THE FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT..... no matter how much he denies it !!!!!!



The 1 honorary title Barack Obama doesn’t want – but definitely  deserves

It started when Bill Clinton was famously called “the  first black president” – not because of his skin color, of course, but because  he supposedly exemplified so many “black” qualities and attitudes.

Since Barack Obama has been president, he’s been showered with many such  accolades – most recently when Newsweek crowned him “The First Gay President” for his election-year abandonment of his opposition to same-sex marriage. But  the elite media, to commemorate other Obama affinities and policy positions,  have also dubbed him “The First Hispanic President,” “The First Asian-American  President,” “The First Jewish President” – and even “The First Female  President.”


But there’s one “first” label conspicuously absent from all the media homage  paid to the 44th president – perhaps, ironically, because there’s more truth to  it than the press is comfortable admitting – and that’s the title Whistleblower  confers on Barack Obama in its blockbuster January 2013 issue: “THE  FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT.”

Barack Obama’s relationship with Islam has long been one of the most  radioactive questions surrounding his presidency. Before the 2008 election, it  was considered impolite in the extreme even to mention publicly Obama’s middle  name, “Hussein,” a name given only to Muslim babies. And despite repeated polls  showing a significant percentage of voters – one in three conservative  Republicans and almost one in five of all voters – believe the  president is currently a Muslim, those who dare bring up the issue are  mercilessly scorned as ignoramuses and bigots.

Yet, there’s a side to Obama’s life, from his Muslim childhood, schooling,  Quran studies, mosque attendance and prayer in Indonesia, to his bewilderingly  pro-Muslim policies today as president, that has been carefully concealed from  the public by the “mainstream media.”

If you’ve wondered why the current U.S. president seems so supportive of the  Muslim Brotherhood – both in the Arab-Muslim Middle East and, in the form  of its various front organizations, within America itself – “THE  FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT” will open your eyes.

Highlights of “THE  FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT” include:

  • “The first Muslim president” by David Kupelian, on why an adoring press  crowns Obama with every title – except this one
  • “Muslim-American author embraces Obama as ‘My Muslim President’” – and  reveals most Muslims she knows regard Obama as a “Muslim brother”
  • “U.S. policy defending Shariah – not American citizens” by Clare Lopez, in  which the 25-year CIA veteran blows the whistle on Obama’s brazenly pro-jihad  policies
  • “Rep. Allen West: Benghazi a result of ‘appeasement’ of the Islamic world” – the courageous Florida congressman speaks his mind on the president’s  pro-Islamist foreign policy
  • “Israel policy makes Obama honorary ‘first Muslim president’” by Joseph  Farah, who asks: “Who has done more to foment and support the Middle East  Islamist revolution over the last 2 years than Barack Obama?”
  • “Obama’s Muslim childhood” by Daniel Pipes, in which the renowned Islam  expert presents overwhelming evidence that the president of the United States – who claimed before his election in 2008 that he was never a Muslim – was indeed “born and raised a Muslim”
  • “Obama family busted in Shariah scheme” by Jerome R. Corsi, a shocking  exposé of how Obama’s extended family is working to drive Christianity out of  Kenya and replace it with Shariah Islam
  • “Obama Mideast policy includes arming jihadists” by Aaron Klein, who  presents stunning evidence that the White House was supporting al-Qaida  operatives who ended up killing the U.S. ambassador to Libya
  • “Why Obama turned on Gadhafi – the surprising reason” by Jerome R. Corsi – on the Obama administration’s infatuation with the Muslim Brotherhood
  • “Under-publicized threat deep in the White House” – in which veteran FBI  agents disclose that penetration of the U.S. government by radical Islamist  agents is much worse than previously thought
  • “Rogues gallery of terror-tied ‘Muslim civil rights’ leaders” – a pictorial  exposé of the “moderate Muslim civil rights group” in the nation’s capital that  one FBI agent described as “a turnstile for terrorists and their  supporters’
  • “Manifesto puts Hillary’s top aide in Saudi plot” by Art Moore, on how  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trusted adviser Huma Abedin previously  worked for her parents’ institute focused on establishing an Islamic  America
  • “What Muslim-Americans really believe” by Joseph Farah, on a new scientific  poll revealing that most American Muslims oppose the most basic principles of  the U.S. Constitution
  • “Handing Muslim extremists the house keys” by Diana West, on why the  power-elites don’t want to answer the questions of the “Bachmann 5.”

“No matter what you think you already know about Barack Hussein Obama, we  guarantee you will be shocked by ‘THE  FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT,’” said Whistleblower Editor David  Kupelian.


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Going to be pretty hard to shock me with anything new about this bastard Muslim.

But I will check this out and read it

sorry but he is not (P)resident--he is just occupying the WH

Exactly. The Occupier.

Remember, NO ONE BUT A REAL MUSLIM wears the ring he does!! To wear it and not be a Muslim would undoubtedly get to murdered quickly, no matter "who" you are!

