Constitutional Emergency

The President has just declared Martial Law and for all residents to stay in there homes until further notice. More to come on this CBS station......... What do You Do?


You are watching TV with the family 3:15 in the afternoon when your show is interrupted by a news flash...... The President has just declared Martial Law and for all residents to stay in there homes until further notice. More to come on this CBS station......... What do You Do?

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You don't tell that part on here for them to see first and foremost. We all know they are watching web sites like this everyday so they will know who to go after. It is a good question and we all need to be ready for that day.

@ Ronald, agreed. But... just to get the thinking juices flowing, you guys should all be organized already. Planning started 25 years ago. Start small, think broad. See you on the field.

I will be with the Texas State Militia cleaning weapons.

To adjust on that last comment a bit, for anyone who may be lost or unorganized: You need to locate those who are of like mind, Develop your TTP's and Con-Ops for EES. Have a your Con-Ops based upon 24, 72 and 168 hour planning. These can be mirrored to any contingency. Anything over 168 ours, you need a definitive plan for movement, commo and re-supply. Consider the fact that everything is under extreme surveillance.

There are several good reasons for having Con-Ops:
1. Natural Disaster- lets think about this on a reasonable level. what is the average arrival time in natural disasters for any relief organizations? Plan on at least 72 hours. Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, Earthquakes and Fires are the 5 prevalent natural disasters that affect the US. From this, it is the first 72 hours that are the most critical. People who fall casualty are at an even greater risk, as they will require immediate medical assistance. I am of two thoughts on Federal assistance: Short term, it is ineffective so, communities need to be involved and in a position to assist one another. It is the neighborly thing to do. Of course, you should prepare to take care of yourself and family first. This assists any relief agency by lessening the burden on them. If fewer people were so reliant upon that relief from the Federal Level, it might help lessen the tax burden.

2. Foreign Aggressors: Is this really that difficult to fathom? If so, then the Historical attention span of those who think so, is less than 15 years.

3. Internal Aggressors: Spelled out... tyranny. Can't happen in our time? Think again; we are no more exempt from historical lessons than any other generation.

So... what's primary?

Personnel should be at least, trained to the basic Combat Lifesaver level. This means being capable of controlling or stopping blood loss, tourniquets, restoring breathing (your essential CPR basics) and possibly splinting or immobilizing fractures. TCCC (T-triple C) is an awesome course that gets personnel certified to a level between a combat lifesaver and that of a Paramedic. The course is around 1k in cost but is nationally certified. I highly recommend this and have T-CCC Trainers on staff if needed.

Your 24, 72 and 168 hour kits should have enough items on hand to sustain medical assistance for the same period of time you are creating the kit for. This being said, 168 hours... you may find yourself in a position requiring the change-out of bandages. Water is essential as well, so have a means of purification as well as a survival straw. (Several exist for basic water sources up to and including being able to filter out Radiological contamination.) Filters can be created with a water bottle, activated Carbon and filter media. (plans for field expedient filters is available, upon request). Boiling water: Always the BEST means of removing bacterial and o=other organisms after filtration/purification; if time allows. (PBT have plenty of Imodium on hand... you are literally going to shit yourself in a crisis.) [BPT= Be Prepared To]

Notice nothing yet has even mentioned protection. With that, I recommend all PAX (personnel) BPT have on hand, one field knife... screw bayonets unless the only thing you have. This provides you with a means of immediate protection as well as being used in field craft. Have on hand one or two pocket or utility knives (for the smaller work). You know the drill.

Potable Water: sure you have a filter, but you are not always going to have a source. you need to be able to port at least 2 qts at all times, if not more (for traveling). Remember, you need at a minimum, 2 qts per day (64 ounces), for basic needs... if physically active, that can double or triple. If injured, the same applies (keeping hydrated is important, however you should know when it is acceptable to give a casualty water!!! Giving a casualty water, in some circumstances can be deadly.- Revert to training).

