White House & DNC Release Labor Goons On Obamacare Town Halls - Everyone needs to be VIDEO RECORDING every event you all are at. Many many people recording...Not just One.

Gateway Pundit

WARNING: Please be smart, careful and bring cameras when attending Obamacare town halls (swastikas optional)... But, don't let any thugs keep you away.

The Obama website is asking supporters to attend Obamacare town halls during the August recess to counter the massive wave of opposition to government takeover of the health care industry:

Organizing for America, “a project of the Democratic National Committee,” has even sent a flyer by e-mail to its campaign list that the DNC wants people to hold as they outshout anyone else in the room.

But that's not all...
The DNC has also recruited labor goons to police the town halls.
The Huffington Post reported, via LG Links:

The nation's largest federation of labor organizations has promised to directly engage with boisterous conservative protesters at Democratic town halls during the August recess.

In a memo sent out on Thursday, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney outlined the blueprint for how the union conglomerate would step up recess activities on health care reform and other topics pertinent to the labor community. The document makes clear that Obama allies view the town hall forums as ground zero of the health care debate. It also uses the specter of the infamous 2000 recount "Brooks Brothers" protest to rally its members to the administration's side.

"The principal battleground in the campaign will be town hall meetings and other gatherings with members of Congress in their home districts," reads the memo. "We want your help to organize major union participation to counter the right-wing "Tea-Party Patriots" who will try to disrupt those meetings, as they've been trying to do to meetings for the last month. ...

(Remember the hooligans - many of them Republican Congressional staff - who harassed Florida vote counters in 2000? We can't let that happen again!)."

A showdown between unions and grassroots conservative organizations could make for an August full of fireworks, with even more dysfunctional town hall meetings. The AFL-CIO is planning to target 50 "high priority districts," in addition to organizing telephone town hall gatherings.

More... Paul in Houston adds this:

If they're going to pull THIS crap, I strongly recommend documenting (with video, as much as possible) all of the occurrences you can, and then going viral with it.


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin- Thug life: Enter the unions

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Are you ready to rumble? Now this is starting to sound like fun! I am personally so darn frustrated at these idots (and I apologize to true idots) that a few fights is just about up my alley. If these bastards want to see what damage a wood splitting, in shape 58 year old man can do to them phyicially they can bring it on. I have got to find some of these Townhalls!

Peace through Superior Firepower,

I am sure if you would contact some of the militia's they would show up......they seem to have at least camouflage clothing. My son is returning tomorrow from a U.S. Army Cadet Camp and will have camouflage clothing - anybody want to borrow them?

I understand your anger Terry R.......I have spent this evening reading some of the crap people are posting on such sights as Organizing for America (I am signed up with them, but am sure they will boot me off soon, anything I say is negative to their cause) and Debbie Stabenow's Facebook page. I need to go take my blood pressure medicine, it read really good yesterday, but tonight it is probably sky high :)
If you are attending a Tea Party or Town Hall Meeting or gathering in protest at your congressperson's office, be sure to have someone video-taping and sound-recording all of the participants and all of the action going on from both sides. Ensure that the video-taper person is far enough away that they can get everything and everyone included in the picture. The sound-recorder should be close enough to pick up on all that is said by both sides.

Also, contact the police to request that they have a patrol there to protect everyone.

The President has threatened to come back harder on any who demonstrate at these gatherings across the United States. He is sending out his "Brown Shirts" to overload all of the demonstrations. The Brown Shirts being Union members and ACORN.

Also be aware that far-right-wing, radical groups may try to take advantage of your peaceful protests to create problems. It may even be possible that the far-left-wing, radical liberals may have people planted to create trouble.

Sound like Twilight Zone? Don't be afraid. Do not threaten anyone. Be brave. Be aware. Stand up for your rights and what you believe in. Be careful. Be polite. Don't push and shove. We are in the fight of our lives. We cannot give in or give up. We are the People. Perseverance, steadfastness, courage will help us to win these battles ahead of us.

The government has called us every name in the book and is threatening to shut us up and close us down.

So, leave your irons, spatulas, guns, and swastikas at home, folks. Be proud that you are a part of a true grass-roots movement made up of hard-working, decent, loving, intelligent American citizens. Your ancestors had to fight for what they believed in, now it is your turn. Don't waver in the face of intimidation.

Between Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings, become more aware of what is going on in the local, state, and national elections. Stand up and participate in the election process. We must defeat at the polls the politicians who will lead us into Socialism. Find out which ones they are. Support the politicians who have been standing up for what is right. Defeat the one's who've been taking our freedom away.

