Constitutional Emergency

The list of Military Generals Admirals Supporting Romney Has Now Grown to 500!!!


Good News! Lets treat it as such!

Our Troops have suffered so much under this coward in the White House, well their Brothers have had enough!!  God Bless Our Military and our Veterans!  

Bev Perlson

Band of Mothers

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About time, but maybe a little too late. Too many of the current flag officers have gone PC and are drinking bho kool aid, they have allowed politics to override their oath of office and need to be held accountable. American Soldier reaches endurance and kills local Afghan villagers, it's a massacer, all charges/paperwork is readily made available; Islamic terrorist shoots up fellow Soldiers at Ft. Hood, it's hushed up and called "workplace violence"; Gen in Afghan is a pedophile, no records available and no releases by Pentagon even under Freedom of Information Act; Army COL is marrid to two women, misappropriates Army funds, he gets to keep retirement and no jail. I really wonder just how stupid those at the Pentagon are when they do not see the obvious and obviously think they are superior intellects and no one else is able to see the pattern.

guess we'll know more about their role, come wednesday (or later, if we have another 2000 election event)...  IF voter fraud wins out, we're going to be needing this guys to lead us...


and, larry, u r spot on!  we may need our veteran leaders, since the current ones are lemmings...

And Monica, we will be ready, elderly or not, able or not; THIS IS OUR COUNTRY , NOT THEIRS! So have we been divided by this cretin.

Ok, so now that the poop is in the fan, how do we get these men to lead this country out of this deep mess?



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