Constitutional Emergency

The Constitution of the United States is OUR document.

I was watching a film last night about how the US government treated the American Indians of the old west. It was basic genocide. We took their land, lock stock and barrel. The Government created all these Indian treaties, put the Indians on reservations, and then killed them and broke every treaty they ever signed with the Indians.
Then it occurred to me that the government is doing the same thing now to the American Ranchers and farmers. The Bundy's and the Hammonds, and many others. After the Louisiana Purchase when the USA essentially doubled in territory and size, after the wars with Mexico, the Federal government gave the lands to the American people. They gave the lands to the States. And now they are taking it all back.

They are breaking their agreements with the American people, just the same way they broke those Indian treaties.

And why wouldn't they? Why should we expect a bunch of crooks, killers, and scam artists to honor any treaty or contracts with anyone when there is money to be gained? Why should the American people expect the Federal Government to follow and honor the Constitution of the United States of America?
They, (The Government), wrote those treaties with the American Indians. And then they systematically proceeded to break every one of them.

But the Federal Government did NOT write the Constitution. The Constitution was written by We-The-People. If the Federal Government wont even honor agreements and treaties they themselves have written and created then why would we expect them to honor a contract that was not written by them?

Over the past 150 years the American people have been indoctrinated and taught that the Constitution was the “Supreme Law” of the Land. We are taught to believe that we “Must” obey those laws, and that the Government was the sole creator and enforcer of those laws. We expect our people and our States to obey those laws, and we expect our Federal Government to obey the Constitution. But again, Why would they? They didn't create that Constitution. If they wont follow and obey treaties that they created then why would we expect them to obey laws and a contract written by the very same people they believe they have rule and power over? We-The-People...?

Why should we expect the States to obey that Constitution?
We-The-People wrote and created that Constitution. And then WE created the Federal Government THROUGH and UNDER that Constitution. We the American people created the individual States THROUGH and UNDER the Government which WE Created. Yet again, why would we expect the States governments and legislators to obey a document that they did NOT create or write?

The answer is that they, neither the States governments nor the Federal Government, will NEVER obey and honor the laws and limitations of that Constitution unless and until We-The-People insist and demand that they do.
The Constitution was written first. Then WE created the Federal Government. And then we created the individual states to operate and exist UNDER that Federal Government. Neither the Federal Government nor any of the governments of any of the States feel any obligations to honor or obey that Constitution. Because they didn't write it, they didn't create it, and as long as they can get away with it, as long as the American people allow it, they will continue to disregard and ignore every aspect of that Constitution.

The Federal Government will continue to take the land, the minerals, and the resources, from the American ranchers and the farmers, and from the American Indians, as long as We-The-People allow them to do it. And We-The-People are expected to sit back, shut up, and obey THEM.

The Constitution says that We-The People have ordained and created the Government, and yet we have essentially a little over three thousand people dictating everything, life liberty, freedom, (or the lack there of), the pursuit of happiness, and the ownership of lands, over everything and everyone. They do this through the powers vested in them by themselves, NOT by the people, not through that Constitution, but granted to themselves because they refuse to obey the limitations and restrictions imposed upon the Government by the people. WE are expected to obey those laws created by the Government without question or hesitation. And when we don't we are either arrested, incarcerated, or shot and killed. The latest examples are Terry Trussell in Florida, The Hammonds in Oregon, and the Bundy's in Nevada. There are many many others as well. In Nevada in the cases of the Bundy men the federal district judge, Gloria Navarro, has openly stated that the Constitution does not exist, it does not apply in HER court room. Judge Navarro declared that the Bundy defendants do NOT have any Constitutional rights or protections, the defendants have only two rights in her court room, the right to plead guilty and the right to appeal a guilty verdict after the trials.

Now some people, including those in the States and federal governments may claim that my words here amount to sedition and treason. To them I ask – how can it be sedition or treason to demand and expect our Governments to obey and honor the Constitution? How can it be sedition or treason to demand that they obey the very document which created them? The document written by We-The-People. Which We created in order to ordain a Government Of the People, For the people, and BY the people.

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They choose men, not because they are just men, men of religion and integrity, but solely for the sake of supporting a party. This is a fruitful source of public evils. But as surely as there is a God in heaven, who exercises a moral government over the affairs of this world, so certainly will the neglect of the divine command, in the choice of rulers, be followed by bad laws and as bad administration; by laws unjust or partial, by corruption, tyranny, impunity of crimes, waste of public money, and a thousand other evils. Men may desire and adopt a new form of government; they may amend old forms, repair breaches and punish violators of the constitution; but there is, there can be no effectual remedy, but obedience to the divine law.
- Noah Webster



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