Constitutional Emergency


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the freedom hating crowd continue to destroy our nation by coddling the Islamic butchers with minority status protection.

Americans are being killed because Barack Obama policies hamstring federal agencies from taking measures to protect our citizens.  Hillary Clinton is supporting more of the same.

If the "muslim-in-chief" in the White House makes a statement that "guns" are the problem impacting the Orlando, FL murder rampage,  he should be arrested as displaying complete insanity, hauled off and incarcerated under psychiatric care.

It would also be appropriate for Romney, Ryan and a few others to join Obama in the same cell.

You can take issue with Trump in some of his antics, but he is the only one with the courage to say, feel it, and commit to doing it through a voice that resonates as getting to the root of the problems in America.

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Klayman says Obama speech on Orlando Islamic terrorist attack a national and international disgrace
President's Muslim Roots Leave Him Dangerously Blind!
Underscores Why Muslim Immigration to the United States Must End

(Washington, D.C., June 12, 2016). In the wake of the horrific Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and a 2003-2004 candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida, where the act of terrorism occurred, had this to say:

"The president's speech today is a national and international disgrace. Being born to a Muslim father and schooled in Medrassa schools in Indonesia, and having as his friends and supporters domestic Muslim terrorist sympathizers like Rev. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, President Barack Hussein Obama refuses to fight much less address Islamic terrorism in any meaningful way. It is no wonder that his speech today refused to even use the word 'radical Islamic terrorism' much less 'Islamic terrorism,' despite the shooter being of Afghani origin, and despite what the FBI revealed were his ties to ISIS. Indeed, it has been reported that at the time of the deadly attack, he repeatedly screamed 'Allah Akbar.' Prior to the deadly attack, he called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. And just in the last hour ISIS claimed credit for the horrific attack.

"This horrific Muslim terrorist attack, aimed at Americans and the gay community in Florida and it appears now also West Hollywood, California – where an individual was apprehended as well this morning apparently on his way with explosives and other weapons to the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade – underscores how Islam hates not just Americans but especially gay Americans. Islam is hostile to homosexuals, and Sharia law and the Quran advocates killing them.

"This is just another example of why we need a total ban on Muslim immigration. There simply are no constitutional rights to persons who are not citizens or permanent residents. While the Muslim terrorist in Orlando was an American citizen, we need to limit the nation from taking any more Muslim immigrants who someday could also become citizens or permanent residents. It's also time to deport all Muslims who are in the United States illegally and on student and other types of temporary visas. We are at war and need to now act accordingly, no matter what President Obama continues to attempt to cover up given his Muslim heritage and connections.

"Our prayers are not only with gay victims, but also all Americans who are, thanks to President Obama, unnecessarily exposed to the continuing Islamic terror threat."

Just found out this shooter was Omar M. Mateen, a/k/a Omar M. Seddique, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, and Mir Seddique Mateen. After getting a link from a friend showing he was registered to vote in Florida and that link here showing his address in Port St. Lucie, Florida, I was amazed. This is the town I lived in for over 25 years and just left last year. Since I used to work for lawyers in PSL for years on end, I am used to working the records search online in Saint Lucie County. Here is what I found out. Omar Mateen most likely lives in the house shown in this picture, although property is also listed in Ft. Pierce as well. Since the voting record shows PSL I am assuming that the 937 SW Bayshore Blvd, Port St. Lucie is the address. This picture is the house. They also showed in one search the following members of family as being Seddique M. Mateen, Shahia S. Mateen, Marlan M. Seddique, Mary Seddique, and Omar Mateen. The Omar Mateen could be his father for all I know, but I do think one thing. I wonder how much this family will be paid for the Jihad he did on these people and who is paying them, because this is what they do the terrorist Muslims. They become martyrs so the family can be paid well. AND THE REAL KICKER, WHO PAID THEM? Since this happened the first thing out of the mouths of the socialist and this king in the White House is take the guns. ARE you kidding me? This is why 50 people are dead! Because they were in a gun FREE zone you idiots! Even more disturbing this is just 6 minutes away from my son's house in PSL! Scary thought.

Just a week ago this man bought guns that he used to kill and wound those people in Orlando. Trump said halt all muslims coming to this country UNTIL we can SORT out the ones we have HERE. That includes native born muslims.

STOP selling guns to muslims. DO NOT put muslims into ANY government agency; we have enough non-muslim Americans who are out of work and are QUALIFIED for the jobs.

In EVERY instance Trump has told the truth. You may or may not like his choice of words but NOBODY has called him a liar.
RACIST yes, they have called him that; but they cannot call him a liar.

Elect Trump. He is the only shred of hope we have left.


Wingy, we need to turn the tables...Instead of putting patriots and others in FEMA camps. demand that all muslims be put into FEMA camps until they can be vetted or shipped out.....Same would apply to all the illegals coming into this country as a holding area pending deportation....

