"just have to let you know this interview was produced in Iran and the guy being interviewed is associated with Lyndon LaRouche. Therefore- I don't quite buy the validity of this because
Lyndon LaRouche is a nutcase.I hope it is true, but.....
Denise Pullen Rodgers



A US analyst says some officials in the White House and the administration are considering legal action to remove Barack Obama from presidency. "Right now, there is discussion in Washington and within the government of using the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove Obama from office," Edward Spannaus from Executive Intelligence Review said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

The amendment allows for removing the president if he/she has incapacity either physically or mentally.

"In this case, Obama is mentally incapable of fulfilling the office of president," Spannaus went on to say.

Referring to Obama's plummeting popularity, mostly due to the recent economic collapse in the US, Spannaus said, "There is no way that his presidency could be salvaged at this point and it does not really make any difference who wins the congressional elections."

"He was not qualified to be the president in the first place. He was put in there precisely because he would act as a puppet and they knew he would be a puppet for Wall Street, for the London financiers and for the British," Spannaus added.

A recent survey from Gallup has revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the incumbent US president's re-election.

A recent survey from Gallup has revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the re-election of President Barack Obama.


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i'll just sit and WAIT...this could have been done long time ago...and nothing happens, now we wait till the republicans get into office, RIGHT..........you just can't trust your own government? and that is a shame...justic will never happen.
I fear you are right!
I pray it is true - he is a socialist and is destroying our country.
i won't get my hopes up, but LETS ALL HELP HIM ALONG, DRIVE HIM CRAZY?
that is my ''hope & chang.''
Susan, the driving should have stopped 23+ months ago. The man was crazy before he ever got to the Illinois Senate.
Wishful thinking. I hope it is true.
Yep looks like a si fi 2 me. Get rid of all of them not just him.........
I'll believe it when I see it.
Only if his birth certificate can be produced. Being a narcissist is not illegal. And who would make the determination? You can get a team of doctor for each side of the argument.
What we need is a congress that will over ride any of his policies and his vetoes. A congress that will legally reverse all of the 'laws' enacted since he was elected.
The bad part is the Republicans knew it before the election, and didn't STOP him!
My Republican Representative won't even answer my questions on BO and his eligibility.
The birth certificate, in his case, does prove that, since it shows he was born in a Mombasa, Kenya hospital, combined with his father's Kenyan citizenship under British rule, at the time of his birth, ergo not a natural born citizen, not even a native born citizen, and I've seen NO evidence that he's even a naturalized citizen of the US. There is an official copy of his birth certificate in the US, now, but the courts did like usual and tossed it out before even hearing the merits of the case. His mother wasn't old enough to confer citizenship to him at the time of his birth, being born off US soil.
Getting him proven mentally incompetent for the job, MIGHT lo.osen up the stranglehold on some of the courts and allow the cases to be heard on merit, which would indeed, prove he's not eligible under the Constitution, and was never so, to hold the office. Of course we'd have to find a non-leftist judge, or at least one capable of setting aside his/her personal politics while on the bench to hear the merits honestly.



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