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U.S. Lawmakers Warn of New Violence in Iraq if White House Abandons Deal


Chad Longell shared a link.

Iraq faces a greater risk of renewed violence if U.S. forces are told to leave Iraq, top U.S. lawmakers warned Sunday as the White House insisted negotiations to keep some U.S. troops in Iraq haven't been abandoned even though Iraqi officials remain adamant they not get immunity if they remain.

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Odds from Vegas, Iraq will return to the stone age 5 years or less any bets .

Although unfortunate, it appears the choice is quite simple.  If U.S. troops will not have immunity from prosecution we must pull out.  I do not trust any of this however and see it as just another ploy by the Obama administration to despritley meet at least "one" of thier campaign promises.  It's difficult to make an intelligent and informed decision when there is so much doubt if you are even getting all the information and are not aware of what BS may be going on behind closed doors and once again, behind our backs.  History has proven that years maybe decade's later, the whole story comes out and we find that we would have held a different position had we known what we just found out.  Does that make any sense?  :)


Altogether too much sense, in fact.
If the troops stay they should only be judged by their fellow soldiers.  I just watched the stop loss movie and it looks just like I suspected. The enemy is all around them appearing in the same uniform as the public; they attach our units, then run amongst their fellow citizens to hide.  Our troops are fighting a war against an unknown enemy not sortable from the rest of the citizenery.  Under these circumstances they need protected for possible co-lateral damage.

I AGREE WITH THAT 100% which is another reason I suspect foul play by the Obama administration.  As a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine are to be protected by all times by the Federal Government, and is they violate rules of engagement, the USMJ deals with that, not some shiek with an agenda.


Face it that the white house and staff are not for our service people.. They want them gone so the MB can step in an take over the world....
No argument there..

This is what comes of allowing politicians to make military decisions. If I was a soldier, as I once was, I would have the reasonable expectation to be protected by the UCMJ as well as subject to it; not the whims of a people with 5000 years of cultural tribal animosity and a total inability to treat "Infidels, " soldiers or not, with any degree of respect. It is a cultural thing. We should not have been involved with Islam other than after 9/11 to wipe out Saudi Arabia and Mecca amd Medina after 9/11 in return for the cowardly attack killing 3000 Americans; including women and children and the celebrating in the streets throughout the Islamic world. The only way to treat with them is to be twice as barbaric as they are. Overwhelming Force is all they understand and, in the long run FAR, FAR cheaper, when used both terms of objective and overall loss of life. Either we get the immunity or Bring them home and let the Neanderthals kill themselves, not US! All of this is the result of our totally incompetent leadership over the last five decades.

The SEALs were set up for other reasons; political reasons having to do with the alleged assassination of Usama bin Laden.  Those weren't "accidentally fortuitous enemy actions" that killed them.  But you're right, men left in without defense against local prosecution in the inadvertent deaths of civilians, would indeed be massacred.

Once again this sham administration is looking to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Iran has been looking forward to this for a long time. They knew if they waited things out long enough Obama would eventually hand them the keys to the back door. I despise him more with each passing day,


All my fellow soldiers who lost their lives trying to free this country from the most evil dictatorship since Pol Pot will once again have died for nothing.  Vietnam II, the sequel

Here's the solution: DUMP Obama in 2012 or NOW (if you have the guts) and elect someone with some class and NUKE the entire Islamic Middle East.  This will cure all there is to be cured.
Those of that have the guts and the means will be at the 11.11.11. Rally in Washington DC.  Not to imply if you're not there you don't have the guts.  We all understand that many who wish to attend simply cannot because they do not have  the means to make the trip.  But anyone who cannot can participate by continuing to get the word out, recruit members, and pass along any and all information that we have.



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