Food: Less important than water, which you need daily, food should also be on your list of needs. Prepackaged items that are lightweight and high in calories (depending upon their sodium content, sugars and carbohydrate content) may be a quick fix, but you are going to need protein as well. Beef Jerky is one of the worst items to throw into a survival kit, due to the high sodium content which leads to dehydration. Plenty of information is on the net, in books (for those that remember what those are) and also from survivalists and military personnel. Plan to have at a minimum, what you would need for 24 hours, to get you through. If emergencies are foreseen to last past what your kit allows for, you are going to need to ration... activity will determine your intake needs... so if you are humping it, you are going to need more calories.

Clothing: Yep, you don't want to be caught naked. I like to have a separate bag with my bug out kit, that has a one week supply of clothing. Now, what I would constitute as being one weeks worth, isn't your wife's idea of a weekend road trip with two suitcases full of most of the items she owns. I know guys who pack like this too... Gucci Warriors. KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid!- make sure your pants are of a sturdy construction. Yes pants... not shorts. Yes it may be hot in the desert, but your sweat, which permeates the material will help to keep you cool. Un-blouse the cuffs at the bottom and allow air flow. Also, it is for solar protection and protection from plants, fungus, insects... you get it. I recommend 5-11's and a long sleeve field shirt. Stay away from ALL COTTON! there is no insulative value in wet cotton, and you will get wet on this ride! Wool or wool. blend socks are recommended. Poly blend with "wicking" technology are highly valued if humping it, especially if they have padding in the heels and soles. Expensive yes, but what are your feet worth? no feet... (and I have seen many a sole peel off a foot after humping 25 miles) and you go nowhere for weeks. So... without getting into it too much more, 1 set of clothes made for field environments... BDU's, ACU's DCU's ATACS work too Utility pockets are the bomb in the field, but remember chafing... short distances only... otherwise put gear in your bag!
one set of these will get you thru 168 hours. Screw the smell... you aren't in it to be a runway model. Have at least three sets of underwear. Three to five sets of socks... and again... use the white cotton crap as oil rags... get good wool/blend socks. Boots- should be sized to your feet. Guys, get over the stigma! If you have a size 9, get a size 9! Women could give a crap in a crisis, about your Libido... If your boots are too big, you are going to get blisters unnecessarily. One good comfortable pair (on your feet). T-shirts, at least 2, blouse (with long sleves, non cotton based material) and a jacket if in temperate climates. Even the desert gets cold at night after you face 120 degree (and higher) temps and then dip down to the 80's. Hypothermia will kill you quicker than anything. a hat, with a bill... Bangers, lose the beanie by day... stow that crap until night, that's why its called a night-cap. It is for keeping you head warm when the sun goes down.

So, most of you know a lot of this, but some probably don't know an of it. This takes us back to "organization". Teach your neighbors the basics, from the premise of natural disasters. No one with any grey matter upstairs, can argue the sensibility of being prepared for at least 3 days following a disaster, can they?
One last thing, and probably the most important aspect of crisis aversion: Physical and Mental fitness.

I have been doing this for 2.5 decades, and though I will not argue a person's loyalty to our nation and cause, I will say that reality has not set in with many people. If you are overweight... you are at a health risk to yourself. You are not a sniper-billy-badass. Not everyone is Arnold, but you need to get moving! Flexibility and cardio strength prevents unnecessary injury. Even a little a day... walking, jogging, yoga... rolling in dog shit... helps burn unwanted fat... so, sorry to coin a Nike Comercial, but Just do it!

Mentally, you should be reading... keep your mind active. Firearms manuals, the Bible (or whatever), Field Craft Manuals, Historical readings... Just no comics, guys... and leave the porn at home... you pick a book, your buddy picks another, when you're done, swap. Remember, plastic bags help protect paper and other items, dry. There are plenty of products out there that will do better than generic Ziploc bags and last longer. I like to have a dry bag or all my items inside my pack. It only adds about 2 lb of weight, and can be used as a flotation device in a water entry.

