As we go further into the primary season I find the Republican Party doing more each day to insure that Barack Obama gets re-elected in November.  The establishment Republican elitists drove Herman Cain out of the running with a smear campaign of innuendo and accusation without one shred of evidence that any of these women were telling any semblance of truth.  Truth didn’t matter, evidence didn’t matter; even to Republicans.  The point was to drive out any conservative opponent in the running.

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They sure are trying to.

I agree!

You make quite a solid case Bob..........we have no other choices with any chance of success because "we the people" do not get behind solid conservative candidates when they step up.......Michele Bachmann as an example...why wouldn't some conservative zillionaire fill here coffers in order to keep going?  Now we're at the stage of taking what is offered or a brokered convention that might produce someone outside the current slate of candidates.  My concern of a new, untested debater, would play right into the plans of the liberal/progressive slaughted in an Obama v ???? debate.......unable to recover from media slash and burn tactics.........the situation is dire.........but the final analysis must lead us to vote for Obama's like our individual share and the mound will produce favorable results.

Harry, Just like the McCain run, "It is his turn" - we have the establishment in the Repuplican Party deciding "It is his turn" now with Romney.  I am so sick of being told who the best choice is because 'it is their turn'.

I have always thought Hillary would be on the ticket for the second term of this reprobate, she will be the October surprise no doubt.


As old as I am, it is doubtful I shall be voting in the 1016 election, the Queen (Hillary) will be running then I fear unless Michelle Obama decides to sidestep the Senate run and jumo in.  This country is in the throes of complete destruction by Islam being led in by the Messiah plus the Communists. God help this nation..  .


Cain was a fed reserve tool

 We have nobody to blame but ourselves for letting this country to be out of control. Until Americans wake up to reality and start standing up to this worthless Government and the Liberal Establishment that has taken over every aspect of our lives then we will continue to spiral to the depths of Hell. This is Our Country and Not the Political World of Idiots and Rich Greedy Arrogant Pricks. We have to clean up this mess or else we are going to see such Tyranny in our streets we will look like the streets of Cairo soon. We are threatened every day because of this worthless Gov't. We have no Security at our Borders, but yet they treat Americans like the enemy in every aspect of our lives. As a Veteran I've had enough of being threatened to be thrown in jail for absolutly nothing but speaking the truth. The Veterans and our Soldiers of today being called Terrorist or Extremists is appalling as if it wasn't for Us these Arrogant Politicians and the Rich Elitetest wouldn't have squat. If We don't fight back now, we might as well kiss our azzes good-bye.We do not need a Mitt Romney dictating to us either as he is just more of the same old worthless Political Establishment. Take the Blinders off America or else we die.

Dave, you are correct.  I had been disengaged for many years until 2007.  I got busy then but should have been active for much longer. I support John Dummett ( ) becasue he is not part of the party elite and ahs a platfomr to solve the issues you mentioned.  We need a "man-of--the-people" in the White House and 535 of them in Congress if we are going to turn things around.  Simply electing the lesser of 2 evils is not the answer.  If it was we would have solved our problems under  Bush '41 and Bush '43.

Bob , I with you on John Dummett

Thanks very much, I know he will appreciate your support. If you can help financially please do so.  If not, please contact him and offer physical help.  John needs help getting his name out and raising funds.

Al Tallent  from Fort Worth is doing a great job getting him out to the people in N Texas


I certainly can't argue with that. As a matter of fact, I agree 100%



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