they said the Verdict form said NOT GUILTY on two of those charges and then it was crossed out, which you cannot have.   It is not legal to change that form in any way.

Corrupt Judge, Corrupt Court and a lot of lies.   These men will never get a fair trial, nor will they make it to the Supreme Court and if they do, it will only be by the mercy of God.  I have never seen such a corrupt Judge as Judge Navarro, and I worked as a paralegal for 20 years.  She should be removed from the bench.

I have been in contact with someone (they are anonymous) at the Freedom Coalition and they are working on things as this is going down.   I have also tweeted many people, hoping to share something they are unaware of and want to help. At least they probably know about what took place this week in Nevada.

If anyone wants to see  videos of what took place, I have many of them on my Website and they are the most recent ones I got with the older ones at the  bottom of the page.  There were so many coming through that I had trouble keeping up......


Good info Patricia, Thank you. Please keep up the good work.



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