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The United Federation of Teachers -- one of President Obama's key political backers -- is the biggest beneficiary of a White House sweetheart deal

Teachers Union Gets Pass on Obamacare

 The United Federation of Teachers -- one of President Obama's key political backers -- is the biggest beneficiary of a White House sweetheart deal that will exempt certain outfits from
complying with new health-care rules, officials revealed yesterday.
The quietly approved federal waivers for 30 companies, health insurers, unions and other groups across the country means the UFT doesn't have to gradually phase out caps on annual health coverage like everyone else.
The UFT was concerned that could have been a major financial hit on the union.
The one-year waiver, approved last month by the Department of Health and Human Services, covers all 351,000 members of the UFT's welfare fund, which provides health care and other benefits.
The UFT has the largest pool of affected employees of the 30 organizations that received waivers. The second largest was CIGNA with 265,000 members.
Critics have questioned the need for the exemptions, who got them, and why.
"Big labor spent millions of dollars pushing ObamaCare, which they made sure was stuffed full of union giveaways," said Patrick Semmens, spokesman for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which represents businesses.
"So the fact that the largest waiver now belongs to New York teachers union bosses might be funny if the rest of America wasn't stuck complying with the bill's onerous mandates."
While serving as president of the UFT and its parent group, the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten and her members endorsed Obama in 2008.

Union Pushes for ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver

by Kyle Olson

The irony would be humorous if it weren’t so sad: The United Federation of Teachers, the New York City branch of the American Federation of Teachers, which pushed ardently for ObamaCare has now
requested – and received – a waiver from its mandates.

The UFT is a member of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).  In September 2009, the NYSUT’s website published “Health care refor... Here’s an excerpt:

  • Myth: Health care reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors.
  • Fact: You can keep your existing insurance; reform will expand your medical options, not eliminate them.

ObamaCare was such a great idea at the time - the AFT gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Healthcare for America Now, the leading organization pushing for the government takeover of health care.

It was announced Thursday that the UFT has requested and received an Obamacare-waiver after it discovered their members would end up losing their health insurance plans.  Uh oh.

According to USA Today, “The waivers are effective for a year and were granted to insurance plans and companies (i.e. the union and its affiliated “UFT Welfare Fund”) that showed that employee premiums would rise or that workers would lose coverage without them.”

If the union thought ObamaCare would benefit the country, then why seek a waiver?  And can we now count the union as a partner in the effort to repeal it?

A quick look at the UFT Welfare Fund’s 990 Form shows why the union doesn’t want its little money-maker to lose business.  In 2008, the UFT Welfare Fund paid over $6 million to the
union for facilities, equipment, and other expenses.

According to recent LM-2 financial reports filed with the Department of Labor, the UFT received over $2.8 Million in 2009 and $2.3 million in 2008 from UFT Welfare Fund.

This is just another example of fat cats in Washington, DC telling us how to live our lives, then seeking exemptions from the rules they impose on us.

When will it end?

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Typical political crap.............the "politically correct" crowd fully well knows this is the immoral behavior that has America so angry.......and clearly points up the "selling of souls" for 30 pieces of silver..........

I'm totally bald last hair just went.............Unions, corporations, banks, and politicians continue to destory there any doubt.

One of these days when, "we the people" take over, these bastards will be brought before a fair and just legal system and tried for treason.......I'll admit I'm prejudiced and would have them swinging...........
I am getting to where my health dos not allow me to get out much, but I would travel anywhere in this once great nation to watch them swinging.
The day of the "Union" is over! They have gone too far and they have forgotten their main focus that is educating our children and grand children. They must have their power broken, leadership arrested and jailed. They do not allow good teachers to teach, instead it is indoctrination of young minds to hate their parents and the nation.

When we take back the House of Representatives and hopefully the Senate in November, we need to launch several full blown investigations in to the "contributions" of the unions in to the coffers of political party's. We know that the unions have become a money machine for the left and their candidates. It is time to shut them down once and for all.
Amen wiccanwolf............and if the new majority tries to b.s. us it might just be the catalyst that convinces America there is no hope short of major revolution...........
If everyone else is exempted from it, unions and McDonald's, I want exempted from this boondoggle also.
To see them swinging? I don't think so. I do not think that America has the intestinal fortitutde to cause them to swing. I do and I think that's exactly what needs to be done..For treason. If that trash in Washington is allowed to stay in any case they will become more arrogant than ever and continue to screw over the American people. They know that if and when they loose their power they will become accountable to the people. How we, the People, and our elected representatives handle that will dictate the future of this country. That is why we must get everyone we can to the polls to vote conservative.....One question: How far down the ladder of nations are we going to allow this nation to fall?
Personally, I think y'all are being MUCH too kind to this lot; it;s time to bring back drawing and quartering! For those not familiar with this particular mode of penalty; it's tying each limb to a different horse and sending said horses off in 4 different directions at a full gallop. Seems FAR more appropriate to the dastardly deeds that warrant their penalty just now!
I want you on my "special interview" team Sandra.........
Okay, where and when?
when the current regime is put out of office through the overwhelming vote of true American Patriots come this November and in 2012...
IF, not when; the elections, IF they go off at all, may be so completely RIGGED against us that our vote will be meaningless exercise in futility!
I would like to request an obamacare waiver for the entire bill for the entire world.



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