Constitutional Emergency

This Texas Bill is very interesting in that it will require an evaluation of what would happen if Federal funding were removed or downsized from the state of TX.  Here is the actual Bill which is now in Appropriations.

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This could be good. If I am not mistaken the State of Texas sends more money to Washington than it recieves in return for all financial contributions combined. That of course probably does not include money recieved by individuals such as myself as Social Security retirement. If the US Federal monetary system collapses, (they crash the dollar) I believe Texas will be among the very few states that will survive and may even prosper from it. I would be in favor of it inspite of the fack that I would loose all Social Security benefits. I'll take the loss in favor of my freedom from this tyranical federal Communism.
Once the federal government collapses Texas will be independant and will again light the fires of liberty and freedom. Texas independance will flurish and prosper and grow stronger once it escapes the bounds of government rules and regulations.
Let it happen. We'll take our freedom, and the rest of the country can have Obama and his Marxist Communist Muslim tyranny.

We'll even send him Ms. Shella Jackson Lee as a bonus.


I agree with you, RP.  And although I love Alabama I would move to TX in a heartbeat.

I was wondering too, if this Bill could be a precursor to secession.  TX has so much land that it would make a great country standing alone.



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