Constitutional Emergency

The 16 year plan to Fundamentally Transform America.

Oh make no mistake about it, the plan to transform America is far more complicated and a lot older than just sixteen years. In fact it goes back to 1913 and beyond that.

But this latest revision of those long-term plans is basically laid out into a sixteen year plan to finally and completely achieve those long-term goals of the complete and total Transformation of America into a world-wide Communist state.

The sixteen year plan was to be eight years of Barack Hussein Obama followed by eight years of Hillary Clinton. Of course Hillary with her narcissistic egotistical conceit wanted to go first because she thought she could do it all by herself. These two people are not alone, there are thousands of others behind the scenes that we never hear about, never see or hear from them. But they are there and hard at work trying to destroy the USA and all our freedoms and liberty. There are only two things they hate and despise more than our United States Constitution – WE the American people and President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary spilled the beans when she referred to us as a “Basket of Deplorables”, And Joe Biden called us all “The Dredges of society”. That alone should be enough to tell you what they think of us, they absolutely HATE each and every one of us. And as we already have seen they absolutely HATE Donald J. Trump. That is abundantly obvious at this point. They make no secrets about how much they hate Donald trump, there is no attempt to hide their hatred at all. And we all know it, we see it every day in the news media and on the Internet.

Donald J. Trump and the elections in 2016 put a crimp is those plans. We The people and the Electoral College system of our Constitution screwed up their sixteen year plan. But they are not about to give up that easily. Trump is only a bump in the road to them. A temporary road block. A “road block” which they think they can quickly eliminate now that they have re-taken control of the House of Representatives in Congress. All they have to do is convince YOU – those “Deplorables” and “Dredges of Society” that Donald Trump is the real danger. They have to convince YOU that Donald Trump is the problem, not the solution.

So what is this sixteen year plan? Yes we all know about the so-called “New World-Order”, we all know about the plan to create a new One-World-government. We know that they planned to cede control over the United States over to the United Nations and some UN-elected world-wide bureaucratic governing body and full Communist control.

What IS that World-Governance plan? What does that plan mean to us – We The Deplorables and Dredges of society as they call us?
A portion of that plan was played out this past week in the Congress with the votes to build a wall along our Southern Border. Nancy Pelosi said There is no way Trump will get his wall, he doesn't have the votes in the House. Senator Chuck Schumer said there is no way he (Trump) will ever get his wall.

So why is that wall so important to them? Why is the opposition to securing our southern border so critical to them? Why are they so adamant about NOT fixing our immigration system? They hate that idea so much they have even gone to the point of trying to get the American people to eliminate the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE). They want to eliminate our border security, they want to eliminate our Borders. They want to eliminate our immigration control entirely.
WHY ?? WHY??? WHY???

The answer to that question should scare the hell out of you.

Why eliminate our borders? EASY – That eliminates our sovereignty and control over immigration.
Why are the immigrants so important to them? They try to tell you it's about the labor force, workers, Farm workers. It's more about Population control. The average age of Americans is getting older. They need younger workers. And more importantly than that the need a population more easily controlled.
WHY? Population control, WHY? And HOW; We are all familiar with the Georgia Guide Stones. The inscriptions on the Georgia Guide Stones calls for a depopulation of the world down to 550 million people. That's a world-wide population.
There are ten so-called- “commandments” inscribed on those guide stones,
“1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. “
What YOU need to understand is that the United Nations high command agrees with that.
And so does the American Communist party.
Do I need to explain to you who they plan to eliminate first? Do I really need to spell it out at this point?

That should answer the question of WHY on population control, but HOW? How would they do that?
Starvation and world wars.
How could they possibly starve a nation of free people?
Environmental control for one thing. Use the EPA and the Bureau of Land management to take over total control over all the lands within the interior of America, The farm lands, the corn and wheat belt sections of America. All Those sections we refer to as the Bread-Basket of America. Those sections of our country feed America. Once those sections are under total control they can be shut down. Access to those areas will be declared off-limits. The farmers and ranchers will all be put out of business, either through bankruptcy or by killing them. It really doesn't matter to these people, they will do it which ever way becomes necessary. We've seen that in action in States all over the country. Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota. They even tried it in Texas and Oklahoma.

Problems incurred when the Bankers and the World Banking cartels and the Resource Management cartels, and politicians got too greedy. They wanted those minerals and resources now, they didn't want to wait for it.

That's when the politicians got involved. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and his son Cory Reid, and who knows how many others in Washington and in some of the western states. That is why they went after the uranium in Oregon and Nevada. (Hammond and Bundy ranches) And there have been many others which we never heard about. But the Hammond and Bundy ranches caught the attention of the American people. And some of the people started to wake up, enough at least that Hillary Clinton managed to loose a rigged election in 2016.

