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NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE January 12, 2011 - The United States Patriots Union(1), in strategic partnership with Stand Up America(2) and our joint 2011 Call to Action, have launched a nationwide initiative to introduce and pass broad-based state nullification legislation in all fifty states. We present this model legislation, The State Nullification Reaffirmation Act(3), as a proposed state bill for the following reasons.


The sovereign states lost congressional representation of states interests in 1913 with the passage of the 17th Amendment, which removed the constitutional right of each state legislature to choose two representatives of state interests, to be seated in the US Senate.


Since then, all branches of the federal government have increasingly acted against the best interests of the states and the people, reaching farther and farther beyond the scope and authority granted them in the U.S. Constitution and today, the federal government functions with utter disdain for both states’ and individual rights.


With no legitimate venue available in which to demand redress of grievances in the legislative, executive or judicial branches of the federal government at present, we have determined that the people of each state, via their elected state officials, must take broad but specific state measures to force the federal government to live within the confines of the U.S. Constitution and the enumerated powers, for the sake of the sovereign states and the citizens thereof.


On this basis, The United States Patriots Union acting in strategic partnership with Stand Up America, commissioned the Patriots Union Constitutional Justice Division to draft a model bill granting the states the power and mechanisms to nullify any federal statute, mandate or executive order which the state determines to be unconstitutional. It is our joint intention to see this bill passed and enforced in every state as soon as possible.


The United States Patriots Union, LLC and Stand Up America present this model bill for consideration of legislators in each of the fifty sovereign states. Additional information is available at both sponsoring organizations.


Researched and prepared by The United States Patriots Union, LLC
The Constitutional Justice Division
1617 North Main Street, Suite B, Sheridan, WY 82801


1) The United States Patriots Union

2) Stand Up America

3) The State Nullification Reaffirmation Act


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I believe senat should have ONLY representation of States according to population.
That would leave less populous and generally more conservative states at the mercy, in BOTH houses, to the majorities from the more populous and generally more liberally leaning states.  That was why the Founding Fathers set it up so each state would have an EQUAL number of Senators to represent them, while the House representation is based on population.  All that changed was HOW those 2 Senators got chosen; used to be the state's legislature selected them, rather than popular vote; that also was for the House reps.  That way the Senators were "beholden " to their states more, and more apt to actually represent the NEEDS of the state, rather than being bought out by the lobbies and political parties, as is the case now... Those Founders pretty well understood politics and human nature BOTH, and tried to account for them in their design of our Federal government.  Personally, I think they did a pretty good job, and it shouldn't have been mucked with.
Agreed, that was formed for a reason.  Two Senators per State.
I totally agree, when the federal government no longer listens to its people, the States should have EVERY power to follow the Constitution as it is understood by the majority of "We The People and stop an over reaching, undisciplined  government.  The president OR federal government should NOT be allowed to "rule" with a free hand, going against the majority of the citizens of OUR GREAT NATION!  We the people vow to be MORE involved and active in voting WHO will be representing OUR values, morals, and OUR Constitution!!!
the main words...."as WE elected them"..... I have NEVER been so involved in reading who voted for what and just how my legislators view different legislation and vote.  I also check just who contributes to their campaigns along with financial information.  Although I have been a "slacker" and just a follower, not any longer, not the way our country is headed, I check things out a lot more closely....
I for one do not like this term...."UNION". It is unions that are ruining our country. It is Unions that obama has in the palm of his hand that is destroying the workforce in this country. To me the word union is not complete unless it has CORRUPT in front of it. It is kind of like socialism, when they get tired they change the name to "Progressive", but it is still the same thing. Unions are nothing but socialism in its true form. I hate unions and have nothing good to say about them.
In the 1st paragraph of our Constitution there's the phrase "in order to form a more perfect union".  Our Founders weren't talking about a union in the context that you mean here; the trade unions.  Union is simply a coming together, a uniting; and not a bad thing.  The trade unions have so corrupted it in most of our minds, I think, but the word itself is innocuous really.  We the people form "unions" whenever we join together in any common cause, whether the unions are declared as such or not.  Perhaps if you could think of it in that context, or connect with the folks who wrote this article and see if their meaning is something different, but acceptable to you?


that is in part why I got out of the IBEW(International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). What your last post had to say is a very big reason why I got out when I had the chance.

A Constitutional convention right now would most likely be a disaster; there's NO oversight, once they convene;and we could very well wind up with something TOTALLY unpalatable, with which we'd be stuck.  The states choose the delegates for the convention.  Suppose the Libs outnumber the Conservatives, or worse yet; the Muslims outnumber them?
Right on, Ape.  Jefferson and Madison were the ones who designed and explained Nullification.  I consider them fairly good sources on that issue.

Mr. Allan Johnson


                                       With all due respect,,, you need to read the bill proposal.  What does it have to do with Washington or their approval of any thing their?  This is for state legislature not the Federal Government. 1st, 9th and 10th amendment issues.  We broke it down so as even a second grader could understand. This revolves around the treaties and compacts that enforce the laws through process that are already in place for each state as they entered the union. Do you give up rights you already have to look for new ones or re-write the constitution and your protections the way you would like to have them ?

You sound as though you think you have the means to apply a strategy at the federal level to accomplish your goals.  Please share your plans and strategies that you have or any attempt at the one's you have used that have been successful.  We are open to any success story and results as the rest of us would jump directly on board to join in.


The problem is there has been none, especially at the federal level. Over 85% of incumbents are back in there office after the mid terms in the National elections.  The major gains are at the state level. With the 85% back in DC please explain your plan and how to implement it at that level so we all understand how you and folks you work with will stop anything.  The "LAME DUCK"  session really shows that the representation in DC got the mid term message. a hand full of freshmen will do nothing, they are one (1) percent of the governing body.


No, Sir.  With all due respect it starts at the state level, you will have no impact in DC because they do not give a rat's rear end what you think and can continue to do so until the states put a halt to there power grab. Read the bill,,look up the information and get educated, understand who has the power and who the power was meant to be in the hands off or are you to afraid to fight for yourself and worry about Chris Mathews and the rest for political correctness. As a good friend has said. Work hard in one state and you save the state.  Work hard in 30-40 states and you just might help save your Nation. Nice talking with you,,  good luck

I like this very very much,sign me up,i think my blood pressure went down a little.



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