Thanks for the info!  Great job Sean!!!

Well  done  Sean,  Many  have  contributed  here  at   PFA,  each  can  add  what  another   leaves  out,  Team--work..!!  Each  area  of  this  country  has  some  road  blocks, I've  always  said  if  possible  seek  higher  ground  quickly..!!

you guys are welcome.  When my feet hit home soil again, we will revisit a lot of information on tech/tact that may assist.  In the meant time, if you have questions, please feel free to ask.  What I can't directly assist you with, I have people who can or know where to find the info.

I need to think about this one.

Some would say "From your lips to God's ears".

For us in Maine it would mean activation:

The Official Oath of The Maine State Militia

For years Maine State Militia has debated what the military would do if we moved for secession. Now, I would guess that the US Military is wondering what the Militias will do if they overthrow the obama regime. In an effort to give people an insight into what Maine's largest militia belief structure is, I have chosen to print the oath administered to each member and accepted by each member.

I pledge my allegiance first to the God of the Bible, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the one true, and living Triune God. Then to my family and then to Maine. I will not knowingly violate the word of God as articulated in this, my King James Version of the Holy Bible, nor any part of the Constitution of the State of Maine that does not violate God's word.

No, we will not start a fight, but we sure as all get out will not run from it either. The gun grabbers are to late. They have neither the manpower nor the fire power to disarm us. This is not 1780, this is 2012, they will not find us running thru the woods in bare feet, nor will they sneak up on us in the night. Maine State militia was formed back in the days of the wicked reign of King Bill, his wicked and evil queen Hillary, and their high priestess of evil Janet Reno, to make sure that nothing like the assault and murders at the Branch Davidian compound happen in Maine.

We have never, since April 19, 1993, stopped growing, training and increasing our stores and supplies.

Our oath; "I pledge my allegiance first to the God of the Bible, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the one true, and living Triune God. Then to my family and then to Maine. I will not knowingly violate the word of God as articulated in this, my King James Version of the Holy Bible, nor any part of the Constitution of the State of Maine that does not violate God's word." Should make it very clear to any and all that we are not offensive, but defensive, but, once a fight begins, we will then take the fight to where ever we have to. Once the fight begins, we will be offensive as well as defensive.

I pity the state that is unaware and unprepared, the state that makes noise but has no fangs. Google "Maine State Militia" you will find nothing even close to identifying us. Others yes, but not MSM. And that is the way it will stay until we are attacked. Maybe one day I will publish our rules of engagement and the definition explaining what is meant by our being attacked. This almost went into effect back in the mid nineties when the BATF sent dozens of agents to Mechanic Falls Maine and again when hundreds of feds were staged at the east end of The Portsmouth, NH air base. In both those instances the feds, wisely, backed down.

Additional study materials:
Can a Born Again Christian use deadly force and if so, under what set of circumstances

Note: This, the official oath of the Maine State Militia has been made public to offset the claims by some, who are not members, that they are members, officers, and one, living on a pond in Naples, claiming that he is a member of the command council. Read the oath, if the person claiming to be a member talks about such things as attacking the G0vernment or open revolution, he or she is not a member of MSM. Maine State Militia is a defensive force in favor of secession.

The same can be said in Ohio, again 90's and Michigan.  There have been many instances where agents have attempted to move on hard working civilians, all documented (some in MSM) and all ending with no loss of face on either side, rather an understanding that no wrong which would warrant a seizure, was necessary.  However, it was made clear that the option for allowing the seizures or unlawful prosecutions would not be tolerated.  You imagine the scenario from there.   Good job to those who have organized.  Maintain the faith and stay in commo with friendlies left and right.  

what i will say i on this matter  is i have been getting ready for that day for  4 years now and me and my family have 5 diff options for if and when that day comes



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