By Pastor Butch Paugh, PPP

April 23, 2015

A great man once said, "That which we tolerate today we will embrace tomorrow". G. K. Chesterton once said, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." I would add that tolerance and compromise is the creed of a coward. There seems to be very little most will not endure (tolerate and compromise with) to preserve their paycheck or keep "peace" in their lives. To tolerate evil is to compromise with evil and it makes you a partaker of that evil. Death, hell and damnation soon follow!

No deadlier a delusion or sin has ever infected a society than that of tolerance. Which always leads to compromise. An individual with sincere convictions can not and will not tolerate evil and will not compromise simply to maintain a temporal lifestyle or peace. Tolerance/compromise has destroyed many a society and nation. America is not an exception!

This deadly cancer of society and souls starts as all cancers. Very slowly and unrecognized as a real danger. How you might, did it start? Let's examine a few subtle (subtil found in Gen. 3:1) methods that the enemy has used to deceive us. Because of spiritual blindness and ignorance of God's Word, we have been slowly eaten alive by this cancer.

Let's start with Alexander Tyler's "Birds-eye View of the Evolution of Nations.

" 1. From bondage to spiritual faith 2. From spiritual faith to great courage 3. From courage to liberty 4. From liberty to abundance 5. From abundance to selfishness. 6. From selfishness to complacency 7. From complacency to apathy 8. From apathy to dependence 9. From dependence back to bondage or as Hosea said in Chapter 4 verse 7, "As they were increased (prospered), so they sinned against me: Therefore I will change their glory to shame."

America had a "boom" in the 1920's. Then a "manmade" depression in the 1930's. Instead of turning to God, they turned to man for their help and started a process warned against, many places in God's Holy Word. Daniel 1:8 and Proverbs 23:2 are a couple. With this subtle trick of the serpent and his servants, i.e. Roosevelt and money powers, started the tolerance and compromise cancer! Exodus 20:1-3, Exodus 34:14, Matthew 6:24-27 & 33-34, Philippians 4:19. Because we are afraid to offend those that provide for us, we will tolerate and compromise with evil! We don't want to bite the hand that feeds, so for the sake of "mammon" we have denied God and His Word! Damnation of this kind of people then becomes a certainty! Their society is damned and their children's' futures have been destroyed. Hos. 4:6, Ex. 20:5

Because we have broken the first Commandment, the rest follow quite easily don't they? Adultery, now called a "one night fling" or an "extra-marital affair". "Sounds" better that way doesn't it? Kill i.e. murder. Abortion doesn't sound as bad. Euthanasia sounds so much better than kill or murder. Fornication, God’s word sounds so harsh. Pre-marital affair, co-habitation or even "shacking up" sounds so much more "kind". The tolerance and compromise began in the church from behind lukewarm and cowardly pulpits! If the preacher preached the unabashed total word of God, he would lose his congregation and therefore his "prestige" and paycheck. The church no longer wants to be a "peculiar people" but rather a "popular people".

Now we are even learning to tolerate and compromise with sexual perversion! What was once condemned by all but a few, is now becoming common place. "Accepted" by the masses because of "damned" tolerances and compromise! We are told to hate the evil if we truly love God! Psalm 97:10, Amos 5:15, Romans 12:9, Psalm 139:22

To those that are willing to stand on God's Word and proclaim His righteousness against all sin let us now accept II Corinthians 6:16-18 and let us stop tolerating and compromising with evil/unrighteousness beginning in our own lives, our own families and then throughout all of society! Let's once again begin to speak Christ's final instructions to us, His "church" in Matthew 28:20 to teach all nations to observe His commandments! John 14:15

It's time to quit trying to be a "nice" person and a "friend" to the ungodly. We are to have no fellowship with them. Ephesians 5:15, James 4:4. Their souls depend on your faithfulness to Christ, His Word and your reproving them for their evil before it's too late!

No more tolerance! No more compromise!

In Christ's service, Pastor Butch Paugh P.P.P.

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Amen and Amen!!!

Very good article and I forwarded it to a Pastor, hoping to wake him up.   Many pastors in America are failing the people.  When will they wake up and take a stand?  When will they start preaching their congregation to do the same?  You are so right, no more tolerance, no more compromise!

Amen !!! America has got to REPENT !!!!

AMEN. Now that's what I've been waiting for, someone who will
Preach the Word of God and not compromise!!! This is what the shinning light on a hill and the salt of the earth looks like.... The Church is not to comrimise but come out of the Harlot!! That's why the True Church that preaches the Pure Gospel will be hated and suffer persecution because of the very fact they will NOT compromise. Remember that in the last days people will want those who do not teach the Truth but will gather around those who "Tickle their ears". Preach the true Word of God and watch your congregation shrink. Call sin sin and watch the government come after you. Try to live a life according to your faith and watch the persecution that will come upon you. The True Church is in direct opposition to the ways of the world and there are only two choices: compromise and change as society changes or stand fast on the Word of God. Just remember, Gods Word is "The same yesterday, today and forever".


