Constitutional Emergency

The Vicious Snake...........aka Radical Muslim Butchers.......

A Donald Trump Video...............

Remember when Donald Trump said Brussells was a Islamic Hell Hole???

The media mocked him..............well???????????

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People make the mistake, of thinking Donald Trump is not smart, and yet, he's hitting Home Runs.  We know the "Snake" many of us, have been informed for years, as to the threat of this vicious Barbarians, savages from the 7th Century.     It has been very hard to educate the Public, but, after this many Terror Attacks, it is finally getting their attention.    Many Countries, and even States are doing things to protect themselves.    Hungary & Poland are the "Rock Stars".    They said not "No", but "Hell No".   Now, it seems Japan, Cuba, Angola, Germany, Austria, Britain, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and the Netherlands are all "beefing up" Laws for the ones there, or prohibiting them altogether.    States are prohibiting "Sharia Law".    Donald Trump needs to be thanked for bringing all this to Light.     All the Other Politicians would have never had nerve enough to highlight this.  We owe him gratitude for bringing forth the most dangerous thing the World has ever seen, at least, in my Life Time.     Get out the Vote for this man!!!!

FOR sometime now , i was interested / amazed How / Why Muslims could impact the cultures in Europe to such

a large extent...i do not have a final analysis but might i add , Terrorism was not a major concern prior to Bush's

ill conceived invasion / mission fail in Iraq.

Further , the mass exodus of Syrian refugees began while the CIA backed civil war  began , trying for an illegal

regime change...

If we could turn the clock back to Feb. 2003 and not invade Iraq, i say Europe would have avoided the numerous attacks.

consider , the ISIS truly believe their ruthless behavior is their only tactic to fight aggression of the West.

Any time someone resorts to murder and mayhem in order to get their way, they are in direct opposition to the laws of God -- Love Thy Neighbor.  There is no possible excuse for causing the sorrow and grief that the Islamic Nation is spewing forth in order to control the world.  Their false god -- allah -- please note the lack of capitalization -- is a creation of the mind of corrupt men beginning about 400 years after our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, showed us the way.  Satan always has and always will create alternatives to the true gospel of Jesus Christ in order to lead as many people away from the truth as he can.  Be very careful what you wish for -- Sharia Law is Satan's law.

yes, but face the truth within this nation , a nation which rebuked GOD in 1963 and is now a

Sodom and Gomorrah.

gary, while I agree with this position, your previous one blaming Busch for the barbarism of i-slime is dead wrong. I-slime has been murdering people since its founder, mooham the murderer, spread his lies by giving people the same choice mu-slime animals give non-mu-slimes today; convert or die. An honest look at history proves that though for just one example. During the early years of our Republic, almost two hundred years before America attacked Iraq or any other other mu-slime sh!t hole, the mu-slime animals decided to raid our merchant vessels operating in the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean in order to steal the cargo and take people as slaves or for ransom. In an ill-considered effort to appease the mu-slime filth, Jefferson agreed to pay the extortion required by the Berber's in north Africa so they would stop attacking our ships, which they did for a short while. The mu-slime animals then decided they would take the money AND go back to attacking our ships which finally pissed off Jefferson so he sent the Marines into what is now Libya, kicked the sorry asses of the mu-slime murderers, and the attacks stopped. This was memorialized in the Marine Corps hymn where it refers to the shores of Tripoli.

So your logic is not logical at all but some form of ignorance or perhaps an effort to deny reality. Either way, mu-slimes have been at war with the world since the filthy satanic cult was created by the murderer mooham, and no amount of twisting the truth can change that fact.

Maybe Trump is a descendant of Jefferson, and I sure would like to see him do the same thing, the World is pissed. Sick and tired of these sick, murdering animals.

He may well be and that suspicion is creating fear in all those who control / exploit

the people. They will elect Hillary over Donald's dead body if He is nominated and

leads her in the polls ...

Clinton was bad for America as was GW BUSH  , Obama worse.

Hillary will be a Nightmare , she will assault the Second Amendment and spread


You cannot go backwards, the milk is spilled.   The "Blame Game" solves nothing, we must now address the most dangerous threat to the Future, the world has ever seen.    If we want to be safe and secure, then we must Stand Up, and do as other Nations are doing, condemn this Cult, forbid them from coming here.    Deport the ones here, at the first sign of trouble, close Radical Mosques.    Information came out of Australia today, that many Countries are doing just as Trump says, among them are Hungary, Poland, Japan, China, the Netherlands (finally), Germany has woken up  (talk about spilled milk!), Ireland is chasing them out.  These Countries are smart enough to recognize "The Snake"   . We have a "Snake" as a Leader, but we are strong enough, to put a man in the White House ,who will put this stuff to rest.  Let's don't worry about yesterday, our future is at stake, and Donald Trump can make you, me and our Families much safer, if we elect him.

IF / WHEN Hillary becomes POTUS  this Nation will totally drown in perversion , she is Atheist.

She will destroy the Second Amendment ...

Remember , the idiot voters twice elected a Muslim , who ignores the Constitution.

"Terrorism was not a major concern prior to Bush's ill conceived invasion / mission fail in Iraq."

Wait a minute Gary, I've got an issue with that statement;

What about New York City, 1993, World Trade Center bombing by the so-called blind sheik?

What about New York City, Sept 11th, 2001? Those events AND MANY MANY MORE occurred PRIOR to Bush's attack on Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003.
Go all the way back to the days of Ronald Reagan when we went in to Afghanistan to "HELP" the Afgan people drive out the Russians. Ask your self WHY did Russia invade Afghanistan in the first place????? You don't suppose it might have been because they (Russians) were sick and tired of all the troubles caused by these Muslims,,,,,, NAWWW !!! That didn't have anything to do with it !!!,,,,,,, BS.

CruiseShip Achilie Lauro,,, Oct 7th, 1985,,,,, That MUST have been George W. Bush's fault too.
Muslims slay athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972........... Damn --- I forgot - George W. BUSH was President back then --- in 1972 !!!!!

If you're going to try to lay all the blame for the entire world situation on George W. Bush the least you can do is try to get some FACTS straight first.

But then again I guess FACTS don't matter do they,,,,, Blame BUSH,,or Maybe President TRUMP did it..........

He hasn't been elected yet, but I'm sure the left will find something to blame on him........





obviously , the USSR entering Afghanistan was a gross miscalculation and mission failure

duplicated by GW Bush.



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