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Bunkerville Bundy Trials started Feb 3rd. Government just finished calling their witnesses March23rd. Nearly two full months of BLM/FBI Government testimony to make damned sure Bundy and six men are imprisoned for life for trying to defend themselves.

Remember here people, not one single shot was fired at any federal agent. But up in Oregon Lavoy Finnicum was murdered by the Oregon State police and the FBI. Finnicum never fired at any one either.

Government done calling witnesses in Bunkerville standoff trial

The government has finished calling witnesses in the trial of six men charged as armed followers of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy in his 2014 stand against federal authorities who tried to seize his cattle from public lands.

Federal prosecutors on Thursday called their last witness. Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre signaled the government intends to formally rest its case when the trial resumes April 3 after a weeklong break.

Since early February, prosecutors have called dozens of witnesses to testify against the six alleged gunmen. They say the defendants assumed tactical positions on a highway bridge overlooking a sandy ditch where Bureau of Land Management authorities had been impounding cattle. The men were armed, and some of them were photographed pointing long guns at federal agents in the dried-up wash below them.

Dozens of law enforcement witnesses have testified about the threat level the hundreds of protesters posed when they arrived at the impoundment site on April 12, 2014, after they were told at a morning rally that the BLM planned to cease its operations.


What happened after that represents the core dispute in the trial.

Federal prosecutors say the agents were outnumbered, and outgunned — and that they were forced to don body armor and assume military formation in order to defend themselves against a raucous, armed crowd. Defense attorneys, meanwhile, have suggested through cross-examination that their clients only raised their guns to protect women and children protesters against a militant police presence.

What is agreed upon, however, is the tense nature of the standoff situation that ensued. The situation ended when BLM agents aborted their operation and left Bunkerville. That marked the start of a two-year federal investigation that resulted last year in an indictment against Bundy and other people the government describes as his “followers.”

The ongoing trial represents the first of three in a sweeping case against 17 men accused of staging a mass assault on law enforcement. The government presented heaping digital evidence — dash and body cam footage, television reporters’ b-roll, and even interviews that undercover FBI agents conducted with some of the defendants months after the standoff.

Federal investigators posed as documentary filmmakers in order to draw statements from some of the protesters as they were building their case.

Testimony at the trial revealed that one of the men, defendant Gregory Burleson, was a paid FBI informant from 2012 until an undisclosed date. What sort of information he provided was not disclosed, but he was known to be an active member of Arizona militia groups.

The men are standing trial on charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, aiding and abetting, interference with interstate commerce by extortion, and other counts.

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Las Vegas Review Journal.

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Update: March 29, 2017, By Shawna Cox.

Shawna Cox: What America needs to know about the Bunkerville trial

We just want to tell the truth, so why can’t the media go into court and show the world what really goes on in these Federal Courts?  Why are they only allowed to take notes and draw pictures?  The defendants want an open court and have asked for it but the Judge still refuses media access.  The information that goes out by way of the major media is only a spin because their reporters don’t even stay in the courtroom the whole day. They report things of very little concern and try to keep the public in the dark.

Commentary by Shawna Cox

Dear America,

Federal Court in Las Vegas, Nevada: March 22, 2014 during the “Cliven Bundy Trail #1,” the federal prosecutors were still putting on their case. This would be the 22nd day of trial since it began on Feb. 6, 2017.  In cross examination of one of the federal agents, the only Pro Se Defendant, Todd Engel, asked the agent if it was true that the Special Agent in charge, Daniel P. Love of the BLM, was under investigation for misconduct. (Remember “Burning Man”?) The witness did not answer the question before the prosecution immediately jumped to their feet and objected.  After all, the defendants were not allowed to talk about the main character in the whole Bundy Standoff.  The prosecution has raised his name a number of times but only in the light that is most favorable for them. Judge Navarro immediately sent the jury out of the room.  It was time for a break anyway. The prosecutors demanded that Mr. Engel be stripped of his Pro Se status.  After a few  moments of thought, the Judge agreed to strip Todd of his Pro Se but just for the rest of the day. ( I believe she was trying to figure out a way to do it.)  The 6th Amendment provides “to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.”  Of which, Todd’s counsel was fired because of falling asleep in hearings, no communication with defendant, no knowledge of the case, refusing to ask the questions put before him of the defendant, only performing when others are looking over his shoulder or trying to assist his client, etc. This would now leave Mr. Engel with no defense!

