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   Soros is on the board of this company as well as DYNACORP  and they are buying up MARLIN and own SPRINGFIELD  ARMS  and BUSHMASTER  . They are also buying up grain companies and also MERCENARY companies . Why would these companies all be intertwined with such an individual with ties to killing economies and associating with known collaborators against freedom and democracy ? This Republic is in one hell of a danger and may be in for it`s worst fight yet . They are trying to control how we live  , where we live  and if we can live . Being a throwback from the NAZI infestation of WW2 is it out of the realm of possibility that he could be one of the experiments that MENGELE used to create children of the FUHRER ? He could be of that age and his actions for sure don`t co-exist with a free civilization .

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I've read several Bio articles on him. Although all the facts don't agee in them. All do agree that he was involved in Germany at the time of the concentration camps and hid the fact that he was Jewish. One said that he was the one who collected the money and jewelry off the Jews as they were loaded into train cars to go to the concentration camps and that he replied to questions about this by saying "Someone would, it might as well have been me." don't know if this was a true quote because that was the only article it was in. The latest one said his dad was an investment banker who took the identity of someone else so they wouldn't know his family was Jewish. Then he taught George and his brother the business, and that's where they got their millions.

The one thing all articles had in common was that he WAS in Germany during the Nazi regime and hid the fact that he was Jewish. No doubt he saw all that hitler did and in the very least as he sees things turning that direction again, he intends to come out at the top. He knows all the things which the wealthy Germans controlled and from what I read in Wikiedia the other day, he's buying up as much of them as he can. Couldn't find a clear link between him and the investment group Cerberus, but enough to know they're at the least listening to his financial advise. He's been declared a Financial Terrorist by 5 South American countries for what he's done to destroy their currencies. And he's backed every presidential candidate of both parties for years. I would consider him TOTUS (Teleprompter-in-chief-of-the-US.)




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