Constitutional Emergency

Please provide your thoughts......this is the place to share your personal observations on realistic efforts we can reasonably expect to pursue that will restore constitutional government, republic principles, and how we can do it?

I believe we have one more election, if that, to make a difference in installing representatives that are ready to give their lives for the US Constitution and serve in the US Congress.

Read what others have said and share your own........

Harry Riley

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I share this fear with you.
Harry, I am one who reads more than I post - just not enough time for everything. Information that I find here (and on other forums) and messages from my friends help me to decide where to take action. And I do take action with rallies, phone calls, emails, faxes etc. Thank you for all of your hard work!
My honest thoughts about PFA is that we all keep "talking" and "writing" and "faxing" and going to townhall meetings, and doing everything peacefully to bring about change. Yet....what has that done? The House passed the Deathcare bill and we know the senate will pass it. So, we obviously know that this will come no matter what we do. Yet from everything I've seen, no one is willing to band together and start preparing for the worst. I went to a meeting this past weekend with some friends from a militia site that I go to and met some VERY honorable and brave people who have been preparing for years. They already knew that this was going to happen, and they also said that when the sh*t hits the fan, they will be ready and waiting for the government to make the first move. I got to shoot some real weapons for the very first time and found how naturally proficient I was. Yet, all I keep hearing here is "we must do this peacefully." How long have we been doing this peacefully now? How long have we been lawfully and civilly fighting this? Yet, the government keeps doing what they want to do and we get dirt kicked in our face.

Folks, the sh*t is going to be hitting the fan no matter what we try. Our government has been completely hijacked people. There's nothing civil or lawful we can do to change that. The only thing left is a revolution. I know that now, and I'm preparing for it. I know where I can go to be safe, and know what I need to get. Do you? If not, I respectfully ask that you PLEASE for your sake and the sake of our country get with or form a militia group and start preparing, because we are running out of time. The powers that be are accelerating their plans, and from all indications by the beginning of next year there will be martial law. I know it's hard to believe, but the truth is painful and hard to bear. We have to rise up like our Founding Fathers did, and fight against tyranny with force. It's the only thing we can do now. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Obviously that time has come. But we MUST let the government make the first move.
I belong to several "like-minded" groups. I attended the Niceville Teaparty at the FWB fairgrounds on Saturday, 14 Nov. Many of the comments made were about the frustration we all have about "not being heard" by Washington. Additional comments were made about "joining forces" and consolidating groups to speak in one LOUD voice with large numbers.
I also attended the rally in Wash DC---along with 2.1 million others (Captitol Police estimate) which barely got coverage in the MSM. We need to keep the pressure on--and hope the elected fools don't change so that at election time in 2010, we will not have forgotten our mission! Remember how long people remembered in the fervor of 9-11?? Not very long.!!
The group I talked with is at
The "ruling class" in Washington do not care about us; they don't listen to us; they don't "fear" us, and until they fear us, they will not listen to us, and even then, they probably won't "care" about us.

So, what to do? All of these patriotic organizations need to band together, we need to consilidate into one, large, effective - dare I say the word? - MILITIA!

IF THINGS CONTINUE TO GO AS THEY ARE, SOMEDAY SOON SOMEONE IS GOING TO START SHOOTING! I don't want that, and I don't think many of you do either. Why do standing Armies exist? They exist as a deterrent, so the enemy will know that someone will shoot back if he gets too beligerent.

Every existing Militia, in every state, needs to join with every other state. And every patriotic organization needs to join up with every other one, and we all need to join with them. Then we can speak with one voice, and begin to put some FEAR into the people who we have entrusted our power to. The power they have is not theirs. It is ours. We have only loaned it to them, for as long as they can prove that they can be trusted with it. That time has come and gone. They have proved that they cannot be trusted with anything, not our money, not our votes, and not our power.

The power we still have is our numbers. You can bet that they have a lot of fear regarding our numbers. And when a government has fear for the numbers (people) the people have liberty.

When the government threatens to put poeple in jail if they don't buy health insurance, to coin a phrase, they have gone too far! When the government thinks it can tell business owners how much they can pay themselves, we need to put a stop to this nonsense! When the free press, who has an amendment to the U.S. Constitution all it's own, and who has already picked sides in this whole issue of freedon and liberty, has decided not to report the ethnicity of the Ft. Hood shooter, and "...wishes his name were Smith..." we need to get their attention also.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need Unity. Unity will give us numbers. And numbers is what we must have to instill fear back into our public "servants."
Harry, I too read much more than I post. I'm on 20+ sites, I try to absorb the info but with it coming from so many groups it's very difficult to stay on track.. There is the problem, Until all/most of these grassroots Groups of 1,000 or 20,000 who basically want the same outcome join together we won't be heard.
Do we have PFA members who are ATTORNEYS who can help? Throughout this year, I have been searching for attorneys and groups who are/will coordinate viable legal action. Other than Taitz, the Justice Foundation, American Grand Jury, and the recent impeachment stuff I see on WND, there is nothing,


It is obvious that BHO and Congress are OVERTLY subverting the Constitution.

