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Ranching Family Declared as Terrorist and Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison

Ranching Family Declared as Terrorist and Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison.

Our Dear Friends,


Please go to the link below and read the letter our family has issued to Aware Citizens and Government Officials.


The Hammond family has been battered and abused by the federal government for over a decade. Now they have been declared as "terrorist" and sentenced to 5 years in prison. For what?…for claiming their water rights and using their ranch.


The father and son already spent unjust months in federal prison, now the 9th District Court "resentenced" them (double jeopardy) to 5 years, due to being “terrorist”. The federal attorneys and courts have been deceitful and full of corruption. They raided their homes taking the evidence needed to defend them selves, took their guns, and threating the family physically if they continue to legally resist them. This is a tremendous injustice that the American people must not allow!


The Bundy family is determined to do what ever it takes to assist this good American family so they do not have to suffer unjust further punishments.


We will be sending an outline of the facts with in a day or two. Please stay informed about the Hammond Family and be prepared to act according to the prompting the Lord gives you.


Thank You,

Ammon Bundy

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More IMPORTANT News from Nevada and Oregon. Concerning the Hammond family (Oregon), and misuse abuse of power by the BLM.



In an effort to make sure we had the facts correct, I drove to visit the Hammons in Burns Oregon. It did not take me long to see and feel that the Hammonds are truly the salt of the earth type of people. I spent two full days in Burns, most of it with the Hammonds. I visited different areas on the ranch and was given explanation to the events and facts. The abuses to this family are much greater than I originally explained to you. They have quietly suffered much more than even the Bundys can fully understand. They are near broken people. When I first came to them they had no hope. They have tried to do what is right for several years and it has cost them their liberties. In an effort to give them hope I explained to them how YOU the American people came to our defense when we were in a similar situation. I assured them that we would do all we could to get the local governments to preform their duty and protect them. I further assured them that if the local governments fail (as it did with the Bundys) I am sure the people will stand in their defense. 


I then went to the County Sheriff -Dave Ward to see if he was a man that understood that his duty was to protect the Hammonds from further abuse and punishment. He assured me that he loves this county and the people in it. As the new Sheriff he confirmed several times that he needed to meet the Hammonds and determine the truth. I promised him that I would do my best to assist in gathering the facts. Over the past week myself and others have exhaustively gathered all the facts we could and have verified them with two or more witnesses. I now share them with you and ask that you honestly review them and determine for yourself if the Hammonds are “Terrorists” and if they deserve the cruel and unusual punishment that has been forced upon them by Federal Employees. Please read all the documents in full including the Facts & Events, Letter to Sheriff Ward and the Conclusion. (See Links)


Thank you,

Ammon Bundy


Letter to Harney County Sheriff - David Ward:

Facts & Events :

Violations, Corruptions and Abuses:


Letter to Government Official and Aware Citizens:

This looks like a case of government monopoly gone terribly wrong. Government employees filed the complaint, government employees investigated, government employees charged the family with wrong-doing, government employees prosecuted and government employees tried the case. One might expect the end result of this process to be wholly in favor of government employees. Where are We, the People, in all of this? We could have stopped this unlawful land grab with a Common Law Grand Jury in place, which would likely have found some, or many, of these same government employees to be conducting themselves in an unlawful and deceitful manner thereby nullifying any attempts at prosecuting these American Freepersons. 

UPDATE Nov. 21st, 2015. From Ammon Bundy:

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I received a phone call from Dwight Hammond (74). He said that he was very afraid for his life and for mine as well. He informed me that federal agents contacted his attorney. They told Dwight's attorney that if Dwight and Susie did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy, that they "would detain the Hammond's early for federal prison and that they would transfer pain to the Hammond family". He further said, that he believed "they would bring misery to the whole family".

Steven Hammond's attorney also confirmed that federal agents contacted him and hinted a raid on the Hammonds home if they did not end all communication with Ammon Bundy.

On Thursday November 19th, Harney County Sheriff, David Ward, informed me that federal agents indicated to him that if the Hammond's continued to speaking out, that they may raid the Hammond's home and detain them early for federal prison. I informed the Sheriff that it was his duty to make sure that did not happen. 

I do not have to explain how this is a violation of individual rights. Dwight, Steven and Susie have all told me that they are terrified of what will happen if they continue to communicate with me. In the last phone conversation between Susie and I, she told me that she loved me and was so thankful for what I have done to get the truth out. She then informed me that she feared that if we continued to talk, federal agents were going to put a bullet in her and Dwight's heads, and possible mine. I attempted to instill courage in both Dwight and Susie, but fear had over come them. 

