WATCH: Colonel Riley and OAS Texas State Leader, Chris Blystone on

Excellent interview featuring Col. Riley and OAS Texas State Leader, Chris Blystone:

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Tried to watch but nothing there.  Couldn't connect to the site.  I think you need to get your site fixed.

I am listening now !

It was great..they said everything that needed to be said! Hopefully it will motivate those who just sit and wait ! I'm spreading the word everywhere I post and wish me luck , I going into the belly of the beast...Huffington Post! That should really be interesting because I got a new e-mail address because I was banned from the site after they figured out my political leanings, and it only took them a year to do it...NOT too bright !   OAS to the Pres. and Congress...HERE WE COME !!!!! 

Awesome job and great information that needs to be shared. le Wolfe 111

Listened to the entire thing it was stupendous !

Is Col. Riley a precinct committeeman where he lives?

Are any of you commenters precinct committeemen in your precinct?

Thank you,

Cold Warrior

I am so proud of  Lt Colonel Harry Riley.  I know him and he lives in my town. 

We NEED to participate in the American Spring and please let everyone know and tell them this might be our last time we can have a peaceful assembly against those in Washington DC. 

Hand out flyers, post flyers, send emails, post on social media, put a sign up in your car, etc. to let people know when this starts.    

We need to PUSH back and send a strong message we are at the edge of taking our country back if necessary. 

So, Carrie, how, exactly, will an assemblage of people in DC cause the progressives to do anything?

Would it not be better to get millions of Americans to actually engage in political party politics where they live by becoming elected members of their respective local political party committees?  Have overflowing crowds at all of the local political party committee meetings every month?  

Like this:

Would that not be a better use of our time and resources?

To achieve results at the ballot box like this:

When conservatives unite and organize locally for real political action where they live inside their local political party committees as voting members of those committees -- as precinct committeemen -- they can do things like this:

Read more here:

The progressives and RINOs will laugh out their windows at a mass rally in DC.  They will think, "Those rubes STILL have not figured out basic American civics and how to unite and organize for real political action where they live inside the political party of their choice to change the outcomes of the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections.  They still think we care about 'rallies.'  Idiots."

We need to focus, focus, focus on what matters:  CHANGING THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTIONS.  I and my fellow precinct committeeman got over 86% of Republicans in our precinct to the polls in the 2012 general election.  If that had been achieved just in the 11 or so "battle ground states" by conservatives in each precinct, Romney would now be president and Obamacare would be gone.  

But, no.  "Ooo, Ooo, let's have another mass rally!"

So, who on this list is actually in the real ball game of politics as a precinct committeeman where they live?

Thank you.

Cold Warrior

People are engaging locally and in the state PA we are doing The Precinct Project and retaking precinct after precinct and county after county from the rino's...conservatives are attacked on all fronts...we must re-take the nation on all fronts...Join in Operation American Spring for the national action. 

Great interview Harry and Chris. Good information, I hope they have a lot of listeners that will pass it on along with us.


I keep spreading everything far and wide. FB, Twitter, e mail.  Daily things go out and followers are listening. Of coarse many are hiding with their heads in the sand. I PRAY for their courage.

God Bless the ones who are standing up for what is Right and for our Constitution, Liberty and Freedom. We are Proud.

I loved the part:  Why our Federal Officials are NOT, taking out Obama Regime down? They are promised that they will have the place, position and pay for life. They sold their soul and have committed Tyranny against the people. The sentence for Tyranny is to be given.

I like the April 15, tax day rally to promote the WDC, May 16, Operation American Spring. We must make History and fix the wrongs.

We are not leaving, WDC, they are.  Tea Party Candidates, stand up for the people that put you there or you are also the problem and you should sit down, now.

Good morning ! You should be able to get on your state site and work closely with individuals in your area for pooling !



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