Dear Harry,

Thinks are turning interesting, here. 

No official confirmation yet, but it is being reported a big investigation and shake-up in the 2nd and 3rd Judicial Districts (Tallahassee & mine) which involves a number of judges, public defenders, and state attorneys, some of whom have already stepped down.  Chief among them are Willie Meggs (who retired and is reported to be undergoing treatment for Alzheimer's) and Judge James C. Hankinson (The prosecutor and judge in my case.)

It is further reported Jeff Siegmeister, S/A who lied under oath at my trial, and was behind my being arrested, is also under investigation.

Apparently, The Tallahassee Democrat has reported extensively on some of this, but it's taking us a few days to obtain back copies.  Seems this all started about the time of my trial last summer.

I'll send more when I get it.


Read more about Terry case and how you can help

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Thanks for this update Harry. I need to sit down and write Terry again, it's been a while and I'm sure he thinks we forgot about him.
As we all know President Trump still uses Twitter as a means to communicate directly to the people. Well I use that Twitter to send him messages about Terry Trussell. I also send them to AG Jeff Sessions and others. I don't know if anyone reads them but I do have several people up there that seem to follow me. I also send messages about the Hammonds and Bundy's.

This mess in Washington is unbelievable. It's going to take us 20 years or more to dig our way out from under the Obama screw job. IF we can ever really do that at all.

Maybe their May 1st OAF Bull shit will really start something. That will give me license to go up there and start some of my own.

: )  hope they continue to investigate, get all the "big" fish and then put them in the pan to fry!

that is good news  .

.I always thought he may have got into something way bigger than he may have known at the time..

I think he knew it was big... and he can handle it... but I don't think he expected the last minute subversion from the Bozo on his way out the door... I think they're working furiously to dig up info, else Trump wouldn't have called it "criminal" which was an overt message to that gang..... I hope he roots out these creeps/commies first, with fines and jail time, then goes for the snake's head!

Glad Terry is seeing some good omens come his way... which reminded me I need to send him more stamps!



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