This last Wednesday I spent a good part of the day in the Hammond's home. We spoke for hours. Several times, I found the Hammond's in tears when they explained the injustices that has destroyed their lives. They were hopeful that the American people were going to stand for them. And that, just maybe, they would be able to return to the life they once knew. In just a few short hours, federal agents again have dashed the Hammond's hope and replaced it with fear. 

I hold my tongue against those that would inflict such pain upon these wonderful people. It reminds me of the scripture that reads: "Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn" (D&C 98:9). Everyone within the reach of my words must know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that justice is brought to the Hammond's. I will not stop until the Hammond's are home free, without fear. I do not fear for my life.  I love the Hammonds, I love the Lord. 

With Concern, 

Ammon Bundy

Why the Hammonds are being threatened and abused


I believe the Feds, (including the BLM) are TRYING to start a civil war.
I think they are hoping for another show-down between Federal agents and the Militia like the one that took place at the Bundy ranch last year.
But this time there WILL be gun fire and blood will be shed. And I believe they will make every effort to declare the Militias as hostile terrorists. They will use that as a means and reason to declare a State of emergency and a reason to confiscate ALL militia weapons.

I thoroughly believe this is their intention and goal. THEY WANT A CIVIL WAR AND OPEN BLOODY CONFLICT.

Don't forget Senator Harry Reid said after the Bundy ranch stand-off - "This is NOT over yet".

The Bundy Family, The Hammond family, and even the Sheriff are all being played right into this mess.

Other sources in the Internet claim that this Sheriff is a Constitutional Oath-Keeper. He has sworn to uphold the Constitution against all illegal Federal orders. However with that being said, it still sounds as though he will follow Federal orders to arrest the Hammond family. It sounds like a case where the Sheriff is being suckered into a really bad situation. The Feds WANT a bloody conflict, and they might just get one.

Old Rooster, I lack the ability to find adequate words that can convey my feelings regarding the betrayal by the government and their despicable treatment and abuse towards these American ranching families. Regardless of their (feds) motive(s) their agenda is only to abundantly clear. They want nothing less than to get these law abiding, God fearing citizens off of their own property. As undeniable proof, the standoff in April past was a crystal clear demonstration of that attempt and the continuing harassment further substantiates that goal. The personal toll this is taking on the Hammond's and Bundy's is without a doubt an indefensible criminal act perpetrated by what is now a rouge tyrannical government.

If at all possible, I would like to propose an idea that could offer support to these ranching families, if they were in agreement. Why couldn't all people, who are willing and have self contained RV's, journey to Nevada and converge on the ranches, as guests and set up in encampments? With enough friends (guests) encircling the families dwellings sorta like wagon trains of yesteryear, it would be a good old fashioned jamboree, a chance to make new friends and share alliance. Not a show of force but rather a show of support and solidarity by patriots and concerned citizens. A real hoedown. Western wear optional. We all remember Woodstock with over a half a million in attendance, why not Ranchstock?.  

Old Rooster, it appears you are right on point. There does appear to be some fomenting of rebellion among the People perpetrated by lowlife snakes like Harry Reid. Considering that Harry Reid is ONE OF OUR EMPLOYEES(!!!), it irks me to the core that he and others like him are able to get away with their criminal acts against We, the People. It is a shameful state of affairs that in this time of vast educational opportunities, worldwide instant communication and an unprecedented technological prowess that the average American sovereign human being is STILL unwilling to see or understand the depth of the coercion, deception and misanthropy that some (perhaps many) of our own government EMPLOYEES' (whether hired, appointed or elected) criminal acts in their attempts to gain complete, total, absolute and perpetual control over every minor and major aspect of every single human life on Earth. 

It might be the case that a resolution to this untenable, up-side-down arrangement of the power structure in the several States of the united States will only be realized through violent and bloody revolution. I like to think, however, that We, the People, are more adept at, and better suited to, reasonable, thoughtful and non-violent solutions to our problems. There is at least one way in which We, the People, can effectively and permanently resolve the issue of corruption within our governments, at all levels, in a genuinely peaceful and practical manner. The core of this one method is the resurrection of the Common Law Grand Jury. I invite insightful, penetrating and discerning replies presented with reasoned forethought and a constructive intent. 

