Constitutional Emergency

THE BLUEPRINT - A Reflection Of OAS Massive, Gigantic Impact In Washington, D.C.

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Good video. It sparked a thought that we need to let it be known that if we achieve our goals and the federal government continues to lack we shall return.


The OAS is a project that has some merit, but I must say that corruption in this government is not going to go away just because we as citizens protest their (Politicians) actions.  Their interest and the interest of the corporations and lobby agenda is too ingrained in the system.  Yes, you might have some marginal impact in the short run, but the longer term impact will be minimal.

I'm not saying to abandon the project, but I believe there might be a better way to impact their bottom line.  If we as a collective group such as those on this blog were to ban together and focus on just one individual (a rifle shot) in thie Congress/Senate, as opposed to this shotgun approach, and get that individual out of office, the message would be as load as any shotgun blast.  Then, if successful, you go after the next individual and so forth.  Now, obviously I have a list of candidates that should be out of office, and in most cases for good reason.  That list would include Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Peolosi, whom I've had my own personal run ins, Harry Reid, also a negative discussion with him in Incline Village, NV, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and a few minor players such as Mary Landrieu of LA.  If once this ball gets rolling I think that you will find that many will resign just like Bill Bradley did a number of years ago when his constituents went after him.

Been there, done that Lamont.  How can you expect to function in what was normal some years ago, in a lawless system?  Do you actually think the "ballot box" is fair and accurate these days?   Want to buy a bridge to nowhere??

I'm not talking about the ballot box.  I'm talking about mass distribution of information about their voting record, what they really stand for, and that they are totally out of touch with their constituents among anything else that we can used against them.  Keep the information flow going for months before their re-election.  That's what they do to their opponents, so why can't we do the same to them?

I know this works, because I and a group of citizens that lived in Lafayette, and Oakland CA did the same thing to Ron Dellums back in the '80's.  Of course it really didn't change much because we then got George Miller.  I can't seem to get away from the progressives.  I left CA and moved to NV.  I then got Harry Reid.  From there I move to AZ and got Janet Napolitano.  Go figure.

Isn't that what the Tea Party have been attempting to do for the last 4 or five years? It is our responsibility to reform or replace a federal government that has become tyrannical and usurped the power of the states and we the people. If we refuse to do this duty there is none left to act and we are slaves.

Johnny, apathy is going to make slaves of those that think the ballot box will deliver them.

I totally agree, the ballot box has failed and is to rife with fraud to help anything. Besides the only ones who seem to make it into the running are not the ones we need.

Whoop,  there it is!  This is what DC needs to look like on May 16th thru however long it takes for the military to force the Illegal Alien and his thugs out of the WH!  God Save The Republic!!!

We are not asking the military to force them out, that is our place and our objective.

It can't be done without the military.  We can demand that the Usurper remove himself until we're blue in the face and all we will get is laughter.  And no doubt,  he'll use his DHS/National Citizens Army(Brown Shirts) to arrest and confine the patriots.   Only a military force will succeed in removing the traitor and his thugs.

It can be done and shall. If it comes to the military taking action then it does but that is not what we are seeking.



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