Here is an excerpt from the article on the Georgia Guide Stones (linked below):

“The message of the American Stonehenge also foreshadowed the current drive for Sustainable Development. Any time you hear the phrase "Sustainable Development" used, you should substitute the term "socialism" to be able to understand what is intended. Later in this syllabus you will read the full text of the Earth Charter which was compiled under the direction of Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. In that document you will find an emphasis on the same basic issues: control of reproduction, world governance, the importance of nature and the environment, and a new spirituality. The similarity between the ideas engraved on the Georgia Guidestones and those espoused in the Earth Charter reflect the common origins of both. “

By now you should all be familiar with the United Nations manifest known as the UN Agenda 21/30.

Those manifests and doctrines spell out how to take control over all the minerals and lands within America's heart-lands. George W. Bush endorsed the Agenda 21 and Barack H. Obama enacted it here under his Executive Order #13575 in 2011.
Establishment of the White House Rural Council

American's should be asking WHO are these people? WHO are these people who voted Against Securing our southern border? WHO are the politicians that DO NOT WANT to enforce America's immigration policies? And WHO are the other people involved in signing the documents that ultimately resulted in the Uranium-One sale to Russia? Hillary Clinton was not alone in that one.

In just the past few days there was legislation before the House and Senate to fund the wall along the US / Mexico border. The House finally managed to pass a funding bill but the US Senate rejected it. Since the Republican party controls the majority in the Senate that must mean there are Republicans in the Senate who voted against that funding. They voted AGAINST securing America's borders, they voted AGAINST America's security. WHO are those people? And WHAT do they have to gain from it?

The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump:
Trump says the economy is doing great. We all know that that is partly just Washington speak, Washington propaganda to some degree or extent. Yes – Under Trump the economy is doing a lot better than at any time over the entire eight years of Obama administration.
So HOW can they convince YOU that it's NOT? How can they convince YOU that Trump is the problem, he must be impeached???
Well we still have that phony Mueller Russia Collusion investigation hanging in the back ground.
But the next step is to destroy that Trump Economy.........

Enter the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT part of the Federal Government of the United States of America.. It is a privately own and controlled corporation. The Federal Reserve is part of that world Banking cartel, and they don't necessarily like Donald Trump any better than Hillary or Obama does.

The Federal Reserve Bank has more control over our economy than the President does. The Fed has control over the interest rates that we all hear about, but very few of us actually understand how that works. The President can tell us the economy is doing great but that's only a matter of creating an optimistic attitude in the country and around the world. All the President can really do is try to set things like tax rates and varying pieces of rules and legislation that help businesses, things that can help make us “Feel” better about what Washington is doing. That “Positive Attitude” and the American people are what really drives our economy. But the Federal Reserve controls the interest rates that banks and businesses depend on to grow and to operate.
The Federal Reserve Bank has already started to raise the interest rates, against the wishes and requests by President Trump. Trump knows the Federal Reserve can “Crash” the economy, and that is precisely what they plan to do.
They have already planned a series of interest rate hikes in 2019 – in the year preceding and leading up to the next 2020 Presidential elections. The destruction of the Trump economy has already begun.

Some of us are old enough to remember what happened back in 1970's when Jimmy Carter was President. Carter said the American people are too wealthy, our standard of living was far too high, and that we had to learn to cut back, we had to learn to lower our standard of living. Some people say that statement alone was what got Ronald Regan elected. But before that Jimmy Carter raised the interest rates through the Federal Reserve. By the time Carter was finished the interest rates had hit an all time high, (7.7 Percent.), But that translated to an interest rate at the local banks of around 19 Percent. Inflation went through the roof and Americans went bankrupt by the thousands. And then the phony fuel shortage crisis hit at the same time. The oil cartels also got greedy. Carter ended up issuing orders to drop the speed limits on every highway in America down to 55 miles per hour in an attempt to “Save Fuel”. More American businesses went bankrupt, Farmers and truckers went out of business by the thousands. (I know because I was one of them).

The bottom line to this part is that the Federal Reserve Bank can crash the economy and that is precisely what they plan to do to Donald J. Trump.

The international New-World-Order and the American Communist party, the liberal “HATE-Trump”, Democrats And “Never Trump” Republicans all hate Trump and they plan to destroy him no matter what it takes. The only thing standing in their way is Trump himself and this bunch of “Deplorables and Dredges of society”called WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Keep your eyes on that Federal Reserve bank and the interest rates. Watch for the Democrats and any attempts to impeach Donald Trump. They would still like to convince you that in reality Hillary Clinton did win the 2016 election but it was Russia and that Russian “Collusion” with Trump that actually got Trump elected. Any body that knows what these people are up to knows that is not the case at all. Hillary LOST all on her own. And Donald J. Trump WON. PERIOD.

We the “Deplorables” and “Dredges of Society” as they refer to us, We are the ones who cling to our Guns, our Bibles, and our Constitution. WE are the ones standing in their way. WE are the ones who elected Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President and we will continue to stand in their way forever if that's what it takes. They will NOT impeach Donald Trump, and they will NOT take our lands, our minerals, our wealth, they will NOT starve us all to death as long as We-The-People keep watch and defend America.

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The 16 year plan, Truth exposed.



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