I hear pundits say "It's Unconstitutional" almost EVERY DAY.

My question is NOT RHETORICAL . . . I would appreciate someone explaining this to me.

Other than whittling away via elections, I don't understand how any patriot/patriot group(s) can effect a systematic overall without legal standing. I get it that the Justice Department is knee-deep, as are soooooo many others. BUT WE OUTNUMBER THEM!!!

Patti Thornhill is a PFA member, attorney, college professor, and contributes the Federalist Papers on PFA...I'll have the contact email she wants to use asap.........
Patti Thornhill is willing to help with legal questions........
It is clear the issue of Unity or massed force is the number one priority How to accomplish this is the fact it may not be possible short of a national "constitutional conservative figure" appearing.

If there is someone or group that want to tackle the Unity/Massed Force issue, let me know. But first we will need our strategy developed that will ring bells...........

Second is the strategy to guide us toward our constitutional restoration goal. I will have some suggestions for consideration in a couple days. I believe this must be focused like a laser, realistic, doable, with a reasonable chance of success. While there are many ills and targets, we can't fight them all, we must pick our target.

i would like to suggest that if we're going to focus like a laser on something it should be the removal of the obamination from office, either through impeachment, which floyd brown is pushing but which i really don't see as realistic until at least after the 2010 elections, or his removal on the basis he is not eligible to be president, which he admits in his book stating his father was a british national which means he can't be an nbc.yes, there are too many battles to fight all at one time but if we go after the main one, i believe all the others become moot, because all yhe actions he takesare illegal. so far no courts, including scotus, political figures or military have seen fit to take action and have sidestepped their constitutional duty. ibelieve that if i were in active duty i would refuse to obey any orders from this fraud. but unless a high enough ranking officer stands up for their oath it will be for nought. there are groups like agj that have attempted to push this agenda but all those efforts have been for nought. so if we can come up with some way to make it unignorable by the majority of americans maybe we could bring down this house of cards. it just needs a strong enough breeze. ideas?
Harry, I believe you all did a very good job with the tea parties. The climax was 9/12 in D.C. -- well over two million people, and you all here sent in a good number. It had to be great for the men at Walter Reed to have the people stop in to see them and the whole day of 9/12 was a time when patriots from all over the nation got together. Granted, the press and the anointed one paid very little attention -- but all those people willing to make that journey, the sacrifices many made -- it was very encouraging to me and I'm sure to others.

I did leave Patriotic Resistance, but this lot here, this is excellent. I hope you will not be discouraged. I think many are because this man and this Congress ignore us -- but we know now that there are many of us willing to do whatever is necessary to get our nation back to being a Constitutional Republic.
In 1777 / 78 around 5% of the population of the Colonies picked up a weapon, answered the call and then lived or died as God willed. That 5% number has been a rather accurate weight of the individuals in most societies that are willing to shoulder the price in blood, hardship and agony, required when freedom must be defended in the ditch and on the plain. Another 3 or 4% of those populations were and will be willing to provide aid and supplies; as long as they can do it with out risk. That's just the way it is. Human nature is at least constant in these things.

Political structures such as the Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Soros cartel have no intention of retreating from the ground they have and will conquer. This type of criminal doesn't give any thought to such actions. Especially if , as our problem bunch of Socialist/Democrats believe, no one is going to step up, call enough and take those measures required to correct the issue. The Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary, as a collective in America , absolutely remain convincd that THEY ARE the apex of the foodchain and we are but their farm animals. They control the Political / Judicial functions and they now control the Electronic Voting System. To paraphrase Joseph Stalin, " It doesn't matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes". That is the circumstance we find ourselves facing. Our "elected officials" count themselves a cut above us and thus untouchable by any they see before them. Correcting that attitude will by it's nature be both messy and heart-rending.

As one of Vin Diesels antagonists, in one rather wretched movie my Grandson is enamored with. says, "You keep what you kill". That my friends is the same philosophy that Socialists, Marxists & Communists have adhered to since their inception as a Political force. "You keep what you kill". Anyone that imagines the Socialist/Democrat cabal in Washington is any different kind of animal is in for a rude, probably terminal awakening. Remember as well, that Republicans all over this Nation helped to establish the Electronic Voting iniatives and Republican apparatchiks such a Karen Handel in Georgia, still insist it's the greatest thing since Mao. Not an encouraging truth is it?

That hardcore 5% of Americans that would rather die on our feet than on our knees will have to be enough. History teachs us this in stark and unbending detail, should we take the time to study and listen. God forbid it comes, but should it come down to that final abhorred, merciless and neccessary course of action - I'll see those of you that also choose to walk that path; we shall meet where the firing line forms and we shall at least die free.

Where else would we be?

Wm. Dwain Cleveland



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