When I heard that Hussein obama wanted John Kerry for SoS....it made perfect sense to me. John Kerry is just as deceitful and unworthy of the office he's holding as Hussein obama. Of course obama wanted a viper just like himself.


My heart is truly broken again for our Vietnam Veterans - Kerry given any seat besides a cell bed just shows how far our country has fallen! 


To our beloved Vietnam Veterans....I just wanted to remind you there are many many many United States Citizens who do truly love you and appreciate your service and all of your sacrifices which still continue to this day. 



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Lets hope it gets high enough to drown them both too Mercy. Kerry is a waist of human flesh yet here he is because of his wife's money only. He is a disgrace to both America and the Uniform he wore back then. He should have NEVER gotten this job yet Congress and the Senate (all cowards) gave it to him anyway. They are guilty of destroying America as much if not more than Obummer himself.

Kerry was and is a traitor, no different from Jane Fonda.  They should have been arrested, found guilty and hung.

And I am one of them. Kerry should bury his head in sand in shame. We need patriots in government not people who want to sell our country down the toilet.

Will I would love to bury his hear in the sand!!!!

Twana, thankyou for your tireless effort to preserve America!!!  Some day America will be restored to it's rightful place in history, and the deceitfull treasonous bastards who have defiled this once great nation will take their place in hell!!!

Thank you Twana.  You have demonstrated and proven your love for Veterans over and over again, and we are most grateful for everything you do and have done on our behalf. Thank you for the way you keep us informed and up to date on things we need to know about.  I believe you are serving your country in a critical role and every responsible Veteran recognizes and appreciates it. 

Amen Twana.

I am one of those United States Citizens who truly loves and appreciates our vets and the service to our country provided by them and those serving active duty.  They are our patriots.  God bless them and their families for all their sacrifices!  I lost two beloved cousins in Viet Nam.  I can never forget them and their sacrifice. 

Thanks for that praise, Remember that is a two way street, you probably supported us rhen and deserve our thanks also.

WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, in all three the guys who went were short changed in one way or another.  It didn't stop there,

the ones who went in to the Middle East kurfufle,  Thrown into a nonconvention conflict, with conventional force training.  On top of that, having to fight out of Non Combat Vehicles.  The Hummer was a courier Vehicle, the HARV was not given the funds needed for them to use.  Congress turned that one down.  A lot of the troops are missing limbs because of it.  Their families had a rough go of it.  It won't stop there either.  There are several administrations that were involved.  So the things we are going through now, were in the mill for a long time.


Thanks to you for keeping this going.  But that don't mean I won't bark at you.



Twana is right.  We love your honor, your service to your/our country, your loyalty for your brothers in arms, your patriotism.  You're heroes to us all.  God Bless you all. 

Twana, thank you for the efforts you put forward. Our country is passing through a very dark period. Many of us love our country. and our history. These folks will eventually be exposed and removed. Thanks for caring.

Its time Patriots, Its time, lets get it started, Im ready, Im done talking and typing, Im ready, lets do this, and I am not shaken at all by what lay ahead, I am not scared to do the road work.   Lets go man I would rather go down swinging then on my knees waiting, feel me, lets get it.!!1!



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