The People have set back and taken everything O has dished out. I doubt that citizens will do any thing else.

I don't agree - not what I'm hearing from so many Americans around our country. People have "taken" obummer's crap because (1) they have been shocked that this can be happening, and (2) they really aren't sure what to do and are seeking some type of leadership that will start the reversal. War has been proposed, but many feel that is a harsh and final solution. However, if we don't start to stand up to this criminal, this tyrant wannabe, war will become the ONLY solution. In the meantime, how many Americans are calling their Senators DEMANDING that a vote be taken to arrest the ineligible, criminal Obama for treason and sedition?  If we THINK that nothing can be done, then for sure, nothing will happen to stop this bum. But if we believe that Obama should and can be arrested - AND WORK FOR IT INSTEAD OF MOANING AND GROANING - then it WILL eventually happen. Let us set the goal now to work for the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama. We are leading a meaningless life when we don't have direction, a goal, or a vision. If we don't have a goal or vision, nothing happens, Deb. 

William Homolka, Editor & CEO,


William I think for the MOST part people are going along because they don't understand the limited role of government and that power resides with the people and not the government. "My people perish for a lack of understanding" as the scripture says. If people really realized that the government is subservient to the people and not the other way around they would not be putting up with government overreach. As Franklin said, " you have a Republic madam, if you can keep it". To keep it you have to know your role and the governments role, unfortunatly our liberal school system is not teaching truth in government and civics classes any longer. I believe people are letting the government get away with their agenda because they don't know any better. Just my opinion. The next time you talk to people ask them " Do states powers come from the state or the federal government?" I think you'll be surprised at their answer and prove my point.

Sir, you speak wisely about the shock....whether it is political, emotional, or can literally stop someone dead in their tracks.

War....I, too, would like to avoid this if at all possible....and that is becoming less and less likely.  Even our state's senators have not been answering my emails asking/demanding the same amount of support as what has been given to a country that encourages terrorism....guess US natural born citizens don't weigh enough to be considered.



Bonnie there are many ways!

1. Organize your Neighborhood

2. Stand on a busy street corner with a sign

3. last year there was Operation American Spring (OAS) trying to accomplish what the citizens of Egypt accomplished  in the millions, we in the USA could not gather 20,000 people in DC. That is pathetic. When I realized that my wife and I were not going to be able to go, we made it a point to do our part in assisting those that were going. We traveled around AZ received donations from people we did not know to help people we did not know. We collected about $2k, I personally contacted about 30 Tea party groups to assist any members financially that were going. One American helping another American with Gas, food and Prayer, we assisted about 8 helped with Donated Radios, assisted with an airline ticket. Did anyone do anything in your area of the country? Please find out. We can learn, fine tune and improve for the next time, when we are called to assist! It is all about our country.

"we in the USA could not gather 20,000 people in DC"

Discouraging, yes. But, keep in mind that the people who are keeping the American boat afloat are working, tax paying people. We don't have the rent-a-mobs and paid activists of the Leftists like we've recently seen in Baltimore and, previously, Ferguson. We have to show up at work.

Plus, we don't seem to have adapted to (nor do we care to) the social media as quickly as the cesspool dwellers known as Twitter. I found out about OAS just a few days before it was scheduled to happen and I'm fairly connected to "radical right wing Conservative and Christian" (or, as we were called 50 years ago - normal people) sites.

Just sort of kidding about the "radical" part.

Edd, I am on your side, ok, but please understand, my life experiences do not jive with your reasoning:

1. There are at least 350,000 each of the last 5 years that have marched in DC in the snow at the end of January for the March for life from all over the Eastern Half of the country

2. I have a business where I have had a minimum of 4 New customers every single week for going on 13 years, sorry my country means more and I have walked away from earning money many of days to stand on the Corner with others stop what I am doing to assist others trying to save this country. My efforts are NOTHING compared to the men and woman who lost limbs, have PTSD and other things and if I can't take a day off on occasion to assist you or someone like the Colonel in your efforts, REGARDLESS of the LOSS of income, I flat out am NOT doing my fair share like others have. Ever read about the Soldier at Valley Forge who had not been paid for a while and in the snow fought bare foot? Honestly we have nothing to complain about.. Or just like Todd Breamer did knowing he was going to die but instead gave his life to prevent others in the Capital or White House from getting hit by a plane. I won't have a job or a business if I lose my country!



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