Constitutional Emergency

THE BLUEPRINT - A Reflection Of OAS Massive, Gigantic Impact In Washington, D.C.

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I like your optimism and hope that you are right but don't think that the enemy is going to sit back and let this happen without a major effort to stop all of this.   Look for a False Flag either before or at the actual event.  This is the preferred tactic of this criminal org. that has hijacked our Wh.

Then let us not sit back..............

Where do we all park? But We have jobs in America. Most Egyptians do not I guess.

Most of those employed have vacation days or sick leave that they can utilize.  If this doesn't work,  many won't have to worry about their jobs anyway.  They won't exist too much longer the way things are going.   And one has to ask,  is their country worth taking a few days off of work!  Before answering that,   think back to what our forefathers risked when they took on the most powerful army in the world (Britain). 

You know the regime (communist) will fire on the people, they will not go willingly. If you do not believe they will, you must admit it is a possibility. It does not deter me, this must be done.

We have two options.........Surrender or take risk.  Line me up first, if that's what it takes........this is about the longevity of America as we have known it.  We must pull out our willingness to stand no matter what...........


If someone aims a firearm at you your reflexive response should always  be to  take it away from them.

I hope and pray this comes to fruition. I will be there. Looking to car pool !

Van, if I am not mistaken you are from AL. and there are folks there already planning a meeting, that should be a topic of discussion there.

Yes sir, your correct. Looks like Feb.

Looking to carpool. also  Have vehicle



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