H/T K Keener

Here is the most brilliant statement ever made without a word being said!!!!!
This American born, Veteran of the United States Army, law abiding, taxpaying citizen
was told by his Homeowners Association that he -

Could Not fly the American Flag in his yard......

This is his response:    


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Must have been commie followers of Osama Bin Obama to tell an American veteran not to fly his flag.

Never mess with a WWII Veteran....they will eat you alive without salt...



Now there is a man and a family with conviction!

I love it.

Take that with cha hOA, Where the heck is this that a H O A, in this country won't let you fly the flag, somebody needs to be slapped.

Ata boy, way to go.  I don't know is with our country nowdays with the trends of complaining about everything that shows love of country.

Don't know where this is, but in California a homeowner association would wait until he was not home, get a restraining order, and have the local LEO's waiting for him when he got home. Then he would face a variety of charges, some felonies, be civilly sued, and his home taken for violations of the association rules. And believe it or not, that has actually happened, several times!

A salute, and a hearty SEMPER FIDELIS!

My property -- I'll fly the Flag if I want to !

I believe that makes it clear,very clear .Recommend all Anti Americans in that  Homeowners Association be Tarred and Feathered ! Just a thought!

Ya gotta love it!



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