Constitutional Emergency

The Nefarious Legislation Will Not End. They Have Made Everything A Crime, Including Freedom Of Speech. We Are Left With No Other Choice Than To Exercise The Constitutional Right To Abolish This Government and Institute A New One, That Will Be Subject To The People And Not The International Banking Cartel.

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Thank you, I agree with you. Time to start over.

You Know... I'm Really Speechless, although I kind of expected it.


Steve, `Patriots  Make  It  Happen, while we  still  have  internet  without  Gov. control.!! Ron

I cant believe he snuck this thru without anybody knowing about it

Well hang on because Pelosi and Reid and Obama are going to abolish all of the Bill of Rights.

Get ready the 2nd Amendment is not far behind with the rest of the Amendments, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. All of this will be finished off in the Trash by this Government and all are complicit.

 I had heard of this a few days ago but I thought it was BS. One more step to the NWO are we.....hmmmm does anyone else feel less American today? I sure do.

I, too, am speechless.  A Liberal friend of mine says to me:  "oh that just applies to right-wing nuts".  Oh yeah?  I am speechless at the attitudes of otherwise intelligent human beings.  Blind, absolutely blind.

Oh yeah, I work with a women that has this very same attitude and boy don't step on her toes, otherwise, she will get back at you.  Don't dare send her any "Conservative" points of view, she doesn't want to hear it, but if it is Liberal based she is all for it. She is constantly trying to prove to us "Conservatives" that we are wrong. She doesn't want Religion in Schools, or goverrnment, she is against anyone, especially Conservatives setting policy about "who" can peek under the bedsheets, etc.etc. etc....

Our constitution and bill of rights have been under attack for years from the end of world war 2 the government and the UN have been working together to destroy our country and the freedom that the bill of rights and the constitution give us. so now that frist amendment is all but gone with this new law and the mandate of obamacare telling the churches they have to provide birth control. what do you think going to happen next. and the person everyone is wanting republicans to vote for is as bad as what we got now just a lighter color he is going to do a lot of the samethings ohama is doing right off the bat he is puting some one who is not eligible in the vice presidency?? i can't see any way around abolishing what we have and starting over with the we the people.     I am  so dam tried of talking to politicians and having them lie to my face  and when you catch them in the lie they try and turn it on you or just not answer you anymore!!

The Agency needs to be re-named the SECRET POLICE!




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