Constitutional Emergency

Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.    Psalm 23:4

Understand this those that would try to impose their rule over us, we will not allow it. We stand strong and righteous in our convictions and believe if our God given right to Life and Liberty. The government has given us nothing that we did not have before it came along, we will have it with out the government taking it from us to only give it back under their control.

What is a Three percenter (III%)....

Under the guidance of the Founding Fathers, a group of brave men and women fought for the freedom of or beloved country and the independence of the tyrannical rule they were being forced to live under. Those men and women that fought, those referred to as the three percenters, amounted to a staggering three percent (3%) of the colonists. There was never more than three percent of the colonists on a battlefield at any given time.

Beyond those three percent was another ten percent (10%) that gave aide and comfort or actively assisted the three. The support structure hid soldiers, cared for wounded, fed and housed, gave needed supplies and may other things in support of those fighting for all. They were active is the actions to gain freedom for their beloved land and to secure their God given rights they believed in.

Then we come to the next group, somewhere between twenty to thirty percent (20% to 30%) believed in what the first two groups were actively work to attain. They believed in the inherent rumblings among the colonists to remove themselves from the oppression forced on them from a country half a world away. This group were not active on the fight and did modest things in support in the rest, but they held inside the same yearning that all the others had. The dreamed of a new country, one controlled by those that lived here and not elsewhere. They dreamed of a new country based on ideas that were not new in whole, but laid out in such a way that had never been tried in across history.

So now we are left with the rest of the colonists to decide where they fit into this all. If you take out those that were involved with the fighting but being traded out from battle lines to back home, you could assume it was a little less than the amount fighting. So we can assume that another two percent (2%) of the colonists are removed from the whole. Taking into consideration the amount listed above, we have approximately forty-five percent (45%) of the colonists that were fighting, actively assisting or full supportive of the struggle to bring independence to America.

So now we are left with fifty-five percent (55%) of the colonists to try and figure out.
The history shows that fifteen to twenty percent (15% to 20%) of the colonists were active in their support of the British monarchy and the Royal Crown. They did not want to separate themselves from England and aided the British in their actions.

We are now left with the last group, the remainder of the colonists. This is a group that we all know to well, a group we deal with daily even now. The last group consists of twenty-five to thirty percent (25 to 30%) of the colonists. This group is what we refer to today as the sheep. They are the ones that are not engaged or involved in anything but the apathetic lives they idly stumble through. They are the ones that can create the most problems for the rest of us. Many feel that they are fully aware of what goes on around them and have a competent understanding of how things work. They could not be further from the truth.

The sheep are easily manipulated with twists of facts and propaganda. They are easily swayed to form an opinion that is desired and needed to further and agenda. The sheep are dangerous because their numbers make them a force and easily controlled, they can wreak havoc with out being aware of their damage.

The sheep are the ones we need to reach first and foremost. If educated to the facts, they can be brought to the light and most will take up the battle cry of their own freed will. Those of us that take this challenge, we are the sheepdogs, we are the three percent.

We are those that have been tested by the fire of the Lord, lived through trials on foreign lands, shouldered the burden of others until they could take it upon themselves. We are that which know takes the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and hold true to it. We have taken an Oath and pledged as they did for those whom we do not know. But we are not three percent, we are much more. We are everywhere and we are growing. We infect those around us with knowledge, the most powerful weapon known to man. We endear in them love of country and their fellow man, for honor is all powerful to the soul.

Silent so many have set and watched, this is no more. For we have taken up where greater men then we left off and we will push through all that is placed before us. We are not all the same, but we all have the same heart... Patriot... Oathkeeper... Sheepdog... III%... Militiaman... Husband... Wife... Father... Mother... Brother... Sister... Friend... we are everywhere and you know some of us.

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Very well put Shane!


Request permission to reprint. As a 10%er, I would like to email your article to my local militia group. Since this well describes where we all fit in, it is very helpful. Great overview. Thanks.

Clare fell free too.... understand after having not been half a sleep when I read back over it this morning, it needs some typos corrected.

Yeah, some typo's but minor. It's the content. Thanks so much. Appreciate your reply.



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