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When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the style of the kitchen? :)

When all hell breaks loose, can I be the cook for you all and this be the main kitchen?

Question for anyone who can answer this:

Is it possible and if so how can we convert gas and electric stoves into wood burning stoves and ovens?

How can we also run spring fed water to sinks?

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You will have to line the ovens with fire bricks so the heat does not melt the metal. Actually, it would be cheaper to buy a wood burning stove. If the spring is above the house then piping water into a tank prior to the sink would work. If not then you would need a pump to send the water up hill. If that is not possible, then get a hand pump and mount it on the sink, with the pipe going to the spring.

what a beautiful kitchen!

Works for me. Can I be the camp nurse?
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1911 Boy Scout manual available on E-Bay. Current bid? $405.00!

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Because you will have a hard time controlling exact temps in any gas/electric stove/oven you will need to have some fire-brick to line your fire-boxes. The short answer is "YES" you can convert both to woodstoves/ovens.

For those of you that have never gave this a thought... you need a separate box in your stove to burn your wood so that wood is not being burned in the same box the food is in, you only need the heat from the wood burning box. Venting safely is also something to consider. If your vents are all operated by electric fan you have a problem if your power goes out forever. The existing vents may work to get rid of wood smoke but the electric fan and damper will have to come out. Then when that is done you must make sure all leaks are fixed. High temperature tape/cement/caulking is readily available at Hardware stores (same goes for fire-brick).

I live in the Mountians so it's very easy to tap into a spring that is much further uphill than my home so gravity will do all the work. If you have a clean water stream somewhere on your property and it is uphill from your home you can set-up a holding water tank next to the stream. Pipe water into the holding water tank (most people use a large cement rectangular holding tank. The most convenient tank is a cement septic tank. They are fairly cheap, readily available, and can be delivered. If you have the ability to carve out a two track road to your water tank area next to stream, most places that deliver can also unload using a lifting winch. This will save you A LOT OF WORK.) This water reservoir can be as much as a half mile from your home. You simply have to buy enough plastic pipe so it reaches the house. And this pipe is NOT that expensive. Just keep in mind that the water from the stream has to be fed into the tank somewhere at the top, whereas the water coming out of the tank going to your house must come out at the bottom of tank, about 4-5 inches up from the floor of tank. And make sure all of this is elevated as much as possible from the house so gravity does all the work and gives you some good water pressure. One last comment... make sure the water tank site is hidden as much as possible. Your drinking water supply needs to be protected as much as possible (besides bacterial problems from dead animals contaminating the water, the last thing you want is having some bad guys know where your water source is. It's way to easy to poison people that way).

  #-01-That old a Boy Scout maunal sounds interesting,but might leave out much needed info that everyone just knew,at that time,not needing to then be printed which you will need to know now,so..

 #-02-Try both the older editions from when the mags owners really were into this & knew right from wrong ,likely only printing what worked correctly,unlike the current version long since bought out at least in it's third or fourth Publisher owners now,& completely sold out to standard publisher media types but still has much good info & being more likely to at least put you in touch with those in these business that will still steer you correctly while also having up to date info & prices.

  Mother Earth News Magazine    Mother Earth New's Whole Earth Catalog(s).  (NOT the market!)

  The water project will be the easier of the two,or at least most likely done with older as well as newer equipment.

  If the water source is higher than the housing unit,just run the piping down to the tank that should still be higher than equipment using it=no need for pumps or if so,they are cheaper by needing less power.

  Water needs Drop level & amount of water per foot per you power which is Lift.

  There are charts for all of this showing amounts by end need.



  This is a case where new trumps old,as the newer models are far more energy saving both in fuel use & heat use & retention times.  Some old ones are not always safe.

  Stay away from the Trendy Yuppy types,they are fashion looks only though they do heat an area,but if your looking for "Use",especially daily use: -#-01-QUESTION:What do you plan do have your stove do for you most of the time,some of the time,rarely? 

  This MATTERS!  It may determine the type of stove you want,some will be very expensive but well worth it if what & how those type stoves are used.

  The Amish &Minenite Communities both still use these type stoves regularly as well as some Quakers,thus there are new made,full sized,designed for daily use,Family sized food output amounts,warning,Large Families=Large food output abilities!

  Care to make bread in as well as on your stove-can do,fry while baking while broiling or using the rotisserie,can do

  Bake at same time as fry,boil,simmer,not cook,just keep made foods well warmed without dry out-can do.

  These are LARGE Family use,Family type stoves,expensive for there many well made solid made features,& the fact you likely only buy once,so stores get you slightly while they can,as buy right,you likely will never return for no need to.

   Modern conversion stoves to wood,etc.-Electric to wood,etc-Not worth trying as they are inside sealed & you need heat draft air circulation & second fuel air draft on separate circulation plus evacuation out of it & out of the housing area completely & completely sealed off from each other to be safe,

  If it can be done at all from an electric unit to convert,it is likely not worth the effort or cost.

  Same thing,but with original use as gas:Yes,one can,these have sealed separate air flows already built into them,but you may need flue,flue connector size differences,make SURE these are all SEALED for Safety!

  Natural gas burns at different heat calorie rate & they use different amount of air for oxygen rate settings which need to be set by one who should certify them ,especially for insurance purposes.

  Where do both these types vent thru?  If they go thru walls or ceilings,as they pass thru they need to be both sealed completely & have Flashing installed correctly for anti fire protection & water sealing,as well as fumes sealing.Permits & codes-CHECK for these FIRST,as well as if it is legal in your area-if not,can you & how can you get variances from these regulations?

  Owner made house changes not following regulations may make the house un sell able as well as once gov finds out,they may not only then cite you but make you make the needed changes immediately or refuse to grant permits they should & can give,just because,but there are ways around this,but why need this as well as it is less likely to be as regulated now,meet it your not only legal but Grandfathered In,against any newer more restrictive laws.

  AmishLink    Amish Info Link    Amish Info Link    Amish Info Link      Amish Info Link  Some of this is just them,some is more info,every link is different.

  Wood Burning Stove info    Wood Burning Stove Info    Wood Stove info    Wood buring Stove info    Wood burning Stove  nfo

  Wood Burnig Wood Stove info    Wood Burning Stove Info    Wood Burning Stove info    Wood Burning Stove info    

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News Mag Info

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Wingy asked o the backwoods living question the other day about 'Foxfire' books which I found for him and could also be applicable here.....


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For more info on Mother Earth news mag. & due to this not having a Hot Link Tool,this is a Cold Link=

Mennonite & Amish info

" Info page for far more info=

Well how about kerosene or things like that . . So you have to get a generator . . by the way you can make your own fuel from plastic you have to get something which to put the plastic in heat up to melting point and it gives off the fumes of the kerosene used to make it run through a distillery coil into cold water and collect the fuel . . Some where on Yourube is a movie of a Japanese doing it for show to different groups 

Beautiful little cabin.



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