Constitutional Emergency

We have come to the end of all this, and we have to make a decision.

I understand what you all believe in. I believe in the same things.  We have a corrupt government.  That's a given.  We  have an absolute idiot, for a President.  No question of that reality. We are living with it.  I guess where we differ, is what do we do about it?  Well, how many choices do we really have, at this point in time?  Not many, would be my response.

This thing you have planned.  Have you really thought it out?  You're going into this thing without guns?

You really think that's a good idea?  The first Revolution this country experienced against King George III, we had guns, and plenty of them.

You are going to Washington.  You're going to basically camp out, on the grounds.  The Capitol.  The Washington Monument.  All that, that entails.   Because of my age, I can't go with you, but I would damned sure like to be there with you.

What preparation have you done for this?  Please believe me.  I am one hundred per cent behind what you are doing. I just want to make sure you have thought everything out.

I guess if it has gone this far, any questions about  preparedness, are redundant.  Godspeed. God Bless each and every one of you, who have chosen to make the journey.

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Have no fear brother. We are going unarmed................THIS TIME.

Thanks Gene, Yes Sir - we are going UN-armed. But as James Drummond says  - - -This Time.
Are we anticipating trouble? - Lets just say we wont be surprised by it. But we will be un-armed. Now if the federal government wants to attack or pick a fight with 3-10 million or more UN-armed veterans I think that would be a huge mistake.
Some people who have stated they will join us have voiced many of the same concerns, but these people have said they will be prepared for any such events and will have contingency plans in place to help provide defense and extraction for anyone withing the City limits. We have chosen not to place any of those Contingency plans here on these open forum boards.

But that's one of the reasons we are posting maps and logistics sights in key areas around the outer limits of the city.

You have to remember Washington D.C. is only a city. The entire city is only ten square miles. So anything else is either in Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland and Penn. these states have different kinds of rules and regulations..........

GOD be with you sir. Thanks for your support.

Thank you for your support Gene. I agree with almost everything you have said but would warn against seeing Obama simply as an idiot. He may be an idiot, however, he knows what he is doing when it comes to the usurpation of power and the destruction of our country. He may be being controlled by others but I think he is just as anti American as anyone that may be aiding him. To underestimate one's enemy could be a fatal mistake, one that I will leave for him to continue to proceed with.

Hehe. at lest is is nicer than many words that I might us to describe him..

I also could think of a few choice phrases to describe the zero. 



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