It is up to you and me and all the rest out there who disagree with the way the present president, administration, and far-left, liberal, radical congresspersons have been directing and controlling our domestic and foreign policies--to get off of our hinies and do something about it. We are the People.

P.S. This is very, very important. If you, or anyone else, gets hurt in a confrontation at a Tea Party or Town Hall Meeting, be absolutely certain to get names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses.
I agree. Corruption has seeped so far into our country, I don't see it going away without an armed conflict. More and more people are starting to see this, and are preparing for war. I'm doing my best to do the same.
This advice is coming from a military man who knows what he is talking about. It has to be us, "We The People".

Peggy, Austin, Texas
This isn't a surprise....Liberals just hate it when Conservatives steal their thunder.
We cannot allow intimidation by thugs to water down our constitutional rights...be there and be there in force.
Here is another military man who knows what he is talking about.

And, when he is talking about force, I think he means numbers and also have a correct answer to anyone who wants to know, "why you are there". Be firm but not waver.
If anyone is a union member you can stop the portion of your dues that go to political contributions, look in to it, they don't tell you about it, but it is the law and they still have to represent you.
Record the abuse yes but man up and meet the abuse with like force but followup with reviewing those thugs involved and find them and convince them that to take on a noisy patriot means they take all of us on and it will not be pretty. If we allow this tactic to prevail it will continue to the point that the "Brown shirts" will have their way and be fearless. This must be delt with equal and unrelenting force.

Time to crew up folks, this is not to be triffeled with and is where the rubber meets the road.
I would like to add that if you are attending a Republican Town Hall meeting - take your camera and a tape recorder! There will be NO shouting because there will be a large supply of armed police on hand. There will also be a large number of "MIB" who all seem to tower over 65 year old women. If you look as though you are going to yell out, you will have 3 or 4 men headed in your direction. A few pre-selected people will be allowed to ask questions which will then magically appear typed up on the overhead. The Representative will address each on and they look back toward those same people to see if he has answered their questions. He then will rush out completely surround by the police.

I voted for this jerk who stood up there and lied to us for two hours, ignored 99.9% of the group, and laughed when everyone held up their hands saying they did NOT want the health reform bill!

At least the Democrats are giving people a chance to talk and are not threatening them with a patrol of armed guards! I went with some information I had printed out and wanted clarified. It was my very first ever Town Hall meeting. I left so angry I thought I would stroke out!

No, I did not disrupt the meeting. I did shove through the police outside and shove a copy of the health bill from the House in his hands upon which I had written by hand at the top "YOU LIED" . I had my name and zip code on it also. The cops grabbed for me but others took advantage of my shoving through so they had to turn back to him. I ran for my life!

No voices were raised. No threats made. But that man has NO CLUE how had I am going to work to see that he is defeated in the next election! Talk about a meeting being held under intimidation!

He, alone, has moved me to go from couch potato to political activist! And I am a Republican or was! I don't want anything to do with either side. It is definitely time to get over the two party system! Actually, our founding fathers had not foreseen a party system but rather a system where who ever was interested could run for office. That didn't last long and they really were not happy about it.
Fellow Patriots,
Let's calm down and develope a peacable, sane plan to counter this thuggish turn of events.
I'd suggest going to your local sherriff's office and express your concerns. This will plant a seed in their minds as to who the peacable citizens are. In smaller municipalities, they'll know (by sight) who the "outsiders" are.
Ask for guidence in what is, and is not, legal behavior at a townhall meeting.
Ask for a official police presence at the townhall event, because of your aforementioned concerns. Encourage other Patriots to do likewise.
Bring LOTS of video cameras and a "security person" for each person filming. (the security person to physically protect the person filming and the video equipment from damage or confiscation)
Designate spokespersons to address everyone's concerns, by asking the pol present the questions. Have alternate questioners in case they limit the number of questions from each person.
Do NOT bring anything that could be considered a "weapon". Tightly rolled newspaper makes a very effective baton to fend off blows, though.
If you fear violence might be a possibility, wear a helmet. (I plan on wearing a motorcycle helmet, in DC, Sept 12)
When going to and coming from the townhall location, travel in GROUPS! This avoids any imported thugs from "discouraging" your attendance.
Have the video equipment ready to go from the time you park your vehicle, onward.
I honestly think, unfortunately, that violence IS a possibility. Let the other side instigate it and document it on video. Promptly offer the local LEOs the video evidence and names of witnesses. Politely follow up your criminal complaints. If possible, directly involve your LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) neighbors, by inviting them to attend the townhall meeting. These are but a few suggestions, talk amongst your local group and PLAN, before you attend a townhall meeting. We're in the right and our cause IS just. The preservation of our constitutional republic! God Bless you all!



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