Constitutional Emergency

The truth behind the Mueller investigation; HIGH TREASON

As you read this please keep in mind that all this is verified, it's all documented, and - NO - I haven't lost my mind - yet.

If President Donald Trump wants to know what is driving these Democrats to continue pushing the obstruction and collusion charges against him, here's the answer. This is why they can not and will not let this thing go. They absolutely MUST keep the focus away from Hillary and Obama. If the Trump administration ever starts investigating this stuff they will all hang - just as Hillary predicted.

HIGH TREASON; The Mueller investigation into “collusion and obstruction of justice by Donald Trump.

The Mueller investigation was nothing more than a huge cover up, an attempt to conceal what has happened and what the Obama and Clinton administration actually did. The transition and transformation into the New World Order and a complete betrayal of America.

While most American's have been sound asleep these traitors have literally sold out everything in America. When I say “everything” I literally mean EVERYTHING. It's not only that Hillary Clinton sold twenty percent of US uranium to Russia, these people have literally handed over total and complete ownership and control of America itself to the United Nations and their New World Order.

Right about now you are probably thinking I've lost my mind, I must have gone over the deep end of lunacy and craziness. I must have turned into a full blown conspiracy nut.

Well remember when Hillary Clinton said “If the American people ever figure out what we've done we will ALL hang”. ?? She wasn't just referring to the Russia Uranium-One deal, Hillary was referring to the “sale” and transformation of ALL of America, ALL of America's resources, minerals, land, and ALL of America's wealth, including the financial equity and capital and collateral of American's future income. EVERYTHING – THEY SIGNED IT ALL OVER TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER, The United Nations.

Still think I'm crazy? Take a closer look around you, look at what has been happening. No it's not being reported in the main-stream media, that bunch of losers and traitors will never tell you what is really going on. Look at the Hammond Ranch in Burns Oregon. For the past five years we all thought that was all about the Uranium-One deal and the confiscation of the Oregon Uranium. Well it WAS about the confiscation of Uranium, but not only the Hammond ranch. They took it ALL. Every square inch of Oregon land, minerals, and resources. Look at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, it's the same thing as Oregon. That had nothing to do with Cliven Bundy not paying his grazing fees, it was (and still IS) about the minerals, the land, and resources of Nevada. They want it ALL. The Hammonds and the Bundys are not the only ones. There are actually hundreds of other ranchers and settlers and farmers throughout the west that are either in prison or dead because the Bureau of Land management and the Department of the interior, along with several other federal Government agencies (EPA, IRS) have been enlisted to enforce the new United Nations land and resource management policies.
The new UN policies are being implemented right now – as you are reading this, right under Donald Trump's nose and behind his back.

THAT is what all this Trump/Russia “Collusion” investigation is really all about, conceal, hide, and divert attention away from what they REALLY did and are still doing today.

The attempts to obtain Donald Trump's financial records and his tax returns, and the attempts at impeaching Trump are all just another diversion, the continuing efforts to divert his attention and your's away from what is going on. The whole thing is a huge smoke-screen intended to keep Trump and the American people from ever figuring out what Hillary was actually referring to when she said “If the American people ever figure out what we did we will ALL hang.”

For once in her life Hillary Clinton actually told the truth.

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Here's another example of American's being thrown off their land and the land an minerals taken.

" I doubt I will vote for him again."
You been watching MSNBC again or something?
What are you going to do? Stay Home??
No vote for Trump IS a vote for Joe Biden or the Democrats.
Good luck with that BS.

Like I have said, "We THE PEOPLE", need to take up ARMS and start taking these people out, then give the UN 30 days to get off of American soil before we blow the UN building to the ground. Like or NOT, that is the choice we have left and we had better do it fast!!!



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