I recommend we all try out the unseen.io as a FREE way to communicate. My address there is sdrickert01@unseen.io and it uses 4096bit encryption.  Below is a Faq page from unseen.io

This will allow this whole organization to communicate completely off the NSA's radar! Honestly I strongly recommend it. I am an Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Administrator and found no security problems with this site. It offers a lot of great features for FREE!

What does Unseen do?

Our service replaces insecure applications like email and Skype® with a state-of-the-art web site, mobile apps and desktop clients that all work together to help you securely communicate wherever you are.


What's the goal of Unseen?

Our goal is to bring back the human right to communicate freely and learn the truth. Only when you don't have to look over your shoulder when communicating will you feel real freedom. For this reason, we believe that security and privacy can bring people freedom. The truth will set you free.


Where are you based?

Our company and servers are based in Iceland, where very strict data privacy laws help to protect your information.


On what platforms is Unseen available?

We currently offer a web-based version and will soon have a beta version of Windows, Mac and Ubuntu clients for user testing. Android is coming on strong and iPhone versions will be coming shortly, too. All applications are free to download. We feel people want to access their secure messages whereever they go.


Why do I need this service?

If you value your privacy and security, then you need a service that protects your communications. Most email apps, social networks and chat applications don’t have very robust security, are commonly hacked, and even read your messages to target advertising and for other purposes. It has also been recently revealed that they have been handing over data in bulk to various spies and agencies. Additionally, even if you don’t have an account on a web-based email service, when you send a message to someone who does, that service reads your email and creates a profile on you and stores and shares that information, too. Unseen is different. We use very strong security to stop hackers and spies and never, ever read any of your messages. Only you keep the key with Unseen.


How does it work?

We use a hybrid peer-to-peer and hosted network solution for transmission of encrypted messages. Messages are encrypted and decrypted by each person sending or receiving a message. They are never decrypted along the way (we don't have the key). This is done automatically and is transparent to the user and our services will appear on the surface to work the same as the regular free email or chat services.


What kind of encryption do you offer?

Messages on our service are sent using 4096-bit encryption, which is considered extremely strong. you generate your keys with extremely strong lattice based encryption. To that, we add an advanced symmetrical encryption which is very easy to use with keys 16x longer than those found in AEA256, an industry standard. According to our engineers, this will take 23840 times longer to crack than aes256, which is commonly known as "military grade" encryption.


How do you stop hackers from getting access to my data?

Data from each of your messages is encrypted separately, with your key -- even we can't read your messages.

The other approach that hackers use is that they try to hack the server itself. If they are successful then it is like a treasure chest of user data. But not with Unseen. All data from each account is encrypted separately so even if a hacker got access to any data on the server, he would have no way to locate your data and even if he decrypted one small piece of data, he wouldn’t have access to the rest of the data.

If you use only the peer to peer client, none of your data will be on our servers, so if someone hacked our servers, they wouldn’t have access to any of your data.


Isn’t a web service less secure?

Our services are developed to provide the highest level of security widely available on the web. We expect to continue improving and developing better solutions to protect your information. Applications specific to a particular operating system do offer more security, but the web is extremely convenient because you can get your messages anywhere, even if you are borrowing someone elses computer.


What’s the difference between the free version and the premium version?

The free version provides a modest amount of free encrypted storage and allows sharing of files of up to 50MB. The premium version provides 2GB of encrypted storage, file sharing up to 40GB, group audio/video calling, and premium users can generate and store their own private key.


How do you make sure terrorists don’t use your platform to do bad stuff?

How do you know terrorists aren’t using Google? (They probably do!) Bad people use all kinds of different things like telephones and cars and we don’t stop using those because they might be misused by someone. We don't intentionally look to serve terrorists or people who commit acts of violence or steal or damage property.


What if you get a request from the government to hand everything over?

Because we're based in Iceland, we have to follow Icelandic laws. That means that if we receive a warrant for a particular person that is issued in Iceland and valid there, our Icelandic director will evaluate the request. If he finds that it's a legally valid request and reasonable, the information we have from a particular person will have to be turned over. It's illegal in Iceland to create a "backdoor" or give anyone bulk access to the data. Because we don't keep the key, all messages are encrypted. We can only provide whatever data we have for the user and if the user's profile settings don't store data on our servers, we might have an email address and that's about it.

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