Judge Navarro did make the ruling to strip Todd’s Pro Se status the very next day.

The same afternoon during cross examination of FBI Agent Caputo, the sage attorney, T. Jackson who represents Greg Burleson, asked the agent if he had worked with Greg Burleson before.  “Yes.”  When?  “2012 – 2013.”  So… you could say Greg Burleson was working as a paid informant in 2012-2013?  “Um…Yes, we were working on a murder case.”  What happened to him in 2103?  “I handed him off.”

The audience were in shock with jaws dropping.  A few other questions followed, and then the last questions of the day…Who did you hand him off to?  “Agent Nixon.”  The same Agent Nixon that just testified in this trial the yesterday?  “Ah…(looking to the Prosecutors for help)…Ah, Yes.”

So now it is obvious to all of us that Greg Burleson was and has been a paid informant for the FBI for a few years, and now he has been in jail sitting in with the defendants during their client/attorney meetings etc.  The defendants are sure this is the basis for a “mistrial” and this information just confirmed what they felt all along: Greg Burleson had a different reason to come to the ranch than all the rest of them.

The next day the Judge acted like nothing happened the day before and waved it off like nothing to see here…move along.  The prosecution even went so far as to play all of the Longbow (FBI fake film company0 interview with Burleson–terrible and overly dramatized!  They even showed all of his Facebook posts afterwards, which are boisterous, obnoxious, filled with bad language, and not the spirit that everyone else was feeling there. These fake narratives were used to ramp up the hysteria about the militia and the protests and to sway public opinion.

We just want to tell the truth, so why can’t the media go into court and show the world what really goes on in these Federal Courts?  Why are they only allowed to take notes and draw pictures?  The defendants want an open court and have asked for it but the Judge still refuses media access.  The information that goes out by way of the major media is only a spin because their reporters don’t even stay in the courtroom the whole day. They report things of very little concern and try to keep the public in the dark.

This is criminal!  

All the while they keep the Bundy men and all the real patriots, locked up with no bail and no relief.  They are treated worse than if they were already found guilty of some horrible crime.  These judges, along with many other politically motivated people, have created a conspiracy against We the People.

Harry Reid’s Role

Senator Harry Reid, in April 2014, called all the people at the Bundy Ranch Standoff “Domestic Terrorists” because we exposed his and his son, Rory Reid’s, land deal with China.  They had a contract with a company from China to sell the Nevada land Cliven Bundy has been grazing on for over 150 years, for pennies on the dollar. Makes you wonder how politicians go into office to serve and come out filthy rich. 

Judge Navarro has a conflict of interest and should have recused herself from this trial.

In 2009 she was working as an attorney for the Clark County Commission with Rory Reid as one of those commissioners.  Her husband, Brian Rutledge, was also working in the county and is still working as the District Attorney. 

In 2009, Judge Navarro, was recommended by Rory Reid a Clark County Commissioner, whom she worked with, to be nominated by (his father) Harry Reid to President Obama to become the Chief Judge in the US District Court of Nevada here in Las Vegas.  Harry contacted Governor Brian Sandoval to replace Judge Robert C Jones and Gloria Navarro was appointed on January 1, 2014.  Judge Robert C Jones was demoted at that time probably because he was the Judge who sat on the Wayne Hage case and saw the injustice and out of control BLM and the Hage Case won in court.  Her appointment bypassed all the experienced Judges who worked their way to the top and placed a young woman with very little experience, to be their master.

April 19, 2015 Chief US District Judge Gloria Navarro assigned the Hage case to herself and in September 2015 the Wayne Hage case was overturned.  She is BIASED and should have recused herself from this Bundy Case.  Harry Reid has been placing these people in office to further his own agenda.

She also should have recused herself from this Bundy Case because it is a conflict of interest with her husband, Brian Rutledge as the District Attorney who failed to prosecute anyone after the standoff and dozens of people filed complaints with the County Sheriff’s Office against all the Federal Agents who pointed guns and threatened to kill all the unarmed Americans protesting under the Toquap Bridge that day of April 12, 2014.

Federal law requires the automatic disqualification of a federal judge under certain circumstances. 

In 1994, the U.S. Supreme Court held that “Disqualification is required if an objective observer would entertain reasonable questions about the judge’s impartiality.  If a judge’s attitude or state of mind leads a detached observer to conclude that a fair and impartial hearing is unlikely, the judge must be disqualified.”