  He's a muslim plain and simple.    He's a danger to all  American's and it's a shame that over 50 percent of the country doesn't have a problem with that.

So what's new?  I mean really, unless you have your head up your a*s or you're a member of the lame stream media you know damn well this sob is a piece of crap muslim.  Ever wonder why the feds aren't going after the terrorist training camps here in the US but if you're a militia member and you do military training the feds will be all over you.

Do you ever wonder in the end if the Pope is going to crown Obama like he did the other 2 EVILS. If not you should.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Sadowski,

With all the respect due to your for taking on this task, I want to make some observations that you won't agree with. Please know that my aim is not to piss you off in any way. 

As Marvin Green stated in his comment below,"...unless you have had your head up your...". This is his way of saying that everyone knows these things about Obama already. Unless of course for those uneducated anti-American Commie pcs of crap lovers of "Dear Leader". And to add to this, almost every person I know on the internet has signed petitions with the results being likened to catching air with a Cast-net (Shrimp net), ZERO. I cannot point to any petition I have signed, and I have signed many, that has done any good. Then adding injury to insult, I find out later that many petitions are started by bad people trying to collect personal info on as many unsuspecting chumps as possible. That's why I don't don't sign them any longer.

I do however respect and admire you for trying. The only time people have moved against their government successfully is when they had a leader. A good leader. I had written out a detailed list of traits this leader will need and shared it with one of our Brothers here at PFA, so I hope it gets an honest consideration. In the meantime, until we find that magical man or woman, it seems we are all happy to sit around and wait for the next shoe to drop. I do not pretend for a second that I am that leader, I know better, but I think I know the type we need. With that being said, I suggest everyone keep a sharp eye out for a serious contender to lead the people to taking back this country.

Or you can just wait for that other shoe to hit the floor.

Well the Point is No one has the balls anymore not a Lawyer or anyone in congress to start something of this magnitude, If you remember back in 2001 Bush was going to give a general Amnesty to all Illegal Aliens, You remember that? Well a group of citizens here on Long Island contacted me an asked how and what can they do, I told them and then I brought a Law Suit against Bush and the Attorney General for not enforcing the Laws and Tommy Thomson for not enforcing the Health code, you see in 1986 the president at that time did give one Amnesty in an executive Order claiming this gives the Government the chance to bring their books up to date. That order stated no other amnesty will be given to any and all Illegal aliens, this was case 02-1766 it appears the directive at that time was to buy me off and I personally refused all sums as I told them I have the respect for civil rights and most of all the American People I then brought a motion to restrain President Bush for the war he started and stop his mandate for any Amnesty, at that point there was a deal made, Bush would not give any amnesty and I let the case be dismissed, I agreed to that because I did not dislike the man and we got what we wanted. The Point here is I am one in fore others in this country who is not afraid of the Judiciary and Not afraid to take any single official to court, I have taken legislators in many counties, I have gone after Justices and always defended the rights of the people…


The Point is I alone with the citizens behind me stopped all hiring sites being built and closed the rest up on long Island, I brought the fight to stop illegal immigration amnesty to New York. And we WON!!!


The Point is here I have the way and the means is the 1 million signatures the government is trying their hardest to stop because under the color of the Law that is the minimum amount needed to petition Congress to comply with the wishes of the citizens of the United States, there are two avenues here first we al know he is not a natural born citizen as strictly written in the constitution an second he refused to defend the laws of the United States in Court which is mandated in Law which is an impeachment act. The case referenced is non defense of the Marriage act enacted by congress and the senate signed by a president.


The Point here is even the Police and all Law enforcement agencies are afraid of their own shadow’s and refuse to enforce the Laws already written. They are only interested in shooting people making sure they kill the suspect so they don’t have the opportunity to defend themselves, That is the Point.


Yes it is up to the People of this country to make up their minds to remove the terror from the Whitehouse or let the Muslim brotherhood take over this country, divulge secrets in communications and Military secrets and the outpouring of funds of the united states citizens to groups listed on the black terrorist list as continued terror against the United States and all other countries,


Imagine seeing a child stoned to death because a parent traded either money or goats for that child which refuses to be with that old man.


Now it is up to the good citizens of our United States to take in hand the pen and fight, remember the pen is mightier then any sword.


"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil;

God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Joseph, how do you know about Dietrich Bonhoeffer?  I thought us Lutherans were the only ones who read and studied Bonhoeffer.  He is probably one of the greatest unsung heroes of WWII. 

If it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, honks like a duck, it's a duck.  Yep, no doubt about it, check out the name, Barack Hussein Obama, even Barry Soetoro sounds Muslim.  Clearly, the Obama's HATE America.  The people who voted for Obama also hate America, it's that simple.

Check out our 14 min trailer here:

"One Nation Under Fraud"



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