Wingy............of course the establishment will deny the truth Trump speaks........they're in a state of complete chaos over the potential loss of the "golden eggs" they have been gathering for decades.  Trump will interrupt all the corruption, thievery, power, they now possess.......they hate him. 

"We the people" must take every opportunity to support him, warts and would do well for all us to recognize we're not perfect..........Trump has made some major goofs, but his heart is for America.....since he already has 10 Billion, what's in it for him that he doesn't already have?   I believe he is doing what he's dong because he love America and is fed up like the rest of us with the destruction occurring to our nation.

 I Agree

I agree with you on this Harry!  Absolutely right!

For the life of me I DO NOT understand Romney. He cowed down to Obama & Crowley & IMO, lost his chance to be President himself. I had to hold my nose when I voted for him. It comes down to the Supreme Court & losing what freedom we have left. If Clinton wins, we're done for. The Republicans in office now are mostly cowards who have only their own futures on their minds. I've heard over & over what they "have planned" for Obama but nothing ever materializes & it isn't going to. I'd like to see the vast majority of them replaced & "TERM LIMITS"!! I believe Trump's heart is in the right place...he just keeps putting his foot in his mouth & the media blows it up. Romney should get a message to shut up & take care of his own business since it's his own fault he lost.

ISIS Announced Florida Threat THREE Days Ago: 
"We Will Attack Florida"
Don't you feel SAFE?​

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting it is only too obvious we face a clear and present danger that is only going to get worse with more of these insane radical Islamist's following suit to try and outdo this tragedy by going after an even bigger crowd. The very fact that Obama cannot even speak the name of the enemy and wants to place the blame on guns and not the person using the gun should make clear his feeble attempt to sidestep his dereliction of duty to keep Americans safe. Harry, you are absolutely correct that Barry Soetoro should be arrested and removed from the White House without further delay. I agree that the wimp Romney and traitor Ryan and all other RINO's should also be immediately removed from office and locked soundly away where their idiotic words cannot be heard. From this tragedy comes the absolute truth of what Trump has been trying to warn the people about. This horrible event should drive home the ineptness of Clinton along with her accomplice Obama and serve as an example that we are in need of someone who will stand up to these terrorists and do what needs to be done. Maybe it is time to revert to a time in history when it was mandated every man was required to possess a gun and have ammo on hand to help defend this nation. That will not happen with Clinton in charge just as it hasn't happened under Obama. Gun Up America, time has come to lock and load against this unthwarted threat. The sleeper cells that have been brought by the thousands to our country are proving they can massacre at will. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere so it is up to each of us to stand armed and ready to defend ourselves as we have the undeniable right to do. Because the "authorities" choose to ignore the Constitution and infringe upon our guaranteed rights, rights that "they" did not grant and therefore cannot speak to no longer holds any meaning. We need to do our duty. We are clearly at war with the terrorists and now they are on our soil and among us we must be as ready as possible to disallow any other shooting from happening. The only way we can accomplish that is to let these murderers know we the people are ready to send them to talk with Allah by returning fire any time they dare fire on an American. I am not advocating we dress like Pancho Villa I am saying we should all begin carrying with the necessary discipline and utmost safety. We have a God given right to protect ourselves and there is only one way we can accomplish that. Let those who have made a policy that restricts us go to hell as they lack any authority to prevent us save that we have allowed them to. No longer. The time has come and we are on our own. Remember when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.         

ADDED NOTE: Pieces now coming together and I know this area well, I lived there until April of last year.....Here is the mosque that Omar I would think that they would be tearing that place apart, because I bet you they are promoting this Jihad right there and Omar got training there.   I know this Mosque, we used to drive by it when I lived in Port St. Lucie.  Never paid much attention to it....   If our FBI knows about this stuff and doesn't follow up on it, then why is what I ask.  There are so many questions here that need to be answered.  Why they waited 3 hours before doing something.  They claim they had a hostage situation, but look what happened, the hostages were all shot.   The fact the Omar's father had visited DC and some of our government officials in April, kind of gives you that cozy feeling doesn't it.  Omar lived in Port St. Lucie at 937 SW Bayshore Blvd., and I use to drive by his house at least once a week.  His father also has an apartment in Ft. Pierce, and they raided that as well.   Also read that he was security at the Port St. Lucie Courthouse, so he was a government employee.  The Court house in for Saint Lucie County the extension of it is not in Port St. Lucie itself, but about 5 miles from his house in Port St. Lucie West.   This is why he has guns because the government hired him and he was afforded guns for his work.  So Obama saying more gun control will not work, as when you hire Muslim Terrorists to work in governmental capacity and give them guns, taking our guns and restricting our guns won't do a damn thing!!!!!

WE have all the free loaders that will vote come election time, so if we dont turn out in force this time TRUMP will loose. WE need every man on deck this time around, we need to start talking to every one we know.



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