Just like Harry did with Neil Kornze, the former head of the Bureau of Land Management in the Obama Administration. Neil had been tutored as Harry’s personal secretary. Two days before the assault at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, Harry Reid made Neil the head of the BLM. There were a lot of disgruntled people who had been working their way to the top for years with lots of good experience and were bypassed by this young man through the influence again of Harry Reid.  Harry needed someone to do his dirty work.


Identity of paid FBI informant unintentionally disclosed during Bun...

Recordings show paranoid, abusive attitudes of federal agents durin...

Why Trump’s new BLM director must fire Dan Love

 Shawna Cox is a native born Utahan.  She is a very active wife, mother and grandmother.  She has been politically involved for over 40 years.  She stood up for her Cowgirl friend Mary Bullock Rucker when the BLM and environmental groups came after her and her cattle in 1996.  She went to Bunkerville to help her friend Cliven Bundy and his family when they came for his cattle and offered the prayer under the bridge. Then believing in Ammon Bundy’s will to serve the Lord, she went to Harney County, Oregon to help the Dwight Hammond Family when they came for his Ranch.  She was in the truck when LaVoy Finicum was murdered and was a defendant in the First Oregon Trial, where miraculously they were all aquitted.  She has been helping all the other defendants ever since and can’t go home until they too are all freemen again. They are innocent of any wrong doing. May God Bless us all to restore our Constitution!

Evidence that Lavoy Finnicum's 9mm gun was planted after he was killed.

Is This Judge Fixing the Outcome of Cliven Bundy’s Trial?

According to Federal Judge Gloria Navarro you are NOT allowed to defend yourself against hostile Bureau of Land Management agents when they threaten to open fire on you or your friends and neighbours.

Where does it say in the Constitution that we are not allowed to defend ourselves if the hostile perpetrators and killers are the US Federal agents? Somebody please show me that line and section in the Constitution, OH Shit - That's right too, according to this Judge Gloria Navarro the Constitution doesn't apply or even exist anymore. Defendants in the Nevada Bundy trials were not allowed to even mention the Constitution.

The Nevada trial of the first six defendants in the Bundy case has been sent to the jury.

US News Story;

A second federal trial could start June 5 for Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and two other defendants characterized by prosecutors as leaders of the conspiracy. Trial for another six defendants would follow in the fall.

Where in the hell is Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the Bundy trials in Nevada? On the BS trials of Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Why are these prosecutors and judges still in office? Why are Dwight and Steven Hammond still in prison because Hillery sold their land to Russia?
I thought we said DRAIN THE DAMNED SWAMP.

Old Rooster... I don't think there will be any true, honest, impartial justice through our courts until the fact that two judicial systems are in existence is exposed. The same thing has to happen in exposing the fact that there are two governments in existence. Also the fact needs to be exposed that the governments and the courts have abandoned our constitution. As I've posted before if Trump isn't aware of these facts (he's NO dummie) he will be soon. If nothing changes it will just confirmed to many of us is that the corruption is too great too wide and too deep to be corrected. Personally I'm not optimistic. He's Risen!! Shalom.

UPDATE, April 24th, 2017; Jury deadlocked on 4 defendants.

Nevada jury: Split decision in 1st Bundy standoff trial

Bundys don't go on trial until late June

LAS VEGAS (AP) –  A jury in Las Vegas has deadlocked on federal charges against four men in an armed standoff that stopped government agents from rounding up cattle near Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch in 2014.

The judge declared a mistrial Monday after jurors couldn’t reach verdicts on charges against Richard Lovelien, Scott Drexler, Eric Parker and Steven Stewart. Earlier, the same jury convicted two others in the standoff.

Judge scheduled a new trial for June 26. That’s the same day Bundy; his eldest sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy; and two other defendants are scheduled for trial.

The split decision Monday came in the first trial in the standoff hailed as a victory by those who oppose federal control of vast stretches of land in the U.S. West. It had been seen as a preview for the case against the Bundys.

Gregory Burleson of Phoenix was found guilty of eight counts, including assault and threats against federal agents and extortion — crimes of violence carrying the possibility of 57 years of mandatory prison time at sentencing July 26. His attorney, Terrence Jackson, said Burleson will appeal.

Todd Engel of Idaho was convicted of obstruction and traveling across state lines in aid of extortion. He could face up to 30 years in prison at sentencing July 27.

It wasn't immediately clear whether the trial for Cliven Bundy and his sons will be pushed back. Defense attorneys and family members complain that they have already been in federal custody and away from their families for more than a year.