John, while a peaceful resolution would be the preferable method of trying to rein in the corrupt lawmakers through the CLGJ, the time required to employ this option is not favorable to thwart what is currently taking place. As long as talk of  peaceful means continues to be the only action towards causing a change to the continuance of corrupt and illegal acts and behavior within all branches of government, so will be the continuance of willful blindness by the people content with the way things are. This normalcy bias will only cease when a different approach is administered by an action of such magnitude that effects the complicity of the people and disrupts the misconception they now perceive as everything is beautiful. No one with any concern for life desires to make war as that will, as you stated, be violent and bloody and could last for years. However, it must also be understood that those who are now in power will not be receptive to a talk-a-thon. It must be  understood they lack any moral fortitude as they demonstrate through their continuing  reluctance to adhere to the oath they swore to uphold while placing their hand on the Holy Bible. Talk will not, unfortunately, be the answer to resolving the delimma we now face.Short of Divine intervention, the options are extremely limited.  

John we all agree the CLGJ could eventually be a good option. But as Patriot Vet pointed out that takes time, and that's one thing we don't have a lot of.

I've decided that in order to fight this mess right now we must get some national attention to it.

These politicians and radio talking heads are near impossible to reach but I've been trying.

I don't know if any of you have a twitter account but all those talking heads do.

So I've posted a notice to the Bundy Blog message on every one of them.
It wont hert if every one else did the same thing. Maybe that will finally get some attention.

Here's what I posted in Twitter; copy and paste it. Hammond family Threatened by Federal Agents for Speaking Out, 5 yrs in prison, BLM to take ranch.

Twitter is limited to only 140 characters, but you can change it around and post it several times. Oregon Rancher Threatened by Federal Agents for Speaking Out, 5 yrs prison, BLM to take ranch.

We have to get some national attention to stop this crap. spread it around.

We all must remember that under the Constitution, the federal government lacks any legal authority, as does the BLM, to invoke any action against the (people.(The BM is not authorized under the Constitution.)  That means the military, regardless of any federal order, is required to step up to act as the legal  power to intervene against any treasonous act by the government against the citizens of this country. Therefore, if there is any attempt whatsoever by the feds to take any action against the people, it will be regarded as a hostile act of treason and, under the rights granted to the people under the Constitution, it is the duty of the people to take the necessary action to defend the Constitution. If that means a revolution, then so be it. I for one am ready. i will assume that there are probably a few million others who share my sentiment. 

We must also recognize that Harry Reid is a corrupt treasonous member of a corrupt  Congress also guilty of treason against the United States of America.and is therefore subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. The reality of the situation is, the federal government in its arrogance, believes they are immune  to any action that will be taken by the people due to the lack of any resistance thus far by the people.   

Patriot Vet~

This entire case is so incredibly horrible - and what's really worse - is that this is systematic of our entire government.  The BLM have the audacity to contact, and make threats to American citizens via their attorney!?!   How does anyone address that while being so brutally and illegally shut down? 

Well, guess we cannot count on the U.S. Military as long as they are on a leash of the same government that is persecuting Americans.  And most of America does not see (or want to see) that there is any problem - especially through the decades long smear campaign of Patriots via a corrupt government and their socialist influences. 

We are being so distracted by what is happening overseas that there is no definitive resolve to what is actually occurring within our own country. 

What is happening to the Bundy and the Hammond families is truly a horrific Constitutional disaster and indicative of what is brewing throughout our country. 

There is nothing we can do about the JH15 equipment still stockpiled here, the FEMA camps nestled close to terrorist camps, a replacement muslim population/culture/governance imposed upon us - while attempts to take away our Constitutional rights (right to bear arms, own property...) are being stripped from us. 

A Constitutional revolution is a remedy that will take several years - we better get started - 'yesteryear'.  We certainly cannot continue to trust in elections for entities that profited by and still allow (if not look forward to) for the destruction of our country.

Mosque Zone Map: 

FEMA Zone Map:  






GOD FORBID BUT IF WE JUST TYPE WELL........................................

Please get updated with this story
Pacific Patriots Network: Update 11/22/2015
The Hammond Family in Harney County, Oregon
NOTICE: Please do not reach out to the Hammond Family directly as they have asked to be left alone for the time being.

After a complete review of the facts presented by individuals in the community, the family, and reviewing the court documents, we have found many injustices against the Hammond Family.
The Hammond Family has been the target of the BLM among other agencies for close to 30 years as far as we can tell. They did intentionally create a burn on their private property on more than one occasion. The first was a normal burn off that most ranchers regularly do in order to preserve the land for grazing, the second was to fight a wildfire in a back burn effort which was successful. These burns took place from 1999 to 2006. The burn in 1999 did spill over into BLM managed land, referred to in court documents as “United States Property,” and the Hammonds received a warning from BLM for that burn yet it was included in the charges applied against the Hammonds in 2006. There were a total of 19 federal charges brought against Dwight and Steven Hammond including conspiracy to intentionally and maliciously destroy United States property, tampering with a witness, and arsenal terrorism under the Federal Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. Without getting too lengthy into the details we can all agree that this well-established and respected cattle ranching family are as far from being terrorists as it gets.
They were convicted and served a lesser sentence that the judge handed down. The judge himself cited the 8th amendment would apply in the sentencing phase and lessoned the recommended five year sentence under the terrorism act. Very quickly after, in 2012, the prosecutor’s office filed that the judge did not have the right to lessen the sentence and the Hammonds needed to serve the full five years (or what remained of what after the time they have already served). Yet the prosecutor never argued the sentence at the time of original though, according to court transcripts, he was given the opportunity to do so. Even if the judge did not have the right to lessen the sentence that is not an issue that should fall on the Hammonds shoulders but rather should go against the judge, except the day of the sentencing was the judge’s last day on the bench, as he retired.
What the PPN is urging people to do, while further action is being decided:
You as the public have a right to trial by a jury of your peers, well so do all those individuals involved in the tormenting case against the Hammonds. We ask you to become the judge and jury by making phone calls, writing letters, and sending emails to all those listed below. We ask that you do this as concerned citizens of this great country and in a level-headed, non-threatening or intimidating manner. Threats or any other form of intimidation or violence is not encouraged or condoned by the Pacific Patriots Network.
Also, beyond demanding justice from those that can make changes in the Hammond’s case, we are looking for any donations of ranch supplies from feed for the cattle to hay to get them through the winter. This family has put their entire financial lives into these cases and they are struggling to get by. If Dwight and Steven choose to turn themselves in as scheduled to complete the 5 year sentences both the wives and Steven’s children will be left alone to manage the ranch.
Again, please do not contact the family directly, please contact a member of leadership within the Pacific Patriots Network as we have one single contact for the family. They have received threats from the U.S. District Attorney’s office that if they continue communication with patriots or Ammon Bundy that they will not be given the grace time to turn themselves in as they were granted originally. They were told that they would be taken by force if they did not cease communication which is yet another violation of their rights.
At this time the sheriff, Sheriff Dave Ward, has not stated publicly where he will stand on this, though we are aware that he has expressed his need to review all documents and accounts personally and we respect that. We believe that he is a constitutional sheriff and believe he will make the right decision and protect the people of his county.
Below is a list of people that you can contact to air your grievances. Again, please do so in a respectful manner as citizens protecting and defending other American citizens.
Sheriff David M. Ward
485 N Court Ave #6
Burns, Oregon 97720

Frank Papagni, ESQ. US Attorney (Prosecutor)
405 East Eighth Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Lawrence Matasar, ESQ. (Defending attorney)
521 SW Morrison St, Ste 1025
Portland, OR 97205

Marc Blackman, ESQ. (Defending attorney)
1001 SW Fifth Ave, Ste 1400
Portland, OR 97204

Rhonda Karges, Resource Field Mgr, BLM
BLM, Burns District Office
28910 Hwy 20
Hines, OR 97738

Chad Karges, Refuge Mgr for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (Husband of Rhonda)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dept of Interior
36391 Sodhouse Ln
Princeton, OR 97721

Governor Kate Brown
State Capital Bldg
900 Court St NE, 160
Salem, OR 97301

Billy J. Williams, U.S. District Attorney (Eugene office)
405 E 8th Ave. Suite 2400
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Neil Evans
Portland, OR

Gerri Badden
U.S Attorney’s Office – District of Oregon

Judge Ann Aiken, Chief Judge of the District of Oregon

Chuck Cushman
Public Advocate, American Land Rights Association
PO Box 400
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Former Judge Michael Hogan
PO Box 1375
Eugene, OR 97440

Contact county commissioners, all OR representatives and senators, all Washington D.C. reps starting with Greg Walden and other local and state officials as well. Do not make one call or send one email and think that is enough. For a rundown of all of the facts in greater detail please see

Thank you Patriots for supporting our own when injustice is served
Bundy Ranch
If you would like to Donate click the button below! All of us here at the Bundy Ranch would like to thank you for everything you have done and the support you have shown! We will put all funds to good use!|By Bundy Ranch



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