BUNDY...THE TRUTH<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Well, at least there is some good news - President Trump has signed an XO re-examining how the Antiquities Act has been misused to grab millions and millions of acres for the Federal government over decades, specifically, the two huge ones Obama designated out west right before he left office. 

The Nevada Bundy trials:

Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro is not conducting a court room trial, she is conducting an execution.

In any normal court room trial the judges responsibility and roll is to maintain order in the court room. The Judge manages the court room so that the defendants and the prosecutors can each present their cases.
Under American Constitutional law all defendants are supposed to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. It is the responsibility of the prosecutors to present any evidence that they have that might prove the defendants are guilty as accused, IF they can. Under American Constitutional law any evidence and any witnesses that the prosecution presents may be questioned by the defendants and their counsel. It is the responsibility of the prosecutors to insure that any evidence presented, and any testimony given, is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth. The defence must have sufficient and proper opportunity to question any and all evidence and testimony presented.
Any evidence or testimony presented by the prosecution or the witnesses for the prosecution which may be found to be fabricated or untruthful then all such evidence and all such testimony must be declared null and void. Any false evidence or testimony presented in a Jury Trial must be thrown out in it's entirety. Any one found presenting false evidence or testimony should be held in contempt and perjury charges must be filed immediately.

Under American Constitutional law the defendants and their representative counsel must be allowed to not only question any evidence and testimony presented by the prosecution, but they must also be allowed to present evidence and testimony which either disproves or invalidates any prosecutions evidence. The defendants must be considered innocent until proven guilty. And any shred of question or doubt of guilt must be considered sufficient to maintain that status of innocence. The jury must rule in favour of the defence and find the defendants NOT Guilty if any shred of evidence suggests there might be any type or form of any reasonable doubt of any guilt.

In all American Constitutional law trials the judge must remain completely unbiased. It is never the responsibility, Nor the right, of any judge to per-determine the guilt or the innocence of any defendants on trial. It is never the right of the judge to predetermine that any defendants should be found guilty.

It is the responsibility of the jury alone to determine guilt or innocence of any defendants.

It is the responsibility of the judge to insure that both the prosecution AND the defendants have sufficient time to make their presentations. Each side must be allowed sufficient time to make their individual presentations. The judge can NOT restrict either the prosecution NOR the defence from presenting evidence or testimony required to make their cases. The judge can NOT limit or restrict one side or the other. The jury must be capable of making a just decision based on all the evidence presented. And both side must be allowed to present what ever evidence and testimony is necessary to support and prove their positions. The jury must be allowed to hear ALL evidence pertinent and relevant to each side of the case. The judge can NOT restrict or limit either side.

It is the responsibility of the prosecution to PROVE the guilt of the accused, but the defence only has to raise reasonable doubt as to that guilt.

In the Trials of the men accused of threatening Federal agents and several charges against each individual in the Bundy trials, judge Gloria Navarro has violated her responsibility as a Federal judge. Judge Gloria Navarro has restricted and deliberately limited the Defendant's ability to present evidence and testimony which could have either proven innocence or at the very least raised questions about their guilt. This judge restricted and deliberately limited what evidence and testimony might be presented by the defendant's. This judge restricted and limited the defendant's rights to counsel or their choice.

Judge Gloria Navarro has violated the defendant's fundamental Constitutional rights to a fair and honest trial based on evidence and testimony by prejudging the defendant's guilty. She has over stepped her position and authority as a judge by predetermining the guilt of these men. Including Mr. Cliven Bundy and two of his Sons along with several other men currently being held in State prison pending trials on the same case.
Judge Gloria Navarro has violated her oath of office and she has violated the Constitution of the United States of America. Judge Gloria Navarro is not conduction trials here, she is conducting predetermined executions.

Judge Gloria Navarro must be removed from the bench immediately and remanded to custody pending investigations into her involvements in the Clark County Nevada Bunkerville land grab by Senator Harry Reid and the Bureau of Land Management.

REF: US News, Bundy Trial Update: Judge May Not Allow Defendants Biggest Accuser To Be Questioned In Front Of Jury; Week II Bundy Trial Update: Government Testimony Well Rehearsed As Witnesses Lie On The Stand Trial dates: Start date Feb 9th, 2017, Prosecution rests it's case April 13th, (more than two months for the Prosecution. Defence begins April 12th, Trial closing arguments April 13th,,,, TWO days for the defence.



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